31 Dec 2017

Orosius On Violence: Behind Every Great Man Is An Even Greater Woman

: All have been taught the wisdom, “Behind every great man is an even greater woman.” Yet women, who incite men to violence, receive little credit for the violence that men do. Moreover, women don’t merely stand behind men and push them forward into deadly battle. When necessary, women themselves also directly engage in battle. Orosius and other ancient Roman historians documented that women can be ferocious and brutal fighters ready to kill not just the enemy, but also their own children.
Amazons are celebrated today as strong, independent women-warriors. Orosius, however, described Amazons as Scythian women who became warriors only after the Scythians were driven into exile and many Scythian men were killed:
The wives of this group {the Scythians}, driven hysterical by being exiled and widowed, took up arms and, so that all of them should have the same spirit by being in the same condition, killed the {Scythian} men who had survived.

Fatty McFat Face - Big Woman BIGGER Ego - MGTOW

Sandman: Shoveler says: "Hello Sandman, I have a story from this evening. I was in Winnipeg at a Bar with a co-worker. We were just two guys stuck in town doing a course for our careers. We went out on a Friday night to blow off some steam and sing Kareoke. We had a blast. I was sipping coffee and my buddy was having a few beers. I was the designated driver. We took turns singing tunes, and I spent some time playing an instrument as well. I have a strong ear, and several people I didn't know were asking me to get up on stage with them to play and back them up. I wasn't perfect, but I had fun it was a great night. Near the end of our singing adventure, a very heavy woman walked into the bar. She sat at the table next to us.

The Charge Of The Invisible Army Of Kremlin Trolls

PCR: Diana Johnstone explains that President Trump can be excused from being prosecuted as a Russian agent if he will give up his intention of normalizing relations with the necessary enemy of the US military/security complex and join in the orchestrated demonization of Russia. Washington Trembles
The Charge of the Invisible Army of Kremlin Trolls
By Diana Johnstone: There is no holiday truce in the propaganda war. On this Christmas day, The Washington Post offered its readers a scare story entitled “Kremlin trolls burned across the Internet as Washington debated options”.
The article is long – nearly 4000 words. The only part that is sure to be read in these busy times of short attention spans is the headline, whose two themes are rich in subliminal messages.
First, a slash and burn operation by an army of Kremlin trolls is laying waste to the Internet. Second, official Washington in its benevolent innocence is having trouble facing up to this nefarious threat.
Let’s take these two themes one at a time.

Invasion of the Troll Army
The journalistic peg for this story is a phantom freelance journalist named Alice Donovan whose “first email arrived in the inbox of CounterPunch, a left-leaning American news and opinion website, at 3:26 a.m. – the middle of the day in Moscow”.

Silence Of The Legs

Gary Orsum: Now feminists don't want you talking about legs.

DHS Announces Program To Illegally Scan Our Faces

By Rachel Blevins: As TSA agents continue to prove their incompetence in the “War on of Terror,” the Department of Homeland Security is now allocating $1 billion in taxpayer funding to create a facial recognition program that will illegally scan Americans’ faces.
A study conducted by Georgetown Law’s Center for Privacy and Technology looked at the biometric scanners that are creating an inventory of the faces of individuals leaving the country at airports across the United States. While they are only at certain major airports right now, the full implementation of these scanners could cost Americans up to $1 billion.
The study noted that while the “9/11 Response and Biometric Exit Account” created by Congress has the funds for the program, neither Congress nor DHS has ever justified the need for the program.”
In addition to the fact that Congress has never provided a reason why the system is needed in the U.S., the study claimed that DHS has “repeatedly questioned ‘the additional value biometric air exit would provide’ compared with the status quo and the ‘overall value and cost of a biometric air exit capability,’ even as it has worked to build it.”

Australian Banksters Reportedly Freezing Accounts Of Bitcoin Users

By Tyler Durden: Adding to the pressures on bitcoin early this morning, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that bitcoin users across Australia are reporting that their accounts have been abruptly frozen by the country’s “Big Four” banks. And while the banksters have remained largely tight-lipped about the closures, many angry account-holders are jumping to conclusions and blaming the banksters for punishing them because of their involvement with bitcoin.
Bitcoin investors are claiming Australia's banks are freezing their accounts and transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges, with a viral tweet slamming the big four and an exchange platform putting a restriction on Australian deposits.
According to the Herald, cryptocurrency trader and Youtuber Alex Saunders called out National Australia Banksters, ANZ, the Commonwealth Banksters of Australia and Westpac Bankstering Corporation on Twitter for freezing customer accounts and transfers to four different bitcoin exchanges  - CoinJar, CoinSpot, CoinBase and BTC Markets.

What Will 2018 Bring Us?

