5 Dec 2016

Protest Of The Red Pill Movie At Ottawa City Hall

StudioBrule: The Revolutionary Student Movement held a protest of The Red Pill Movie at Ottawa City Hall on Sunday December 4, 2016. - The Red Pill is a documentary about the Men's Rights Movement by director Cassie Jaye.

Sky News debate On The Male Pill: Peter Lloyd v Professor Geeta Nargund

Anti-SJW Hypocrisy Is On The Rise ~ Stefan Molyneux & Alt-Right Exposed!

I,Hypocrite: In which Stefan Molyneux shifts the goalpost for political free speech, the cast of Hamilton dindu nuffin, the alt right is full of neo nazis and it turns out Trump is an iron-fisted fascist after all.

Byzantine Bride-Shows: Mothers Dominate Sons In Choosing Wives

: A seldom-recognized historical antecedent to today’s beauty pageants is bride-shows that occurred early in the Byzantine Empire. Byzantine bride-shows selected from a wide-ranging search the bride for the Emperor or the Emperor’s heir. After becoming Empress, she sometimes went on to rule in her own right. The Byzantine bride-show thus provided a remarkably open opportunity for a woman to gain a place at the top of society.[1] In relation to ordinary person’s lives, Byzantine bride-shows suggest risks in a mother dominating the choice of her son’s wife even in a relatively tolerant society.
Men in pursuing intimate relationships are usually attracted to beautiful women. Today, that preference tends to be disparaged. For being attracted to a woman who was not fat, one young man recently was called bigoted and mean, and he was slapped. At a much higher level of social salience, the Harvard men’s soccer team recently had their whole season canceled because some team members were privately rating the attractiveness of members of the women’s soccer team. Simply stating that young, slender, warmly receptive women are much more sexually attractive than old, fat, bitterly men-hating women is well on its way to becoming a criminal offense in modern, democratic societies.

J4MB Justice 4 Men And Boys 2020 General Election Strategy

By Mike Buchanan: Following a strategic review of our options for the 2020 general election, we adopted a new strategy, elements of which will be revealed in due course.
Mike Buchanan, party leader, will be standing against Theresa May MP, prime minister, in her Maidenhead constituency, which she has represented since its creation in 1997. She is, of course, a self-declared feminist – infamously wearing a Fawcett Society T-shirt bearing the words, ‘This is what a feminist looks like’, when in opposition – and she heads a deeply anti-male and socially unconservative Conservative government, as anti-male as any of its Labour predecessors.
Her government is doing nothing to end the decades-old assaults on the nuclear family, and the denial of access after family breakdowns between children, fathers, and paternal grandparents. The state is responsible for assaulting the human rights of men and boys in many areas, through its actions and inactions. We explored 20 such areas in our 2015 general election manifesto:

  1. Abortion
  2. Foetal alcohol syndrome
  3. Genital mutilaiton
  4. Fatherlessness
  5. Education

This Is How Corbyn Plans To Win British Workers

By Gilad Atzmon: He sends his deputy leader Tom Watson to perform Jewish musical repertoire at an Israeli Lobby gathering...
Let me assure you, it wasn't me who musically trained Watson. But I can teach him some bebop phrases in case the Party is still interested to in Black voters.
Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, writes:
Israel’s flunkies and flag wavers up and down the United Kingdom will be heartened to learn that the British Labour Party under veteran campaigner for Palestinian rights Jeremy Corbyn is no less Zionist than it was under the renowned stooges Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Neoliberalism Strikes Back

Max and Stacy discuss neoliberalism “striking back” as China gets to have a plan: one that involves buying up German high tech companies. In the second half, Max visits Piedmont Biofuels, a community-scale biodiesel project in Pittsboro, North Carolina, to talk to its president and co-founder, Lyle Estill.

Characterizing Mary At The Cross In Byzantine Competition For Attention

In Byzantine culture, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a central figure. Byzantine laments for the crucifixion sometimes directed more attention to the weeping Mary than to the crucified Jesus.[1] In sixth-century Byzantine kontakia of Romanos the Melodist, realistic, emotional dialogue set within Christian salvation history richly characterizes Mary. These imaginative developments are best understood as a result of the Byzantine church intensely competing for attention with secular theater.
In Romanos’s kontakion On Mary at the Cross, Mary is an ordinary mother in extraordinary circumstances. Jesus the Christ set his face like flint to Jerusalem and resolutely went to his death according to the will of God the Father. Mary wearily followed her son Jesus to the cross. She insistently questioned him:

Why do you follow this swift path?
Is there another wedding in Cana,
And do you rush there to turn water into wine?
Should I go with you, my child, or should I wait for you?
Give me word, O Word, some word, and do not pass me by in silence [2]