1 Dec 2016

International Conference On Men’s Issues - 2017 Australia


Farrakhan On The Passing Of Fidel Castro

The Final Call: Statement from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the passing of 'El Commandante' Fidel Castro

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught me that there is a law in nature that whenever a people are deprived of that which God intends for that people to have such as freedom, justice, equality of opportunity and equal membership in society; the longer the people are deprived the greater the manifestation of the one who is born out of that longing from a simple woman to answer that need, that cry, that prayer of those deprived who long.

Santa Trump + Bibi Update + I Had A Drone - William Banzai7

Linda Kelsey, Former Editor Of Cosmopolitan, On The Red Pill

By Mike Buchanan: Linda Kelsey, former editor of Cosmopolitan, was in the audience at the first London screening of The Red Pill recently, with myself and others. I introduced myself to her, and she wasn’t friendly. In her lengthy article, although well worth reading, she makes it clear she remains a feminist. That would explain her reference to the Men and Boys Coalition.
By Linda Kelsey: Looking back, I can pinpoint the precise moment I became a feminist. I was 17, a bright-eyed student at Warwick University, with a well-thumbed copy of The Female Eunuch clutched in my hand.
There in the lecture hall in front of me was Germaine Greer, empowering us all with talk of women’s liberation.
During the years that have passed since — some of them spent as the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine — the advances made by the women’s movement have been extraordinary.

Save Us From Social Justice

Prof. Fiamengo: Canada's Social Justice Tribunals work on the principle that you can force people to respect others by punishing them over even trivial misunderstandings or honest expressions of opinion.

Improving Race Relations, By Being Racist…

By : My iPod crapped out a while back, so I’ve been listening to the radio. Usually, it’s CFNR, which is gynocentric and native-centric, but fairly innocuous in its approach, as they focus mostly on music. Well the job I’ve been tackling is in a location that gets crappy CFNR reception, so scanning the channels, what could go wrong?
… … … CBC … fuck.
Were they this bad before? It’s a trip through neenooneenoo duntDAH the twilight zone!!!
It’s a good thing they have a working washroom in this camp house, as the number of times I nearly shit myself doesn’t bare mentioning… forget I said that. I got to hear Lindy West talking about how comedians are sexist, to which she followed up by gloating about how she personifies the stereotypes the comedian’s joke about, more. Lindy, you have a winning combo there, two thumbs waaaayyyyyy up.
Later on, I got a good scare when Candy talked about how two couples were sharing a mortgage in Toronto. I was vaguely paying attention so I missed some pertinent details up until the girls blurted, “we were roommates on campus and shared everything, so it just seemed natural to share other things too.” And the first thing that came to mind was, what, like husbands?

CALM: Clarification On The Subject Of Testosterone-Reducing Drugs In Relation To Men Committing Suicide

J4MB: Two days ago we published a piece in relation to the written submission by CALM to the Department of Health inquiry on suicide, which appeared to be calling for testosterone-reducing drugs to be used to reduce the suicide rate of men. The text in question was in the second paragraph, reproduced here:

Despite the evidence that the risk of suicide is disproportionate to men as a whole when compared to women, research is often gender neutral or narrowed beyond gender (e.g. by sexual orientation or age). As a result, there is no specific research carried out on men and societal and environmental factors. Broader, gender specific research could reveal hidden causes of suicide that have not yet been explored.
For instance, there could be great benefit in researching the impact of testosterone reducing drugs on the rates of suicide in men, [my emphasis] however the current lens of research funding and its gender neutral approach does not provide a platform for such research.