24 Dec 2016

Russia's Putin Epically Trolls Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & Democratic Establishment

Luke Rudkowski covers the latest news from Russian President Vladimir Putin's year end press conference where he did not hold anything back against Hillary Clinton, the democratic establishment and current U.S president Barack Obama. He of course mentioned President Elect Donald Trump and showed his support for him.

This Is How The U.S. Government Destroys The Lives Of Patriotic Whistleblowers

By Michael Krieger: We live in a time and within a culture where the best among us are thrown in jail, demonized or destroyed, while the worst are celebrated, promoted and enriched. Nothing more clearly crystalizes this sad state of affairs than the U.S. government’s ruthless war on whistleblowers expose who severe constitutional violations by those in power. This war knows no political affiliation, and has be waged with equal vigor by the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.
Earlier this morning, I read one of the most enlightening articles on the subject to-date. It was published back in May, and should be read by every single American citizen. We need to admit to ourselves what we have become before we can make changes.
What follows are excerpts from the Guardian piece, How the Pentagon Punished NSA Whistleblowers, but you should really take the time to read the entire thing.

Philip Davies Has Joined The Women And Equalities Committee, After No MPs Objected To His Appointment

Conservative Philip Davies has joined the Women and Equalities Committee after no MPs objected to his appointment in the Commons.

YEP: The Shipley MP has previously caused controversy over his campaigning for Parliament to recognise International Men's Day, his attacks on "militant feminists" and most recently by delivering a 77-minute speech against proposals designed to help end violence against women.
Mr Davies was last week accused of attempting to filibuster an SNP-sponsored draft law requiring the Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention, which later cleared its first Commons hurdle.
He argued it was "sexist" to say the focus should only be on violence against women, adding the Bill was "pointless and wrong because not all victims are female and not all offenders are male".
The motion confirming the appointment of Mr Davies was grouped with three other motions, with no objections raised in the chamber when they were read out.

'We Are All In Trump World now'

Max and Stacy review the year that was Donald Trump as markets rally the most since Herbert Hoover in 1928 but is a 1929 like crash in the cards. In the second half, Max interviews Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker.org about whether or not Trump is, indeed, ‘draining the swamp?’ Or is he repopulating it with bigger, more terrifying swamp creatures?

The Red Pill Latest

By William Collins aka mra-uk: Lamentably, The Red Pill has not been shortlisted for an Academy Award. 145 documentaries qualified for consideration, but TRP was not one of the 15 chosen. Cassie Jaye writes,

Although upsetting, I’m at peace with this. One reason is because I can only assume there would have been an enormous amount of backlash if the film did get shortlisted. Most likely The Academy would have been getting threatening messages urging them to pull The Red Pill from the lineup, or petitions would have been started to protest the Oscars, etc. Although these types of petitions have given the film more publicity in the long run, they also perpetuate many hateful lies about the film which can be difficult to correct and set straight. Another reason I’m at peace with The Red Pill not making the Oscar Shortlist is because this film was not created with the intention of winning awards, the film was created to elevate the discussion around gender politics. Qualifying The Red Pill movie for the Oscars meant that the film was seen by hundreds of Oscar jury members. I’m certain the film inspired many conversations amongst those Oscar members, and for that, I am grateful that the film was in the running!

MTV's "Hey, White Guys" Parody

Watch original video: http://bit.ly/2hauo7v

Don't Be Transexual

johntheother: Of transsexuals who complete their hormone therapy and surgery - 40% kill themselves. So - clearly - the choice to follow that path is a bad choice.

Evil Quotes From The Talmud + Celebrities Expose Jewish Agenda In Hollywood

A book of hate it is
as its content speaks for itself.

Truth Bombs About Feminism, Male Creativity & Generation Snowflake - Camille Paglia

Author, art professor, feminist, and cultural critic Camille Paglia offers a scathing critique of feminism, explains why there are more male creative geniuses, and laments Generation Snowflake.


The Finntronaut
"Have you no consideration for the raping and pillaging of the continent of Hawaii?
Do you lack a comprehension that as a white man your privilege surpasses all others, won't you agree?
Oh, you're Asian
Well, it's all the same, but also makes all the difference
How Asian exactly are you?
Could you please give me your name so that later I can unleash social justice hell upon you?