27 Dec 2016

UBS Banksters Whistleblower Being Jewed: ‘Revealing Such A Secret Takes Your Life Away’

RT: French whistleblower Stephanie Gibaud lifted the lid on tax evasion schemes used by UBS bank back in 2008. But the case is still ongoing - and she's still feeling the consequences.

Did Obama Orchestrate UNSC Anti Settlement Resolution?

Gilad Atzmon: Along his presidential campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump promised to 'make America great again.' For some peculiar reason, the Israelis already know that they have him in their pocket. Is it true? Is this really Trump's vision of American greatness, keeping America a subservient Israeli colony? Soon enough we will be able to answer this question. - All we have for the time being is some sporadic tweets.

Barack Backhands Bibi

Submitted by Patrick Buchanan: Did the community organizer from Harvard Law just deliver some personal payback to the IDF commando? So it would seem.
By abstaining on that Security Council resolution declaring Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem illegal and invalid, raged Bibi Netanyahu, President Obama “failed to protect Israel in this gang-up at the UN, and colluded with it.”
Obama’s people, charged Bibi, “initiated this resolution, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed.”

White House aide Ben Rhodes calls the charges “falsehoods.”
Hence, we have an Israeli leader all but castigating an American president as a backstabber and betrayer, while the White House calls Bibi a liar.
This is not an unserious matter.
“By standing with the sworn enemies of Israel to enable the passage of this destructive, one-sided anti-Israel rant and tirade,” writes the Washington Times, “Mr. Obama shows his colors.”
But unfortunately for Israel, the blow was delivered by friends as well as “sworn enemies.”

India’s Demonetization Debacle Highlights The Dangers Of Monetary Monopoly

By Michael Krieger: As longtime readers know, I believe we are at the beginning stages of what will be historical paradigm level change across the planet. We sit on the precipice of the self-destruction of almost all the dominant institutions we’ve been accustomed to throughout our lifetimes. To borrow a bit of played out and painfully clichéd Silicon Valley lingo, everything is on the table for “disruption.”
Naturally, this doesn’t necessarily mean the paradigm that follows the current one will be materially better, but I am personally optimistic about what will emerge following a period of considerable confusion, hardship and conflict. In order to tilt the scales toward a positive outcome, those of us who wish to usher in a world characterized  by human freedom, decentralization, self-government and kindness, need to recognize the most likely avenues we have to get there. Technology is obviously extremely important, as a recent move by Whisper Systems to thwart censorship demonstrates.
As Wired reported last week: 
Any subversive software developer knows its app has truly caught on when repressive regimes around the world start to block it.

Nobody Cares Because Penis: Homeless Man Back On The Streets Of Norwich Following Prison Sentence

A 27-year-old rough sleeper is calling for police to take a different approach towards beggars in the city.
By Luke Powell: Charlie Jennings spent five weeks in prison last month after he was caught begging for money in the centre of Norwich.
But having since been released, the former tree surgeon is back to where he started – sleeping rough on the streets with no money.
He is now calling for authorities in the city to find a different way of tackling the issue.
“I want the police to be a bit more understanding of our situation,” Mr Jennings said.
“If you’re homeless, you don’t really have anywhere else to go. And prison hasn’t helped me in any way whatsoever. I think it just seemed like an easier option for them [the police] at the time.
“But what did they expect the outcome to be when I was released? They can’t expect change if no one is going to help.”

Fight Night - Unite For Africa

GlobalFaction: The ‘I Heart Africa’ Foundation is a small dedicated team who raise money at minimal expense and deliver with maximum impact directly to the most impoverished African communities. The foundation provides an opportunity for people to give directly and see their money put to work immediately. All of the ‘I Heart Africa’ initiatives are devised the help struggling communities attain independence and live in a dignified manner with adequate healthcare and living standards. Visit our go fund me page to act now.

My Grandson Is Eight Days Old

He’s one of the fortunate ones – his genitals won’t be mutilated today.
By Mike Buchanan: Eight days ago I became a grandfather for the first time, and my wonderful grandson is progressing well. What a country we live in, where – if his parents were Jewish – his genitals would have been illegally mutilated today, a lifelong reminder for him of a religion he may never choose to follow. A country which does not enforce the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, and fails to prosecute the money-grabbing butchers who continue to perform this obscene 3,000+ year old procedure, which it has long been known causes much physical and psychological harm.

Post-Christmas Chaos Strikes America's Malls: SWAT, Gunfire, & Mass Brawls From Texas To New Jersey

By Tyler Durden: Two days ago, we reported that heading into Christmas, countless "mall brawls" had broken out across America's as last minute holiday shoppers were filmed fighting with each other in shopping malls in New Jersey, Alabama, Georgia and other states for those last minute "holiday cheer" purchases. The videos made for for a very Unmerry Christmas.
Now, in the spirit of holiday symmetry, following the one day lull on Christmas Day, the brawls returned on the day after Christmas, with fights, disturbances and false reports of gunfire causing chaotic scenes and shutting down several malls across the United States on Monday, as shoppers scrambled for the best deals in the typically busy post-Christmas shopping day.

The first calls from the The Mills at Jersey Gardens came in just after nightfall Monday. Witnesses said they thought they had heard shots fired. That, along with a fight, led to what Elizabeth police Officer Greg Jones described as a "chaotic panic and everybody running all at once."  Eight to 10 people suffered minor injuries during a melee in the food court at the Jersey Gardens malls the mayor there said on Twitter.