28 Nov 2016

Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation - A Mother's Deep Regret

Niki Sawyers describes the disturbing circumstances that occurred shortly after the birth of her son. The intactivist community is made up of a very diverse group of individuals affected by a very sick cultural practice (cutting the genitals of children.) Among those I'm most appreciative of are the regret mothers, all of whom realized too late, what "circumcision" involved. Many regret parents are now sharing their experiences in the hope of helping others avoid the traps and misinformation they fell into.

Pine Forests Were Planted By The Zionist Jews To Hide Their Plunder Of Palestine!

The Village Under the Forest
By Gilad Atzmon: The Village Under The Forest explores the hidden remains of the destroyed Palestinian village of Lubya, which lies under a purposefully cultivated forest plantation called South Africa Forest. - The documentary explores themes related to the erasure and persistence of memory and dares to imagine a future in which dignity, acknowledgement and co-habitation become shared possibilities in Israel/Palestine.

What Do You Deserve?

By : It’s been an exceptionally stifling August. According to NASA, 2016 could go down on record as the hottest year in recorded history. It might also follow that, as the heat rises, people — women, we must especially note — are wearing less than any other time in history.
Fine female specimens are strolling, running, basking and hoola-hooping under the sweltering sun, figures clenched tightly in bikinis, yoga pants, dresses and skirts. Whether they notice it or not, whether they like it or not, they are entangled by invisible webs of lustful eyeball trajectories of men. Many of us are repelled from advancing on them by social etiquette and sheer terror. But some virile, young bucks simply do not heed this message, and it’s causing the ire of many a woman to reach its boiling point.
Here we have Erin Bailey, a Boston-based fitness instructor, a prolific blogger and an extraordinary-looking young dame. She recently posted this article on her website: What Do We Deserve? Don’t be fooled. It is, in a few words, a vociferous manifesto targeted against every male who has ever wounded her feminine royal dignity with their sexual solicitationsTake a look. I can’t quite blame these fellows.
Why hello there, Erin. It’s nice to meet you.
Woops, excuse me. You probably don’t take too kindly to my little bit of flirtation shenanigans, do you? You’d probably hunt me down, slice off my testicles with a bowie knife and stuff them in my mouth like a roast pig (Andrea Dworkin would be honored.)

UK Kills All Online Privacy And Now Also Moves To Censor The Internet...

Raging Golden Eagle: And this is one of the leaders of the "free" world... Remember when everyone was outraged when China was doing it? I guess it's OK when the "free" world does it, huh? Sure you can use a VPN now, but if you don't put your foot down they will soon outlaw that as well.

CALM: “There Could Be Great Benefit In Researching The Impact Of Testosterone Reducing Drugs On The Rates Of Suicide In Men.”

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: I’ve written many times about the irony of CALMCampaign Against Living Miserably a charity seeking to reduce the level of male suicide, being led (for the past 10 years) by Jane Powell, a radical feminist. The charity’s narratives invariably focus on the need for men to talk about their feelings more, and rarely about the state-driven stressors that lead men to suicide – denial of access to children, lack of support for male victims of domestic violence, financial destruction in the divorce courts, unemployment, and so much more.
I should be amazed if Jane Powell is not invited to give oral evidence to the Department of Health inquiry on suicide. We’ve been told it’s ‘highly unlikely’ we’ll be invited, after pointing out in our written submission that the state is the prime ‘actor’ driving men to take their lives.
Powell’s written submission to the same inquiry is here. I’d like to draw your attention to the only paragraph in section 7, ‘The need for increased research’: 
Despite the evidence that the risk of suicide is disproportionate to men as a whole when compared to women, research is often gender neutral or narrowed beyond gender (e.g. by sexual orientation or age). As a result, there is no specific research carried out on men and societal and environmental factors. Broader, gender specific research could reveal hidden causes of suicide that have not yet been explored. For instance, there could be great benefit in researching the impact of testosterone reducing drugs on the rates of suicide in men,

Athens Warzone ~ Front Line View Of Intense Protest And Riot For The November 17 Student Revolt

Perseus999: 17th of November is the day where the student revolt against the dictatorship in Athens, Greece in 1973 is being commemorated. The 3 days commemoration leads to a march at the streets of almost every city in Greece, but mainly in central Athens, where a usually a massive march is organized towards the American embassy, that is being accused of co-operating and imposing the junta regime at the time.

EU Votes For Citizens To Fund Their Own Brainwashing

By Finian Cunningham: A fledgling group set up by the European Commission to allegedly counteract “Russian propaganda” is to be expanded with more public cash and resources. European citizens will be funding mechanisms inducing their own ignorance and misinformation.
This week, the European Parliament in Strasbourg voted by a dubious majority for a cash injection to expand the work of a media watchdog aimed at “debunking Russian propaganda.”
The little-known media group, reportedly comprising 11 “diplomats,” was established a year ago by the all-powerful, but unelected European Commission. The media unit has, therefore, no electoral mandate. It is potentially holding sway over how 500 million EU citizens will be able in the future to access news and public information.
In particular, it is evident the said EU media program is motivated by an extreme Russophobia bias. Working in tandem with this media watchdog is another coterie of seven parliamentarians headed by the rabidly anti-Russian Polish MEP Anna Fotyga.