19 Nov 2016

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The Fox Now Guards The Hen House

'Now the fox is to be in charge of the hen house.
Men victims, who are notoriously reluctant to seek help,
are to be put through a dubious screening process
run by an organisation with a long history of decrying their very existence.'
: What a welcome surprise. In June this year the NSW government announced a pilot programme for male victims of domestic violence. Finally politicians were acknowledging that women aren’t the only victims of family violence. A third of victims are male, said Pru Goward as she promised $13 million over four years for the pilot.
That’s chickenfeed compared to the hundreds of millions that Malcolm Turnbull boasts are being spent on domestic violence across the country, all promoting an ideologically-driven agenda which pretends the problem is all about men and ignores 40 years of international research showing most family violence is two-way, involving women as well as men.
What a blow to discover last week that the government has awarded the contract for this vital new service to Men’s Referral Service, an organisation driven by feminist ideology and long known for shunning male victims. In the past MRS was on the record for refusing to acknowledge the existence of male victims. More recently the organisation’s position shifted to arguing male victims don’t experience abuse in the same way as women and hence don’t deserve support.
MRS has only ever worked with male perpetrators and is notorious for ‘red flagging’ men who claim to be victims, attempting to prove they are in fact perpetrators.

Jordan Peterson: Gender Pronouns and Free Speech War

Rubin: Jordan Peterson (Professor of Psychology) joins Dave Rubin to discuss the gender pronoun controversy he has found himself in, political correctness, free speech, and more.

Evil Pete Scamardo Meets His Maker

By From Michael Volpe’s article about the demise of Peter Scamardo, one of Chris Mackney’s primary bullies:
“WASHINGTON, March 20, 2016 – A notorious real estate mogul responsible for the deaths of at least two fathers to six children, forty five years apart, is dead himself.”
To many of us here at AVFM and around the world, all we have to say is rot in hell you piece of garbage.
AVFM championed the story of Chris Mackney and bravely published many articles relating his tragic story and attempted cover-ups by his ex-wife and other corrupt parties, one of which was Peter Scamardo.
I’ll catch you up on this tale by quoting the book description at Amazon.com “Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce” by Michael Volpe:
“On December 29, 2013, Chris Mackney sat alone in his parked car, put a shot gun underneath his chin and blew his head off. It was the tragic end to a near six year custody battle which saw him penniless, homeless, jobless, with no access to his children, and taunted and threatened with jail: all at the behest of his ex-wife and her father. This all started when Mackney discovered that his father-in-law was a murderer and the man who got away with one murder engineered a suicide to hide it. “Murder by suicide” Mackney called it. The legal bullying didn’t stop with his suicide. His ex-wife followed him into the grave and attempted to copyright his suicide note. When that blew up, Mackney became a martyr and symbol for all that’s wrong with family courts. His suicide note has been read by millions, but now the whole unbelievable story is told.”

The Hansard Record Of The International Men’s Day Debate

By Philip Davies: I thank everyone who has participated in this debate. We have heard some fantastic speeches. The hon. Member for Coventry North East (Colleen Fletcher) made a fantastic speech. I was very interested and pleased to hear about the excellent work of It Takes Balls to Talk. My hon. Friend the Member for Mole Valley (Sir Paul Beresford) made a typically fantastic speech, even though he had to admit that Australia was ahead of us in some ways. I am sure it was a painful thing for him to have to admit, but we are grateful to him for pointing it out.
The hon. Member for Rutherglen and Hamilton West (Margaret Ferrier) made a terrific speech highlighting the work that Breathing Space does in her area. I am delighted that she has had the opportunity to mention that. Likewise, my hon. Friend the Member for Eastleigh (Mims Davies) made a passionate and impressive speech, and again I am delighted that she was able to highlight Men’s Sheds and Movember, even though I will not be participating in the latter—much to everyone’s relief.

Right Wing Trump v Left Wing Obama - The FKN Newz

"What's the difference between arming crazy Muslim tyrants in Saudi Arabia to create terror for the political aims of Jew-land-ia and doing the same thing, but sending Mexicans home? It's like the democrats think deporting Mexicans is worse than child slaughter by aerial bombardment. Gee, when we were slaughtering children in the desert nobody said anything nasty to Mexicans or grabbed any pussy. Trump is such a fascist, I heard he's gonna cut back on Nigger bombing and deport criminals, ...no way dude!" Said Deek Jackson.

The Red Pill Is A Film That Could Finish Off Feminism

By Belinda Brown: A feminist press release for this film could trumpet Cassie Jaye as a Hollywood actress who refused to subscribe to patriarchal gender roles. A mother and daughter team who took on the male Hollywood establishment and won. A woman who refused to be objectified – and stepped onto the other side of the lens.
Instead feminists tried to stop the film being funded because they believed the film could pose a threat to feminism itself.
The film has been portrayed as a Damascene conversion. It is not. It is about the pain of the loss of faith of a card-carrying feminist, and her journey into the unchartered territories on the other side.
Cassie begins by explaining how she became a feminist. As a teenage Hollywood actress she was always put into roles where she had to play the vulnerable, objectified, air-headed female. She found the roles she was given bore an uncanny resemblance to those she was expected to play in real life.
So, she decided to buy herself a camera and get on the other side of the lens where she builds up a formidable reputation for making films on contemporary, usually gender-based, but politically divisive issues. Confronted by the horror of the Steubenville and Delhi rapes she becomes interested in rape culture, this leads her to the so called ‘rape apologists’ – A Voice for Men. It is here her story takes off.