25 Dec 2016

Mike Buchanan's Christmas Message And 2016 Review

2016 was a remarkable year for those with an interest in the human rights of men and boys. The following link will take you to a 14-page document: https://j4mb.files.wordpress.com/2016... The first four pages consist of a transcript of my Christmas speech, while the remaining pages constitute a review of 2016, through blog pieces we've published over the year. There are hyperlinks so you can directly access the original blog pieces, videos etc.

The FKN Newz 2016 - Best Bits

South Carolina, USA Making Moves To Block Porn And Charge To Remove Said Block...

Raging Golden Eagle: Yes this is a very stupid idea. But every single time I've ever uttered the phrase "nobody would ever be that stupid," I've been promptly proven wrong.

Barry Wright Presents A Screening Of ‘The Red Pill’ In Norwich, 18 January

Special guests Cassie Jaye, Erin Pizzey, Paul Elam, DrRandomerCam (hopefully) and myself. Let’s do what we can to help defray his costs.
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Barry Wright is a remarkable man, who lives in Norwich. He’s arranged for a screening of The Red Pill in Norwich on the evening of 18 January, tickets are free to those who order from EventBrite through the associated crowdfunder site, here. Click on the link in the section, ‘Where, when, and how much to see it?’
Barry is facing a very considerable bill for hosting the event, because he’s underwriting the travel (including air travel) costs and hotel accommodation costs for the ‘special guests’ – Cassie Jaye, Erin Pizzey, Paul Elam, DrRandomerCam (hopefully) and myself. We’ll be attending the screening, and appearing in the Q&A session. Barry is also underwriting other costs associated with the event.
Barry is not a rich man, however, so he’s just launched the crowdfunder. It has a target of £7,500, which I happen to know would not cover all his costs, even if it’s reached. So I would ask the good supporters of J4MB, and others interested in promoting The Red Pill, to donate what they can afford to Barry’s crowdfunder, to help mitigate his outlay. Thank you.

Trumpmas + Merry Christmas - William Banzai7

Coping Ugly - The Male Experience

"Awareness is a bitter pill to swallow, once it starts to gather momentum it's a hard truth to reconcile, always screaming at you in your quieter moments, but this awareness of your environment and the motivations behind others behaviour can lead to subconscious and established patterns of thinking and behaviour getting in the way of this new found awareness and in turn it creates a toxic mindset, a toxic environment and behaviours, so instead of facing reality we deflect, we self justify, or employ substitution rather than accepting the truths staring us in the face." Said Spetsnaz.

Boosting Lena Dunham With Her Abortion

By : As an MRA, MGTOW and feminist booster, I read with dismay that, even as feminists are ejecting white women from their midst, actress and Hillary shill Lena Dunham has expressed regret that, unlike her mother and friends, feminist Lena herself has never had the pleasure of abortion.
Even as one might wish that Lena’s mother had been more consistent in procuring abortions for herself, as a feminist booster I feel compelled to do everything I can to aid Lena in achieving the nirvana of baby killing.
Lena, since you are coming from a feminist framework, I will try to relate the requirements and processes of obtaining an abortion in terms you are familiar with.
First off, Lena, even though, to feminists, gender is an arbitrary “social construct” – “human systems of social interaction organised around shared ideasit turns out that this is not really true when it comes to abortions. The choice to end parenthood via abortion is an unchecked privilege given to women only, and denied to men. When it comes to abortion, being born a girl and growing up to be a person with a vagina and uterus is not optional. No womb, no abortion. For the sake of brevity, from this point forward I will refer to these womb-havers as being “women” or “a woman”.