7 Dec 2016

Bearing Has Been BANNED #FreeBearing

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It's a sad day for the anti-feminist & anti-SJW community as one of my favourite YouTubers has been banned.
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You Will Not Be Shamed + Make Rape Culture Great Again

Are Feminists Sociopaths? You Decide…

By Roy: The more that I have pondered the generic behaviors of radical feminists, the more I have come to suspect that feminism is a personality disorder masquerading as a social movement.

This led me to wonder about actual clinical criteria for PBD's as defined by the professional psychiatric community.

One doesn't have to dig too deep to find repeated references to psychopathy, anti-social disorders, and sociopathology.

Do these clinical descriptions have any relevant relationship to feminism today?

* AGGRESSIVE SOCIOPATHS derive strong, yet nonperverse gratification from harming others. They like to hurt, frighten, tyrannize, bully, and manipulate. They do it for a sense of power and control, and will often only drop subtle hints about what they are up to. They polish their aggressive, domineering manner in such a way to disguise any intimidation others might feel.

They seek out positions of power, such as parent, teacher, bureaucrat, supervisor, or police officer. Their style is one of passive aggression as they systematically go about sabotaging the ideas of others to get their ideas in place.

Anti-Feminist Advice On Rape Culture: Part 3

Is Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan Now A Voice For Men?

By Who doesn’t love gossips? That too, when a gossip is about a celebrity, it is received with a great craving. What once started as such a gossip in the Bollywood has now transformed into a major social discourse, with common people taking sides and forming opinions about it.

The (Long) Short Story

If you do not know the story yet, let me explain it to you, in short.  Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan found himself in the center of a controversy when Kangna Ranaut, an actress, implied him as her ‘silly ex’ in an interview. This was in response to a question about whether Hrithik was the reason for her exclusion from the movie Aashiqui 3. All hell broke loose as the fans who were waiting for the next gossip to munch on, got something from the horse’s mouth.
In response to Kangna’s comment, Hrithik tweeted this:
Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (Im sure wonderful)women d media hs ben naming.Thanks but no thanks.
— Hrithik Roshan (@iHrithik) January 28, 2016
Also, Hrithik sent a legal notice to Kangna, demanding a public apology. But, Kangna went on to retain her version of the story that Hrithik had an affair with her and even proposed to her in Paris. In the series of events that followed, Hrithik came out with the claim that Kangna was ‘imagining’ the relationship.

Stop Everything You're Doing And Listen To This Rabbi!!!

Gilad Atzmon: Is he a 'holocaust denier or a truth seeker? I let you judge.