9 Dec 2016

New Study - Men Forced By Women To Penetrate Them

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: In our 2015 general election manifesto one of the 20 topics we covered was sexual abuse. It was the longest section in the entire 80-page-long manifesto. The start of the Background in this section:

It will come as a surprise to many, but women are responsible for a substantial proportion of sexual offences, including sexual abuses of children. A website [ref. 116] concerned with female sex offenders has a bibliography [ref. 117] of over 900 academic studies, articles, and books on the subject, dating back to 1857.
People struggle to recognize women as perpetrators of sexual and non-sexual violence, in spite of the weight of evidence showing them to be frequent perpetrators of both. This is because we live in a culture which regards men as ‘actors’ and women as ‘acted upon’. The public has become conditioned to viewing men as perpetrators, and women as victims. Alison Tieman, a Canadian men’s human rights advocate, produced an insightful short video on this matter. [ref.118]
This culture leads to inequalities. Few women are held accountable for sex offences, including those women who sexually abuse children.

Ελεύθερος Όσο Κανείς - Βητα Πεις

EU Pushing Social Media Even Further To Censor "Hate Speech" And "Fake News"

Raging Golden Eagle: Apparently the current "non-legislative" agreement they have is not good enough, because social media companies are not censoring the internet fast enough for the liking of these totalitarians. So official laws might be inbound! Good luck Sargon, Computing Forever, Kraut and Tea, and all the rest of you guys reporting non state sanctioned news. You are gonna need it.

Coalition For Missing Native Men And Boys

StudioBrule: A coalition calling for the National Inquiry Into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls to be expanded to include victims of all genders met in Ottawa, Canada on December 7, 2017. The panel included: Justin Trottier: Executive Director, Canadian Association for Equality (coalition member organization) - Chief Ernie Crey, Cheam First Nation - Adam Jones, Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia.

Israel Blocks Gaza Women From Breast Cancer Treatment

By Sarah Algherbawi: Khuloud Abu Qamar spoke quietly but her words still shocked. “Israel is killing me slowly,” she said. “And it is killing my children, too.”
After undergoing surgery for breast cancer last year, Abu Qamar requires further treatment which she has not been able to receive in Gaza. She has asked Israel for permission to travel. Her applications have so far been rejected. Aged 40, she has six children, the youngest of whom is still a baby.
Her plight is shared by many others in Gaza. Estimates from the local health ministry indicate that several hundred women with breast cancer have been obstructed from traveling by Israel so far this year.
Leaving Gaza for treatment is vital as the coastal strip’s hospitals are not properly equipped to provide such services as radiotherapy.
As part of the state’s propaganda, Israel has portrayed itself as a global leader in cancer treatment and research. To promote breast cancer awareness in October, the Israeli Air Force painted its warplanes pink.
The gimmick gave no comfort to women in Gaza.

Kimmel Doubles Down On Doublespeak

By : Both men and women have made it possible for women to have choice: no man or government can force a woman into motherhood.
But Michael Kimmel would have you believe that most men would take that choice away if they could, which is an obvious lie. From his own mouth he admits it has overwhelmingly been men on the Supreme Court, in Congress, and the judiciary that have stood along with the vast majority of men and women who believe in a woman’s right to choose.
Which brings me to Kimmel’s latest attempt to double down on his doublespeak: to help men we must help women. Huh?
As part of the cast, Kimmel attended the première of “The Red Pill” movie in NYC, a documentary by a feminist that explores the men’s rights movement and the issues that concern them. The movie has garnered rave reviews by many, but has been panned by feminists and ideologues who refuse to consider that their narrative of victim-hood and patriarchy is faulty, most of whom haven’t seen the movie yet, as it’s had limited screenings.

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