4 Dec 2016

2 Minutes In A History Book

Deek Jackson

Kassia Redeemed Classical Culture With Repentance Of Fallen Woman

By now the Huntress had reached Olympus heights
and made her way to the bronze-floored house of Zeus.
And down she sat on her Father’s lap, a young girl,
sobbing, her deathless robe quivering round her body.
But her Father, son of Cronus, hugged her tight
and giving a low warm laugh inquired gently,
“Who has abused you now, dear child, tell me,
who of the sons of heaven so unfeeling, cruel?
Why, it’s as if they had caught you in public,
doing something wrong ….” Wreathed in flowers
the one who halloos the hunt cried out at once,
“Your own wife, Father! The white-armed Hera beat me!
This strife, this warfare plaguing all the immortals —
Hera’s all to blame!” [1]
: Artemis sought comfort in the arms of the Father. Perhaps she had been caught behaving in public in the manner of Mary of Egypt. Could that be, she who seemed impervious to Eros and despised men gazing on her? No matter. The Father God Zeus, infinitely merciful to women, wreathed her in flowers. He hugged her tightly and gently suggested that men had abused her. This Father, a master of deceptions, knew how to seduce women.

The Current Year Jam

DoctorRandomercam: I'm taking a break from the specialist amateur gonzo journalism to do something less depressing. Behold: It's the return of the room.

Honest Government Advert - Carmichael Coal Mine

thejuicemedia: The Australian Government just released this advert about the proposed Carmichael Coal Mine and it's surprisingly honest and informative.
1. Tell PM Malcolm Turnbull you don’t want your tax dollars to be used to subsidise CCRAP: https://www.getup.org.au/campaigns/gr...
2. Join GetUp!’s Fight for the Reef: https://fightforthereef.getup.org.au

Why Boys Need Great Male Role Models

By : Here are some facts:

  1. In the USA, 25% of all children are in a single-parent household.
  2. 72% of all black children are raised in single-parent households.
  3. Of single-parent families, 83% of children live with their mother and 17% live with their father.
  4. 49% of single mothers have never married.
And here is my working thesis:
Our boys are in trouble due to the lack of positive male leadership they have in their lives.

It’s only after a conversation with a friend about how far we’ve progressed in our manhood that I realized how lucky I am to be where I am in life.
I was a delinquent teenager. For years I couldn’t stand my father. I loved booze and girls and getting into fights, and I had a weapon drawn on me on more than one occasion despite living in one of the nation’s safest towns. I was heading down a bad path.
I had an intact family. On paper. A mom and a dad that cared about a sister that I perpetually fought with and me. We had nice family portraits and the like but no real adhesive that bonded us all together.

Gilad Atzmon: ‘The Israeli Lobby Dominates American, British And French Foreign Affairs’

Muslim Press: Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett has said that “the era of the Palestinian state is over.” What’s your take on this?
Gilad Atzmon: This idea is more than welcome. What we need is one state from the river to the sea and this state will be Palestine. I do not think that we are talking about a political shift but simply facts on the ground.
MP: How do you predict the fate of the two-state solution? How could Trump presidency affect the solution?
Gilad Atzmon: I do not engage in prophecy. The two-state solution is dead and if I am reading the map correctly, the US is not a key player in the Middle East anymore. Putin took their place and this fact may have a significant positive impact on the future of the conflict.
MP: How do you evaluate Donald Trump’s policies towards Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
Gilad Atzmon: We are clueless in regard to Trump’s policies. In fact I do not even believe Trump has a Middle East policy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But as I mentioned above, the US is not a key player in the Middle East. Accordingly, America’s position is hardly relevant. This may change.

An Historic Speech Or Two By Adolf Hitler ~ BANNED By JewTube

Joseph Goebbels said. "When the Jewish press complains that the national socialist movement gives the Chancellor of all Germany such wide radio coverage. We can only reply: we are merely repaying like with like."  An historical speech of the fuhrer/reich chancellor of Germany in 1933, Adolf Hitler's First Speech in Power with Joseph Goebbels Intro 1933.