Max and Stacy discuss their forecasts and predictions for 2018. Will bitcoin continue to climb? Or will it fall? Will gold ever rise again? What new innovations might emerge from...

Dear Ladies, You Are Not Intimidating: The Problem Is You

"Pussy wears out and crazy always comes out."
Terrence Popp: Tessa Newell thinks men don't stick around because she's intimidating. She's wrong. Badd Popp has lots of bad news for this anal queen.

Feminism Is Holding Women Back

'Unlike men who might be expected to weigh up where candidates stand in relation to a range of issues, women should, apparently, vote with their vaginas.'
By Joanna Williams: It’s easy to see why the online dictionary Merriam-Webster chose ‘feminism’ as their word of the year. 2017 kicked off with women across the globe marching against Donald Trump and ended with Time magazine heralding the #MeToo ‘silence breakers’ as their person of the year. Every glossy double-page spread further established feminism as this year’s fashion. Head cheerleader Jessica Valenti, writing in the Guardian (naturally) is cock-a-hoop about feminism’s resurgence:

‘Now we just have to continue to make it the movement of the year (and next year, and the next) until women can start to feel safe in their own country.’
Which would make perfect sense if Valenti was referring to women in Darfur or British council estates or Rohingya women fleeing Burma. But she’s not, of course. Valenti is referring to women in wealthy, western countries.

30 Dec 2017

Solve Society's Problems - Give Boys Dolls For Christmas!

Regards, Bearing.

Church Of Sweden To Start Using Gender Neutral Terms For God

The phrase "in the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit" will now be "in the name of God and the Holy Trinity".
By : The Church of Sweden is to start using less male-orientated words like "Lord" and "He" when referring to God in a bid to inject more gender neutral language during services.
The move is one of several taken by the national Evangelical Lutheran church as they update a 31-year-old handbook setting out how services should be conducted in terms of language, liturgy and hymns.
The decision, passed last month by the church's members, takes effect on 20 May, the Christian holiday of the Pentecost.
The updated handbook will give clergy new options on what to name God during services should they desire.
This includes swapping the phrase "in the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit" used at the start of a service for "in the name of God and the Holy Trinity".
The Church said while traditional Christian expressions remained in the handbook, "gender neutral ways of referring to God" had been added to some prayers.

How Much Death And Destruction Awaits Us In 2018?

'Central banks, which are supposed to provide
economic stability, have created a massive fraud.'
By Paul Craig Roberts: The New Year is one full of economic, political, and war threats.
Among the economic threats are stock, bond, and real estate markets artificially pumped up by years of central bank money creation and by false reports of full employment. It is an open question whether participants in these markets are aware that underlying reality does not support the asset values. Central banks support stock markets not only with abundant liquidity but also with direct stock purchases. The Japanese central bank is now one of the largest owners of Japanese equities. Central banks, which are supposed to provide economic stability, have created a massive fraud.
Throughout the Western world politics has degenerated into fraud. No government serves the public’s interest. (See: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/12/29/eric-zuesse-explains-americas-worst-enemy/ ) Except for some former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe, European governments have defied the will of the people by admitting vast numbers of refugees from Washington’s wars and others pretending to be refugees. The European governments further imperil their citizens with their support for Washington’s rising aggression toward Russia. The universal failure of democratic politics is leading directly to war.

The Great Moral Panic Of 2017: Asymmetries & False Narratives

Propaganda Aiming To Prove Iran Supplied Missiles Backfires

Closer look shows we are more vulnerable to ballistic weapons than we think. Here's why.
By Scott Ritter: On December 12, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, gave a press conference on the grounds of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C. The subject of this briefing: the threat posed by Iranian-supplied missiles employed by the Houthi rebels of Yemen in their ongoing fight against a Saudi Arabian-led coalition.
As a backdrop for this dramatic presentation, Haley had assembled various components and debris recovered from two previous missile attacks by the Houthi on Saudi Arabian targets. “If we do nothing about the missiles fired at Saudi Arabia, we will not be able to stop the violence,” Haley warned. “There is clear evidence that the missiles that landed on Saudi Arabia come from Iran,” she said, adding: “The evidence is undeniable. The weapons might as well have had ‘Made in Iran’ stickers all over it.”
The facts of the matter, however, are quite different.
According to Haley, the weapons in question were Iranian-made Qiam-1 missiles, possessing a range of up to 800 kilometers. Haley was parroting the claims of the Saudi Arabian government, which had previously released a press statement about the Houthi missile attacks and their links to Iran. The Commanding General of U.S. Central Command, Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigian, backed up the Saudi claims, without providing any new evidence.

