16 Dec 2016

A Glimpse Into Zionist Trolling Pathology - Part 1

By Gilad Atzmon: By now, American people must be accustomed to the humiliating fact that their foreign affairs are shaped by the Israeli lobby. Americans must have also learned to cope with the idea that despite the poverty and deprivation in Detroit, Newark, Baltimore and Oakland their government is sending  billions of dollars of military aid to the Jewish State.  I guess the Americans must be used to the fact that their presidential campaigns are now totally funded by Jewish oligarchs such as Saban, Soros and Adelson. Whether America likes it or not, it has been reduced into an Israeli colony. 
Thus, the sickening idea that The Times Of Israel, an ultra right wing news outlet, terrorizes a church or tells a NYC Jazz club who not to book shouldn't  be a big surprise. 
Last week I was informed that a NYC Jazz club has been continuously and relentlessly harassed by one Simon Hardy Butler, a matzo ball* looking guy who voluntarily decided to take care of my music PR in the big apple.  
 “I'm writing this email to call attention to the fact that musician Gilad Atzmon isa virulent anti-Semite”  Hardy Butler wrote to the Jazz club. 
But Hardy Butler didn’t provide a single evidence of me being an ‘anti semite’. Why should he? In the solipsistic Times of Israel’s universe Goyim are there to obey. Let me share the good news with you already, the 'Goyim' didn’t capitulate this time.

BBC Forced To Retract Its Smears Of Philip Davies MP But Leaves Misleading Headline In Place

  • A misleading click-bait headline which transformed the Women and Equality Committee into a committee only concerned with women.
  • A doctored quote stating he had claimed “that some women wanted to “have their cake and eat it”.
  • Stating that a speech given by Davies this year occurred in 2015
  • Giving a false and less prestigious name to the conference Davies spoke at.
  • A refusal to accept the gender justice gap as fact, despite Davies giving some 20 separate points from official government sources proving the phenomenon beyond any doubt.

How To Spot A Space Leper

MRAs sue feminist SJWs
karen straughan: ...an update on our lawsuit, based on my assessment of publicly available documents.

‘Anti-Feminist’ MP Philip Davies Is Parliament’s Best Hope For Actual Equality

By Martin Daubney: If you were a middle-aged white man and your CV were to include: “hates political correctness”, “despised by many feminist MPs” and “openly calls Jeremy Corbyn an idiot”, you perhaps wouldn’t expect to land a plum job on the Women & Equalities Committee.
But that’s precisely what happened yesterday to Philip Davies, firebrand Tory MP for Shipley, campaigner on men’s issues and perpetual thorn in the side of the “politically-correct brigade”, as he’s fond of calling them.
So how fitting is it, that, at Christmas, we can shout of modern feminism’s pantomime villain “he’s behind you!”
On cue, your politically-neutral BBC, Huffington Post, Mirror and Guardian dusted off their pitchforks. Pointedly, many branded him an “anti-feminist”.
It’s worth pointing out Davies has never declared himself anti-feminist, although he has previously shared platforms with some, most notably when he appeared at the International Conference On Men’s Issues in July and infamously said “feminist zealots want women to have their cake and eat it”.
On Twitter, more salt has been poured on Davies’ appointment than on the M25 during a Siberian freeze.

Randomercam At BAM: Day 2

DoctorRandomercam: "Neglected-kid-riarchy". It's the new YMCA. It's long and hideous and you're not going to go there. Thus I have represented the thing I saw.

Talking About Australia's Anti-Male Culture

Bettina Arndt: Bettina talks on Sky News to former Australia parliamentarians Mark Latham and Ross Cameron about recent alarming developments further tilting laws on domestic violence to favour alleged victims. She argues that, as in the United Sates, ordinary men in her country are realizing they are being treated as second class citizens and are using the ballot box to rebel against politicians contributing to the anti-male culture.

Planet FKN Christmas