18 Nov 2016

Jordan Peterson And Freedom Of Speech

Professor Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa argues that we are on the brink of losing Freedom of Speech in Canada and that all Canadians need to stand in support of University of Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson.

Snowden: World, Stop Letting Facebook Control Your News

By Josie Wales: In an attempt to rationalize the fact that Donald Trump has been elected as the next president of the United States, a growing movement is lashing out against “fake news sites,” even labeling them responsible for the election results. Earlier this week, a document “False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical ‘News’ Sources” was uploaded to Facebook by a user named Melissa Zimdars. The document made the rounds on social media, adding fuel to the fake news fire. Despite the fact that Zimdars’ list ironically lacks proper citation, blatantly targets right-wing outlets, and includes perfectly legitimate sites for no apparent reason, the Los Angeles Times published the false, misleading, clickbait-y document, lending it an air of legitimacy.
The irony in the assistant professor’s project is that it mirrors everything she is warning others about. Although it is prefaced with a disclaimer, the document is being shared by “legitimate” news outlets as a legitimate report. Some of it is true and some of it is cited, but overall, it’s a poor resource to rely on for guidance on reputable news outlets. It almost makes one wonder if this young teacher is conducting her own social experiment to see how seriously people will take a Google document uploaded to Facebook.

Feminist MPs Mention The London Conference And J4MB Awards

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: We’ll be posting Philip Davies’s International Men’s Day debate onto our YouTube channel in due course, with a critique, but in the meantime it’s available on iPlayer, 3:11:35 – 4:34:09, here. It should have lasted for two and a half hours, but was cut short by over an hour by feminist MPs wittering on in the previous motion.
Sections of particular interest to followers of this blog may be Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (SNP) referring to the London conference (4:09:17 – 4:09:50) and Paula Sherriff (Labour) referring to our monthly awards to lying, whiny, gormless and toxic feminists (4:19:50 – 4:22:30), clearly inviting us to present her with one.
At one point Ms Ahmed-Sheikh – who we believe has never have been confused for a ray of sunshine – stated:

Actually, all 365 days of the year are International Men’s Day!

For A Libertarian Foreign Policy: Five Key Fixes

RonPaul: If you could change just five key aspects of US foreign policy to realign it toward the Founders' vision, what would you pick? How to make the other broken parts of our policy fall into place? Here are our top five fixes.

MGTOW Haters + Women Are Big Kids

So recently Coach Corey Wayne made a video discussing how men going their own way jabbing us a bit and he responded to me when I left a comment on his page. I asked him where he gets the idea that men going their own way don't date? I also told him that he was going his own way because he made the decision in his own life not to get married. Here's a man that has gone his own way when it comes to women but he's also teaching guys how to have game and become pickup artists. The reason he got negative about men going their own way has a lot to do with the types of comments left on his channel. He says this and I quote: "Every time I see comments that mention MGTOW on my channel, they are negative, and from people saying they are not dating because it's too risky and too much trouble to be involved with women and MGTOW has convinced them to give women up and do their own thing.

Making America Great Again

Max and Stacy discuss making America great againor at least giving it a greater number of states. Will the US soon have a 51st state? A look at the latest election news from Puerto Rico to find out. In the second half, Max interviews Cate Long about the latest on the island’s debt crisis.

Why The Lame-Stream Media Really Hated Trump

Ryan Dawson: The lame-stream media is always prowar. This is why we saw the Press, Democrats, Neocons and many Republicans backing Hillary unapologeticly. They have to throw up accusations of racism/sexism/homophobia/xenophobia because they cannot talk about policy and just the accusation of such horrible things is damaging even when they are not true.

The Secret US War

By : Whenever any service member is accused of any type of domestic violence, sexual harassment, or sexual assault; [US] service members are strongly encouraged to keep in mind the following unwritten “rules.” There are a lot of excellent papers covering this topic with great references; this is not one of them. I am not going to try and duplicate those efforts. I want to give you a quick and easy synopsis of what you are facing and what you need to do. When you have time, you will need to read the papers referenced in this article. This will give you a deeper understanding of the history of this issue and how the system and its cronies are now stacked against you. Due process and fundamental fairness have been replaced by political expediency. The Secret War, you are now in it.
There is a secret war being waged in the military. You need to understand that what you are facing now is a direct result of the Department of Defense trying to appease certain female politicians in order to maintain its own power. Due process and service member rights have been sacrificed in order streamline the process. This includes changes to the UCMJ, special “victim” programs, and a reward system for false accusers. If you have been accused, the full weight of the U.S. government is now coming down on you. The ultimate goal is to get you to admit guilt. This will make their statistics look better. They will do this by pushing plea deals and only offering you counseling for parole if you first accept guilt, the game is stacked.

Life Is Lived On The Edge Along Gaza’s Boundary

By Hamza Abu Eltarabesh: Don’t get too close, Omar Abu Khater warned.
We were picking our way cautiously through the rubble of demolished farms and buildings on a recent afternoon in the al-Faraheen neighborhood of the town of Abasan al-Kabira in the southern Gaza Strip, east of Khan Younis.
His caution was warranted. Just 100 meters away loomed a concrete wall, part of the barrier Israel has erected around Gaza’s boundaries, complete with watchtowers, cameras and soldiers with sniper rifles. 
Siham Abu Rashid’s family depends on the income from harvesting herbs in Gaza’s dangerous no-go zone. Abed Zagout 
We were too close. While there is no official determination, it is generally understood that anywhere within 300 meters from the boundary is a no-go zone. Going there could be fatal. And when this reporter tried to move closer to take a few photos on a mobile phone, Abu Khater was having none of it. He had seen army jeeps near the wall and he was feeling uneasy.
“You never know with these soldiers. We have to hurry.”
This is the very edge of Gaza, where the Israeli military has been busy fortifying a buffer zone of uncertain size within Gaza that keeps residents on constant alert and at risk of injury or death.