10 Dec 2016

Women's Fucking Choices

johntheother: The less men are involved, the better. Once we understand that men dont "get women pregnant" - and that in fact - women get themselves pregnant ( they make the choices, they have the rights ) we can add a third side to the reproductive rights debate.

Prop Or Nuts + Fake News Of The Year - William Banzai7

The Mainstream Media Is Asking For A Government Bailout Via Censorship

The current controversy is different. Many people in Washington are irate over Wikileaks — not because the email were untrue but because they proved what many had long suspected . . . that Washington is a highly corrupt place full of truly despicable people. For people who make their living on controlling media and information, it was akin to the barbarians breaching the walls of Rome. So the answer is to call for government regulation to combat what will be declared “fake” news or propaganda. It is only the latest effort to convince people to surrender their rights and actually embrace censorship. 
– From Jonathan Turley’s: Washington Post Issues Correction To “Fake News” Story
By Michael Krieger: Watching Hillary Clinton attack “fake news” and calling for legislative action against free speech she doesn’t like got me thinking. Why is she doing this? Yes, it’s obviously related to her notorious personality trait of never taking responsibility for anything and attaching herself to an invented controversy in order to deflect blame for her monumentally embarrassing loss to Donald Trump. But there’s more going on here. A lot more.

What Makes Women Happy

By Mike Buchanan: Fay Weldon’s book What Makes Women Happy was published in 2006. From the first page:
The brutal answer to what makes women happy is, ‘Nothing, not for more than ten minutes at a time.’ 
I was reminded of this sentence when I read a piece in today’s Times, ‘Family friendly hours blamed for loneliness of long-distance MPs’ – here. Given that the key demographic change since 1997 – the first year of the first Tony Blair administration, with Harridan Harman appointed as the first Minister for Women – has been the increased proportion of MPs who are female, I think we can reasonably assume that the ‘loneliness’ primarily concerns female MPs. Extracts from the article:
Scrapping late-night sittings and votes was supposed to make parliament more family friendly. Instead, the end of the culture of drinking and socialising has led to growing levels of loneliness among MPs…
Until 1999 the Commons sat from 2.30pm to 10pm from Monday to Thursday. Changes were made by the New Labour government to make the hours more family friendly, sitting earlier first on Thursdays, then Wednesdays and since 2012 also on Tuesdays. The Commons now only sits until 10pm on Mondays. Anne Milton, the government chief whip, said, ‘It can be quite a lonely life. There has been a lot of discussion recently about that. People [translation – women] can be quite isolated. I think there was a natural camaraderie when the house did sit all night. Now if the business finishes at 7.30pm or 8pm on a Tuesday evening you go home to your flat, or you’re staying in a hotel, and you possibly don’t see anyone else, and you are aware that your family and your kids are a long way away.’

Michael Hsieh, MD Of US Children’s National Health System, “Known Genital Mutilator”

By : Micheal Hsieh, MD has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.
He is listed as a Urologist at the Children’s National Health System, and following these menus we find that he performs circumcision as the “treatment” of the “condition” known as “foreskin:”
Choose Children’s -> Conditions and Treatments -> Urology -> Circumcision
From the “Children’s Team” we find Dr. Hsieh, and his “Biography:”
“Michael Hsieh, MD, PhD, is a urologist at Children’s National Health System.

Trump's 'Mad Dog' Military Policy

Mad Dog. "It's fun to shoot some people."

Israel National News Against Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon: Jews can be anti-Semites too!” is the title of Jewish settlers outlet Israel National News' article dedicated to my work by one Manfred Gerstenfeld.  Needless to mention that being subject to a smear campaign led by the Israeli ultra nationalist outlet is pretty much the kind of publicity I wish for. However, I would point out to Gerstenfeld that his title is slightly misleading. Jews are not Semites and I haven't even been a Jew for two decades now.
Settler Gerstenfeld is desperate to prove that yours truly is an ‘antisemite'. Let’s examine his arguments, one by one. I am genuinely quoted as saying that I am totally “against Holocaust denial."  I clearly resent those who deny the genocides taking place in the name of the Holocaust. Palestine is one example…” (http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/after-all-i-am-a-proper-zionist-jew-by-gilad-atzmon.html)
I guess that in the eyes of settler Gerstenfeld, supporting Palestine equals anti-Semitism.  But considering the obvious fact that the Palestinians are Semites*, taking their side is actually the ultimate form of philo-Semitism.

Obamacare Helped Trump?

Max and Stacy ask whether Obamacare helped Trump. In the second half Max interviews political strategist, Michael Carmichael, about what went wrong for Hillary... including said Obamacare.