24 Nov 2016

Being A Mansplainer

DoctorRandomercam: In honour of International Men's Day, here is a collaborative double release, 5 days late for the date and only 1 day early for the "tour."

Saluting Kellyanne Conway - #Imwithher

By Maxx, AVfM: Feminists should be rejoicing. A woman DID win the White House this week.
The most stunning and audacious election campaign in the history of democracy was orchestrated by Kellyanne Conway. Behind every great man is a good woman, so the saying goes. So let’s talk about the woman currently standing behind the president-elect.
Like many women and girls, Kellyanne wasn’t the first choice. She had to wait in line. Only after a couple of dudes tried and failed to make Donald J Trump look presidential and electable did she inherit a ship that most outside observers were convinced couldn’t be saved from sinking. Only Kellyanne wasn’t here to be another deckhand on the Titanic; no this woman was there to wear the captain’s hat and against all the odds turn the entire franchise around.
Her boss didn’t make it easy for her at times.
Trump was hot off a nomination debate in which he and his Republican rivals had come off like a bunch of frat boys cracking wise about each other’s junk on national television. Liberals were celebrating what looked like the very public and dramatic disintegration of the entire Republican party.

A SJW Thanksgiving

Julie Borowski: "Under normal circumstances, you shouldn't let politics come between family but this isn't normal. Your Donald voting relatives have chosen to stand and be counted with white nationalists like the KKK and they should understand that there are consequences for that. Trump promised them that he would end 'political correctness' and they would be free to be racist assholes without paying the price for it.

I Hate Everyone Equally

By Gilad Atzmon: I am delighted to inform you that Private Eye published my letter today. I informed them that "I am not an anti-Semite, I actually hate everyone equally". 
Private Eye issue 1432, 25 November:
I notice that on page 13 of issue 1430 under the heading ‘Forked Tonge' you referred to me as “Gilad Atzmon, the notorious antisemitic musician.” Let me first assure you, I am not an anti-Semite, I actually hate everyone equally. 
As you must know, my work on Jewish identity politics is endorsed by some of the leading humanists and academics of our time. Needless to say, not once have I criticised Jews or anyone else as ‘people’, ‘ethnicity’ or ‘race’.  In fact, my criticism of Jewish identity politics is anti-racist in nature.
I believe that all politics must be subject to criticism and dissent and I insist that this approach must be applied also to Jewish politics and lobbying.  

Lopango Ya Banka - Mwasi [Congolese For Mangina?]

GlobalFaction: Congolese hip hop group Lopango Ya Banka 'Mwasi' this song talks about the strength and power of women and how in society today women are not respected as they should be. The song calls on all men to remember where they come from and to acknowledge the important role of women in all aspects of life - Lopango ya Banka is a politically, Spiritually and Socially Conscious group promoting Ancestral Wisdom, Self-determination, Freedom and African Unity.

University Declares Open Season On Men

"The policy which doesn't have any judicial process in place, it's a little court of kangaroos, starts with the assumption that the accuser is a survivor and therefore the accused is a perpetrator. ...It's a fire and forget missile, for your life if you are the accused." Said johntheother.