23 Nov 2016

For All The Feminist Propaganda, The Dice Is Loaded Against Men

A response to Janice Turner, feminist columnist at The Times
By Belinda Brown: Janice Turner of The Times, you are taking an interest in men’s issues. This is good. Our messages are finally hitting home. You acknowledge the unfairness of men being accused of rape when both partners are blind drunk and that inequality is less likely to affect young women than young men. You even say we need a well-funded Minister for Men. But your facts and figures are forged in the belly of feminism’s prejudices, your sexist stereotypes place limits on how much you understand.
You peddle the myth that women are more likely to be imprisoned for their first offence. This is nonsense. Men are more likely to receive immediate custody, women are more likely to be discharged. The prison system treats women much more leniently. You have not bothered doing your homework; you do not need to because as a feminist you are on the side of the gods. Men are substantially more likely to be sent to prison for the same category of crime, they are also given longer sentences. If men were treated as leniently as women are by the prison system there would only be one sixth of them there.

You Won’t Find Many Feminists At The Coal Face

By Laura Perrins: On Tuesday night the BBC ran a documentary, The Last Miners. ‘This was a two-part documentary following the workers at Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire, the last deep coal mine in Britain, as it prepares to close. The programme joins workers on their commute to work - dropping over 800 metres below ground before taking a workmen's train for four miles to the coalface. As temperatures rise to 33 degrees, it is a hostile and dangerous environment to work in, but their black humour is never far from the surface.’
In case you missed the obvious by ‘workers’ it meant men. It was all men doing this incredibly dangerous job in very difficult conditions. This is something the feminists fail to mention in their quest for equality. They only want equality if it means taking the cushy office jobs.
So it was interesting watching Yvette Cooper, head cheerleader of the feminist movement, defend the men in the House of Commons. She said these men had gotten one of the worst deals of all the miners who lost their jobs after pit closures. Good for Cooper, at least on this point. It is just a shame she fails to see the wood for the trees on so many other issues.

Identity Politics Backfired...

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Cultural Marxism..people had enough...
Gilad Atzmon on The Richie Allen Show

What’s Wrong With Men’s Rights

In an age in which women’s equality is being realised, men’s rights activists or ‘meninists’ claim that meanwhile, men and boys are lagging behind. Lower grades at school, lower life expectancy and a higher suicide rate are all used as evidence to suggest that men, not women, are the oppressed gender. How should egalitarians respond to these claims? Should we worry if traditional ideas of masculinity are under threat? Or are men’s rights activists simply emulating the cult of victimhood that defines so much of contemporary feminism?

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Did you know that in the United Kingdom today?

  • Women’s claims of abuse and victimization at the hands of men are always assumed true by the police.
  • Men can be arrested and held in custody for 24 hours without being told why.
  • Women’s statements alone can deny a man the right to see his children.
  • There are no definitive civil rights guarantees for men based on family courts’ right to determine what is considered to be a threat to a woman or the family.
  • The CPS has a de-facto policy of prosecuting all allegations made by women against men.
This gives women the ability to make false claims and exert extreme leverage over men, for any number of reasons, that can literally ruin men’s lives before they have had a chance to prove their innocence.

Plastic Surgeons May Face FGM Charges For Operating On Women Who Reportedly Paid Privately For Cosmetic ‘Designer Vaginas’

By Mike Buchanan: Wherever it is carried out, FGM is overwhelmingly carried out by women, at the behest of women. Staff across the feminist-riddled criminal justice system are surely aware of this reality, but for ideological reasons will not pursue the prime culprits, middle-aged and elderly black women, which would better protect girls from suffering the procedure.
Right: Before And After Cosmetic 'Designer Vagina' Surgery.
Feminists are determined to pin the problem on men, so now the police / CPS plan to retrospectively criminalise cosmetic operations on women who’ve reportedly paid privately, treating the operations as FGM. We can be confident the targeted surgeons will be male.
Today The Times published a short piece on the matter. It ends:

Sinitta, the singer, recently said that she planned to have her own vaginoplasty broadcast online.
The patriarchs who ordered her to do this have yet to be identified.