17 Nov 2016

Those Who Thoughtlessly Disbelieve “Conspiracy Theories” Need To Read This

By Douglas:Mary’s Mosaic” is several things at once: an insightful and sensitive biography of both Mary Meyer and her one-time husband, CIA propaganda specialist Cord Meyer; a murder mystery; a trial drama; an expose of secret knowledge and cover-ups inside the Washington D.C. Beltway during the 1950s and 1960s; and of course, a love story about the late-developing relationship between President John F. Kennedy and Mary Pinchot Meyer, whom he had first met at an Ivy League prep school dance when she was only 15 years old. Their paths had crossed briefly once again in the Spring of 1945, at the founding conference of the United Nations in San Francisco. (Mary, her new husband Cord Meyer, and John F. Kennedy all attended the conference as journalists reporting on the events there, at the birth of the United Nations.)
One of the fascinating aspects of this well-researched book is how it traces the evolution and personal development of Mary Pinchot Meyer, Cord Meyer, and John F. Kennedy. As Cord Meyer—a scarred war hero who was once an idealist and a pacifist, and who aggressively lobbied for a united world government following World War II—became a disillusioned cynic and was subverted to the “dark side” by Allen Dulles of the CIA, his all-consuming commitment to the Cold War (and his abandonment of his former idealism) slowly killed his marriage to Mary Pinchot.

Benedict Bernie + Real People - William Banzai7

Pediatrician - Frank Discussion On Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation MGM [Soft Name Circumcision]

Bonobo3D: Pediatrician Frank Schreck (Orchard Park, New York) has seen many boys with botched circumcisions. He councils parents to protect children from harmful practices.

We Are All Equal - The Mansplainer

StudioBrule: David Shackleton in the first episode of The Mansplainer. He explains how men and women have always been equal throughout history.

Breaking The Taboo - Men's Sexual Health

Canadian Association for Equality: Dr. Dean Elterman explores some of the Myths and Taboos pertaining to men's sexual health with a focus on Erectile Dysfunction and modern treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.

Anarchists In Athens "Welcome" Barack Obama

Perseus999: Whilst Barack Obama came to visit Athens, Greece on the 15th and 16th of November 2016 Greek anarchists reserved for him a “warm welcome” for reasons that will be explained a bit later. - Greece, 15 November 2016 Riot.

Will Trump Break The Zio Lame-Stream Media?

How The US Justifies Drone Strikes: Targeted Killing, Secrecy And The Law

The sun had yet to rise when missiles launched by CIA drones struck a clutch of buildings and vehicles in the lower Kurram tribal agency of Pakistan, killing four or five people and injuring another. It was February 22, 2016, and the American drone campaign had entered its second decade. Over the next weeks, officials in Washington and Rome announced that the US military would use the Sigonella air base in Sicily to launch strikes against targets in Libya. American strikes in Yemen killed four people driving on a road in the governorate of Shabwah and eight people in two small villages in the governorate of Abyan. A strike in Syria killed an Indian citizen believed to be a recruiter for the self-styled Islamic State, and another strike killed a suspected Islamic State fighter in northern Iraq. A particularly bloody series of drone strikes and airstrikes in Somalia incinerated some 150 suspected militants at what American officials described as a training camp for terrorists. In south-eastern Afghanistan, a series of drone strikes killed 12 men in a pickup truck, two men who attempted to retrieve the bodies, and another three men who approached the area when they became worried about the others.
Over just a short period in early 2016, in other words, the United States deployed remotely piloted aircraft to carry out deadly attacks in six countries across central and south Asia, north Africa, and the Middle East, and it announced that it had expanded its capacity to carry out attacks in a seventh.

D'oh Canada!

"There's hardly any surprise that professor Fiamengo's appeal fell on deaf ears." Said Paul Elam.