31 Dec 2016

Outlook For 2017

Max and Stacy discuss the outlook for 2017: from Trump’s first 100 hours, not days to fake news and a market crash following the biggest rally since Hoover. In the second half Max is joined by Gerald Celente of trendsjournal.com to discuss the big trends of 2017: Rustbelt 2.0, economic disorder and ‘Sell, Buy China’.

How Male Musicians Die

By Tyler Durden: The passing of George Michael this week reminded many of the seemingly short life expectancy of male musicians (and performers in general). In fact, as on study found, while blues, jazz, and country singers typically live as long as the average American; rock, techno, punk, metal, rap, and hip hop stars die significantly sooner.
“I hope I die before I get old,” The Who’s Roger Daltrey sang in “My Generation” in 1965. This didn’t happen for Daltrey, who is now a ripe 71, but it did to many other musicians.
Dianna Theadora Kenny, a professor of psychology and music at the University of Sydney, has conducted a statistical study of premature death among musicians.

As The Washington Post notes,  she found that musicians from older genres – including blues, jazz, country and gospel – have similar lifespans to American people their own age. The life expectancy for R&B musicians is slightly lower, while the life expectancy for newer genres like rock, techno, punk, metal, rap and hip hop is significantly shorter.

Why Everyone Wants To Be A Victim

Whitney Dahlin: This is a short video on the psychology behind victim mentality and why it's so attractive to people to be a victim and why they are willing to make up fake oppression just so they can call themselves a victim.

Why Britain Is Facing A Crisis In Recruiting Head Teachers - It’s Not Rocket Science

By Mike Buchanan: In today’s Times, on p.6, there’s an article taking up half the page, ‘Schools crisis as hundreds of heads quit’. The journalist is Nicola Woolcock, the paper’s Education Correspondent. Extracts:

Britain is facing a crisis in recruiting teachers, with thousands complaining of high pressure and insufficient pay and retire early…
Nowhere in the lengthy article does Ms Woolcock mention the obvious causes of the crisis:
1. The feminisation of the teaching profession. The proportion of teachers who are female in primary schools is over 90+, in secondary schools over 70%.
2. Gender-typical work ethic differences. We know from Dr Catherine Hakim’s Preference Theory (2000) that while four in seven British men are ‘work-centred’, only one in seven British women is. As the education profession has become ever more feminised, the number of teachers with the ambition to become head teachers has inevitably fallen.
3. The absurdly small difference between the salaries of head teachers and deputy heads, presumably because most deputy heads are women.

The London Group And J4MB Protest Against The Rape Culture Myth

J4MB: In October we joined the good men of The London Group outside the HQ of the CPS, and in Parliament Square, at their protests against the Rape Culture Myth. A tip of the hat to The Forgotten Man for filming and editing this (15:05).

2016 Highlights From Studio Brulé

StudioBrule: A selection of clips from over 100 videos produced by Studio Brulé in 2016, including selections from: Fiamengo Files - Janice Fiamego SJ Tribunal - Biography of Paul Elam - Miscellaneous - Mondays - ICMI16 in London - IMD in Ottawa - The Red Pill Premiere in LA - The Red Pill Ottawa - Jordan Peterson - Coalition for Missing Indigenous Men and Boys - Calling All Angels / A Poetic Tribute To The Firefighters Of 9/11 - Message To Feminists Challenge

Family Courts Chief Mangina James Munby Backs End To Alleged Abusers Cross-Examining Their Alleged Victims

Our thanks to J4MB's Ken for this piece in The Guardian. As we’d expect, it portrays a world in which all abusers are men, all victims women. An extract:
Responding to the revelations, Cris McCurley, a family lawyer in north-east England, said: “I have worked on hundreds of cases and the direct cross examination of victims by a perpetrator happens a lot. It is absolutely traumatising. We have got to get something in place to stop this, even if it means appointing a special advocate or even a law student to put the questions instead of the perpetrator.”
Cris McCurley works for the law firm Ben Hoard Bell. Her profile on the firm’s website is here. It starts:

Cris has specialist knowledge of Gender Equality, Domestic Violence, Honour Based Violence (HBV), Forced Marriage (FM), Abduction, Trafficking, FGM and 21st century slavery.
Hmm, she’s missed the crime of MGM off her list.

A Prophetic Clip From A 1976 Film

Woman ‘Held As A Sex Slave’ By Taxi Driver For 13 Years - Gave Birth To Four Children - Who Were Given To Other Couples - Er… Really?

By Mike Buchanan: One of the most tiresome habits of the mainstream media is to publish stories of alleged evil acts by men against women, without carrying out a proper fact check. One consequence of this relentless stream of poor journalism is to make women unduly fearful of men, in order to foster misandry, and persuade women that feminists are their protectors rather than what they actually are, their enemies.
In today’s Times we have this. The opening paragraphs:

A woman was kept in captivity by a taxi driver and his family for 13 years while being abused as a sex slave, according to a memoir published yesterday.
The victim claims that she gave birth to four children when she was aged between 15 and 28 and being sexually and physically abused by the Asian taxi driver, whom she named as Malik.
She said the man also sold her for sex to other men from his family and circle of associates…