21 Nov 2016

Susan Morris Swallowed The Red Pill

By : Saturday 19 November 2016 was International Men’s Day. As reported in the (UK) Daily Telegraph, IMD is

"the annual international campaign to raise awareness for men’s issues – from health concerns and domestic violence, to paternity rights and educational attainment levels.
The Telegraph reported on five organisations/charities, the work that they do and how they desperately need donations.
In July, one of the speakers at ICMI ’16 was Philip Davies, a Conservative Member of Parliament, who spoke on the subject of the ‘Justice Gender Gap’.
Philip Davies sits on the Commons Justice Committee and so knows something of what he speaks. Indeed, he used official government statistics to prove his case, including that “it is a fact that, in this country, men are more likely to be victims of violent crime than women“. And that, between 2006/07 and 2012/13, men accounted for 70% of homicide victims.
And yet, he said, whilst men and boys are by far the more likely to be victims of violence and murder than women and girls, the debates and the strategies drawn up have all been about females.

Poor Prodromos: An Abused Husband In 12th-Century Byzantium

: In twelfth-century Byzantium, the poet Theodore Prodromos appealed to the Emperor John II. Prodromos, a forerunner of oppressed husbands crying out in marital wilderness, implored:

Although I seem, lord, to laugh and play at once,
I am oppressed by endless grief and burdensome affliction,
by grave indisposition and suffering — what suffering!
Hearing of suffering, don’t suppose I have a rupture,
or any of your graver and less obvious troubles:
it’s no eyesores, plain to see, nor shivering fever either,
it isn’t heartburn, nor inflammation of the lung,
no gut-knot shit-face, no dropsy, no bronchial troubles ..
No, I have a nagging wife whose tongue wags on and on,
pugnaciously parading parapets and predictions,
redundantly recounting me the rightness of her cause. [1]

Anti-Male Cognitive Dissonance - Brendon Marotta And Stefan Molyneux

There is a significant anti-male bias in society and such propaganda creates cognitive dissonance around important subjects which must be examined. Circumcision is the most common surgery in America. It affects sex, politics, religion, children, medicine, culture - all in the most personal way possible. Yet America is the only industrialized country that routinely practices infant circumcision for non-religious reasons - and we have never had a national conversation about it. Brendon Marotta's film American Circumcision will start the conversation our culture needs to have about circumcision.

Guido Delle Colonne Described Fundamental Causes Of The Trojan War

: Prince Paris, who had eloped with Helen of Troy, hung back from entering the terrible, man-on-man violence of the Trojan War. Paris lingered in his bedroom with Helen. His brother Hector berated him:

What on earth are you doing? Oh how wrong it is,
this anger you keep smoldering in your heart! Look,
your people dying around the city, the steep walls,
dying in arms — and all for you, the battle cries
and the fighting flaring up around the citadel.
You’d be the first to lash out at another — anywhere —
you saw hanging back from this, this hateful war.
Up with you —
before all Troy is torched to cinder here and now! [1]

United States Of Detachment

By Gilad Atzmon: For years I have been arguing that the Left, Liberals and Progressives are delusional on the verge of total detachment. Hillary Clinton’s astonishing defeat proves that point. Both Clinton and her campaign had been boasting in victorious hubris for months. Their confidence was supported by the entire mainstream media.
On the 9th of November the Washington Post revealed that Hillary and her campaign relied heavily on an algorithm named Ada.
Ada was Clinton’s secret weapon. “It is a complex computer algorithm that the campaign was prepared to publicly unveil after the election as its invisible guiding hand”. Named after a female 19th-century mathematician — Ada, Countess of Lovelace — “the algorithm was said to play a role in virtually every strategic decision Clinton aides made, including where and when to deploy the candidate and her battalion of surrogates and where to air television ads — as well as when it was safe to stay dark.”
Ada ran 400,000 simulations a day of what the race against Trump might look like. A report that was spit out would give campaign manager Robby Mook and others a detailed picture of which battleground states were most likely to tip the race in one direction or another — and guide decisions about where to spend time and deploy resources.

Rape And Frightened Women

By : The editors of Parenting.com recommend that parents discuss private body parts and the subject of inappropriate touching with children when they are about three years old. The B-Inspired Mama blog suggests a more straightforward tack:
We have got to put aside our differences as parents, and talk more about this terrible topic. I began telling my children at about 18 months that they own their bodies (“your body is all yours”) and that no one has a right to touch them unless it’s okay with them.
Nowadays, few of us have not heard about the ongoing threat of sexual assault, especially that which involves young girls. Parents, generally mothers, are deluged with advice on what to do. They are told to raise the topic in an honest and age-appropriate way, which usually gets translated into “Don’t let anyone touch you down there.”
While mothers may offer these warnings in a quiet and compassionate manner, they often convey a dark underlying message as their faces turn ashen and their lips tremble. In spite of their age, young children can be perceptive, and they are quick to absorb unspoken words.

International Men's Day: Some Issues Affect Men More Than Women - Why Is That Hard To Accept?

From suicide to homelessness, there are vulnerable men who need help, but don't feel they can ask for it.
Some people have said that every day is International Men's Day in Parliament because there are so many men there, but there is a huge difference between men raising issues and the raising of men's issues – we might get lots of the former, but we seldom get the latter.
In 2012, over 4,500 men felt they had no choice but to take their own lives. In 2013 the figure was nearly 5,000 men. In 2014, it was 4,630 men. In fact 75% of all suicides that year were committed by men – this is such a tragedy, and yet this issue is hardly considered in parliament.
Over the last 30 years there have been 134,554 men who have taken their own lives in the UK.

Men's Issues Matter

"Give battered men the same care and compassion
we already give women."

Royal Bank Of Sell-Off, Apartheid Britain & Exposing Ted Heath

Afshin Rattansi: The Bank of England may have said the 2008 City of London crash cost us seven and a half trillion in lost output but why is Osborne about to lose us even more money selling off our shares in R-B-S? And, Apartheid Britain. Is Chancellor Osborne deliberately increasing poverty among black and ethnic minorities in the UK?