Feminism And ‘Gender Narcissism’

By : Named after the Greek mythological figure Narcissus who saw his reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with himself, the modern concept of the narcissism is a familiar to most of us. We see it in both men and women in varying degrees, and in the worst cases we call them Narcissistic Personality Disorders. Most instruments designed to test people’s score on narcissism scales tend to rate males (as a group) as more consistently narcissistic than females. Yet intuitively most impartial observers would rate women as equally if not more narcissistic than males. Why do we get these skewed findings; is it really a fact that males are more narcissistic than females, or might it be that the instruments and thier factor structures are biased in favour of finding male-preferred expressions of narcissism?
Whatever the case it’s an anomaly worth exploring, and one psychoanalyst has added a theory of narcissism that might help to broaden the conversation. Gerald Schoenewolf proposed an alternative called Gender Narcissism (article below), a gender neutral construct that brings a female example of narcissism more sharply into focus. Explored through the lens of psychoanalytic concepts the hypothesis of female gender narcissism resonates with insights from the men’s movement, and we can only hope future researchers begin to study it and other expressions of female narcissism (the posture of ‘victim narcissism’ for example) and incorporate them into the factor structure of testing instruments.

Nikki Haley: De Facto Jewish State Of Israel Agent

Haley is inevitably a hardliner on Syria and Iran, reflecting JSIL [Jewish state of Israel in the Levant] bias.
BY Philip Giraldi: The most recent claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “running” Donald Trump as if the U.S. president is a Russian intelligence asset comes from former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper. “[Putin] knows how to handle an asset, and that’s what he’s doing with the president,” Clapper told CNN last Monday. 
Clapper, who served as DNI under President Barack Obama, and who has repeatedly disparaged Trump both before and since the 2016 election, called the Russian president a “great case officer,” which might be the only nice thing said about Putin by a former senior U.S. official in quite some time. 
Clapper was asked by CNN’s Jim Sciutto, “You’re saying that Russia is handling President Trump as an asset?” He responded “That seems to be... that’s the appearance to me.” Later in the conversation, Clapper backtracked slightly, clarifying his remarks by adding “I’m saying this figuratively.” 
It was not the first time that a former senior intelligence official rendered a judgment that Trump is an intelligence asset being exploited by the Russians. Back during the campaign, former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell wrote an op-ed for the New York Times entitled “I Ran the CIA: Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.”

Story - Swallowed By A Snake

'The gift of the masculine side of healing'
Men Are Good!: Have you ever been swallowed by a snake? I bet you have. This story, which has that title, is about the experience we have when we face trauma. It's about a man who intentionally is swallowed by a snake and how he gets out. His experience offers us a template for the crappy experience of being traumatized and also offers some hope of getting out. The protagonist found that repeated cuts to the snake's belly eventually got him out of the trouble. What do you do to take a chunk from the snake's belly?

29 Dec 2017

Why #iDontBelieve Should Trend For 2018

StudioBrule: Professor Janice Fiamengo of the University of Ottawa explains why she hopes that #iDontBelieve will trend in 2018.

From Snowden To Russia-Gate - The CIA And The Media

'Will there be any reporter left in the lame stream media who is allowed to ask real questions?'
By Moon of Alabama: The promotion of the alleged Russian election hacking in certain media may have grown from the successful attempts of U.S. intelligence services to limit the publication of the NSA files obtained by Edward Snowden.
In May 2013 Edward Snowden fled to Hongkong and handed internal documents from the National Security Agency (NSA) to four journalists, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Ewen MacAskill of the Guardian and separately to Barton Gellman who worked for the Washington Post. Some of those documents were published by Glenn Greenwald in the Guardian, others by Barton Gellman in the Washington Post. Several other international news site published additional material though the mass of NSA papers that Snowden allegedly acquired never saw public daylight.
In July 2013 the Guardian was forced by the British government to destroy its copy of the Snowden archive.
In August 2013 Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for some $250 million. In 2012 Bezos, the founder, largest share holder and CEO of Amazon, had already a cooperation with the CIA. Together they invested in a Canadian quantum computing company. In March 2013 Amazon signed a $600 million deal to provide computing services for the CIA.
In October 2013 Pierre Omidyar, the owner of Ebay, founded First Look Media and hired Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.

