20 Dec 2016

Philip Davies MP Interviewed By Jane Garvey, BBC Woman Sour

The Ten Immutable Laws of Men and Women

An Ear for Men: "Most sensible people when examining the belief system of feminists will simply scratch their heads and wonder how the hell anyone ever took feminist ideas seriously. It's as though feminists just sat around and made up a bunch of nonsensical gibberish, branded it and the culture around them added it to its collective shipping list like it was some tasty junk food." Said Paul Elam.

Philip Davies MP Interviewed By Jeremy Vine

NY Daily Jews Columnist Justifies Killing Of Russian Ambassador By Comparing Putin To Hitler

As such, the media still can’t let the election go. In its obsession with “fake news” and Russia, the U.S. press is once again betraying the public trust. It is once again demonstrating that the primary purpose of American mass media is a perpetuation of the status quo narrative. The media can’t let the election go, because any acknowledgment that Trump’s victory was a reflection of public unease indicts the media for failing to validate and report on the extent of this unease and its causes. After all, it’s so much easier to just call 63 million Americans racists, misogynists and Putin stooges. Which brings me to the final point.
As is the case with the vast majority of our problems, if we want to zero in on the much bandied about “threats to democracy,” we don’t need to look abroad. Moscow didn’t force the DNC to sabotage Bernie Sanders, and it didn’t force Donna Brazile to hand debate questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign either. Putin didn’t nominate Hillary Clinton in an election year that was obviously amenable to populist messaging.

Dr Ben Hine, Lecturer In Psychology, Co-Founder Of The Men And Boys Coalition, Is A Feminist. What Are The Chances?

By Mike Buckanan, J4MB: I am reliably informed by a number of people that Dr Ben Hine, one of six co-founders of the Men and Boys Coalition – MBC – publicly self-identifies as a feminist. His MBC profile is here. He’s a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of West London. His Profile on the university website is here, his Biography is this:

Broadly, I am interested in the area of applied gender psychology. This is reflected in my two main research interests – prosocial behaviour in childhood and adolescence, and interpersonal violence. I am interested in continuing the work conducted during my PhD in exploring how gender stereotypes and norms influence prosocial behaviour, and whether boys feel they need to carve out a specific ‘niche’ in this traditionally feminine area.
I am also interested in interpersonal violence towards men and women, and how gendered power dynamics influence the judgements and reactions to these incidences, particularly by the criminal justice system, but also by peers and support networks.
So at least three of the six (male) co-founders of the MBC are feminists, and to the best of my knowledge none of the other three publicly identify as anti-feminists.

The Health Committee’s Report On Preventing Suicide (Just Released) Is A Whitewash

Sarah Wollaston (C, Totnes) And Her Committee Members (7 Out Of 10 Are Women) Don’t Give A Damn About The Relentlessly High Male Suicide Rate
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: We submitted a report to the Health Committee inquiry on suicide prevention – here – showing that the key driver of male suicide is the state, through its actions and inactions. We requested the opportunity to give oral evidence to the committee, a request which was denied.
The committee’s 28-page interim report has just been published – here. From the ‘Introduction and Summary’ (p.3):

1. The scale of the avoidable loss of life from suicide is unacceptable. 4820 people are recorded as having died by suicide in England in 2015 but the true figure is likely to be higher. The 2014 suicide rate in England (10.3 deaths per 100,000) was the highest seen since 2004, and the 2015 rate was only marginally lower at 10.1. Suicide disproportionately affects men, accounting for around three quarters of all suicides, but rates are rising in women. It remains the biggest killer of men under 49, [our emphasis] and the leading cause of death in people aged 15–24.