26 Nov 2016

The Red Pill - Cambridge

Twitter Joined The Zionist Purge - An Interview With Jo Stowell

By Gilad Atzmon: A Zionist purge is taking place on twitter. The  British ultra Zionist Community Security Trust (CST)  reported recently that it has been “collaborating”  with the social network platform for sometime to stop the so-called ‘antisemites.’  I guess that the freedom to express your thoughts about Israel or Jewish politics is now officially restricted on Twitter. Is this going to make Israeli politics or Jewish lobbying more popular amongst those with a critical eye on politics? I really doubt it.  
Jo Stowell - "freedom of speech in the UK is an illusion".
Every day I learn about more friends who happen to find out about their Twitter accounts being terminated for criticising Israel. The latest one, in an ever growing list of activists, is Jo Stowell, Jo is a genius photographer, a staunch opponent of the Jewish lobby as well as a master Twitterati and a supporter of the right for free speech. I spoke with Jo this morning
GA: I do realise that a score of anti Zionists have been kicked out of Twitter in recent days, can you brief us about it?
JS: Your are correct. I believe that freedom of speech in the UK is basically an illusion.

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Introducing The Liberty Belles

Cassie Jaye Discusses ‘The Red Pill’ With Andrew Bolt

Cassie Jaye on The Bolt Report (Sky News, Australia).

How Clinton Lost The 'Rustbelt'

Max and Stacy discuss getting ‘voluntarily equitized’ on Thanksgiving Day . . . just as the First Americans were. They also discuss bail-ins in Italy and Brexit fallout in the UK. In the second half, Max interviews former head of the Democratic Party in North Carolina to find out how and why Hillary Clinton lost the Rust Belt.