14 Dec 2016

Julia Hartley-Brewer Interviews MRA Philip Davies MP About His Appointment To The Women And Equalities Committee

Men's rights activist elected to join Women and Equalities Committee says 'some feminists don't believe in equality'
By Luke Dolan: The men's rights campaigner who has been elected to Parliament's Women and Equalities Committee has told Julia Hartley-Brewer that "some people who overtly campaign as feminists don't believe in equality."
MP Philip Davies also said he is "wholeheartedly in favour" of removing the word 'women' from the name of his committee. 
Davies, the MP for Shipley was recently elected to join the equality committee unopposed. He has courted controversy in the past - in August, he said “feminist zealots” were “stirring up” problems, as well as claiming a number of women wanted equality “only when it suits”.
He repeated his concerns to Julia, saying that while "feminist zealots" represent only a small minority of the wider feminist movement, their selective approach to equality is, in his eyes, a major problem.

Fake News + Fighting For Peace - William Banzai7

Andy Pandy - Vaginal Vampire

Bearing: Do not watch this video before dinner. Andy Pandy is a special kind of guy - he's got a lot of love to give and can sometimes go a bit overkill in the passion department; as we will see. Originally a three part series, a bonus fourth part has just been produced and will be released in coming days. Regards, Bearing.

Bitter And Biased BBC Repeatedly Smears Philip Davies MP After His Election To The Women And Equalities Committee

In places, the article is actually quite balanced by BBC standards, though it contains outright lies and the headline alone is reason enough for serious concern. Looking at other reports, almost every media outlet uses the correct name for Davies’ new role, using its full title of “Women and Equalities Committee”. The Independent, Daily Mail, Newsweek, Bradford Telegraph and Argus, IBTimes, Sun and Guido Fawkes all went with the correct term. Meanwhile,  Total Politics and even the Guardian of all newspapers shortened the title to a still appropriate term of “Equalities Committee”. This term is still appropriate because it accurately describes the work of the committee – it’s focus is all areas of equality and the “women’s part” is merely a ridiculous and almost satirical sexist addition which hopefully Davies and his allies will one day force Parliament to remove.
The only organisations to go for the BBC’s click-bait headline approach are tabloid left-wing outlets such as the Mirror and Huffington Post, therefore putting the BBC amongst low-calibre not to mention misandrist company.

Cubs Of The Caliphate Slaughtered

By : Back in the sixties, there was a television series called The Invaders starring a character named Roy Thinnes. As a little boy, I loved the show. The basic premise of the series was that earth had already been invaded and the aliens were living among us, plotting and preparing for their eventual takeover of our planet.
Roy Thinnes’ character became aware of this invasion when he got lost driving through the unfamiliar countryside and came across an alien spacecraft deep in the woods. As the series progresses, David Vincent (the character played by Thinnes) is able to identify the aliens among us by looking at the little finger on their left hand. It is slightly deformed as a result of a mistake when they took human form.
Each week, David Vincent tried to convince skeptical government officials, law enforcement officers or anyone who would listen that the invasion was real and that the aliens walked among us. You can imagine the reaction such claims drew from those he warned.

Israeli Art

By Gilad Atzmon: The Israeli art student who produced this image is now subject to police investigation...

Xmas Has Come Early This Year - Philip Davies MP Has Been Elected (Unopposed) To The Women & Equalities Committee

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Wonderful news, reported in recent hours by the Daily Mail, The Guardian, BBC, Independent, Mirror, Metro. Doubtless more publications and outlets will be picking up the story shortly, including the Times and Telegraph.
With Philip Davies on the committee advocating for true gender equality, and consideration of issues disproportionately affecting men and boys, the ‘Women and Equalities’ committee name looks even more absurd than it already did. We look forward to seeing how Maria Miller (C) will chair the committee from now on.
It’s time for Education Secretary Justine Greening’s second job title – ‘Minister for Women and Equalities’ – to disappear, or a ‘Minister for Men’ appointed. Philip Davies would fit that role admirably.

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