Feminist Comedienne Iliza Shlesinger Is Being Sued For Hosting Comedy Show With Men Banned From The Audience

By Rebecca Farley: The comedian Iliza Shlesinger has been hit with a lawsuit for hosting an all-women's comedy show in November. In the lawsuit, obtained and published by Variety, the plaintiff George St. George alleges that Shlesinger's decision to exclude men from her "Girls Night In" show at the Largo theatre in Los Angeles was unlawful. As per Variety's summary, the lawsuit explains that St. George spent $30 on a ticket to Shlesinger's show, but was denied entry. The theatre offered St. George a refund for his ticket.
The lawsuit argues that the choice to exclude men from a comedy show is gender discrimination. In an email to Variety, St. George's attorney Alfred Rava wrote, "At no time should an entertainer or an entertainment venue require female patrons or male patrons sit in the back of the theatre based solely on their sex."
As both Variety and Jezebel point out, Rava has a history with skewed gender-discrimination lawsuits. In 2015, in an interview regarding a similar lawsuit against networking startup for women called Chic CEO, he told CNN that he'd filed over 150 gender discrimination lawsuits in the state of California.

Charlotte Proudman On The Liam Allan Case

'Sex would not be legally advisable for men.'
By MRA-UK: On the 21st December 2017, Charlotte Proudman had published in the Guardian an article on the Liam Allan case and its ramifications. She appears rather upset about it. Well, as a barrister she might very reasonably be upset about the issues that case raises around disclosure. But that is not what seems to upset her the most. What does is “the dampening effect” the case might have on encouraging other women to allege rape, and, of course, obtain convictions. (She does not use that phrase, but I believe that is the expression commonly used in this context).
I’d like to examine just three sentences in Ms Proudman’s article. You will need to be familiar with the Liam Allan case before reading further.

The first is this, ...“(However) the reporting on cases such as these, with a focus on a few text messages out of 40,000, may leave future victims less likely to come forward.”

I am all admiration.
I do appreciate the noble art of misdirection.
Note how that sentence acts like Novocain on the intellect. Its grammatical structure suggests that it contains a logical inference. But actually it is a logical miasma, a piece of verbal hypnosis. It gives the false impression that “a focus on a few text messages out of 40,000” acts to logically connect “the reporting on cases such as these” so as to make “future victims less likely to come forward”. But let’s pull it apart.

SexBots That Can Cheat & Lie

Golly gosh.

Panic Of Boris Johnson In Moscow - Agony Of Rotting Empire

By Andre Vltchek: It has been all very ugly, aggressive and often distinctly vulgar: the way the British Foreign Secretary has behaved before and during his official visit to Moscow.

Mr. Johnson described Russia as “closed, nasty, militaristic and anti-democratic” concluding that it could not be “business as usual”. 
He did not define what the UK has become, and the Russian hosts were too polite to explain.

The “business as usual” it was not.
During the last few weeks, the behavior patterns of both the UK and US have began increasingly to resemble those of the badly brought up leadership of the provincial Italian mafia: “You do as we tell you, or we’ll poke out your eyes… or break your leg… or perhaps we’ll kidnap your daughter”.
It appears that there is absolutely no shame left in Washington, in London, and in several other ‘provincial capitals’ of the Empire. Insults are piling on insults and then shot to all corners of the globe. Lies are being spread barefacedly, and bizarre deceptions and fabrications have been manufactured with impressive speed.
It is clear that the Empire is now missing its composure, its nerve; that it is scared of losing its control over the world and its monopoly on deciding what should be universally accepted as the truth.

Israeli Psychosis On Full Display

By Gilad Atzmon: In his attack on BDS activist Justine Sachs, Ynet writer Asaf Wohl performs every tribal morbidity. Sachs is apparently a Jewish pro-Palestinian woman who helped convince New Zealand singer Lorde to cancel her performance in Israel.  Wohl accuses her of inciting ‘violence,’ ‘auto-anti-Semitsm,’ ‘siding with terrorists,’ effectively everything except child molesting.  
Among my sins I am critical of some aspects of cultural BDS, but to interpret BDS as a violent act is rather over the top. If anything, BDS was designed to dilute Palestinian militant resistance. Furthermore, boycotting is a very Jewish practice, known as excommunication or herem in Hebrew. You would expect Wohl, an ardent Zionist, to be slightly more familiar with his own culture. 
If you ever wonder what is the meaning of Judeo-centrism, Wohl provides the full scope. The Israeli settler really believes that he is the centre of this universe. “The difference between you and me, Justin, is that I’m an Israeli Jew and you’re a Jew. That’s it. You have no nationality. You live in a negligible, insignificant sheepfold stuck somewhere at the end of the universe (New Zealand).” For Wohl, Israel is the world’s capital and Israeliness is the ultimate embodiment of human as well as of Jewish existence.

Scottish Police To Be Trained To Spot New Domestic Abuse Offence - To Increase Proportion Of Prisoners With A Penis

By : Our thanks to Steve for this – a piece about invented domestic abuse by a female ‘journalist’ in The Guardian, what are the chances? An extract:
The chief executive of Scottish Women’s Aid, Marsha Scott, said: “Women have been telling us for years that it is emotional abuse that is most harmful.
“This is a unique way to draft legislation that allows for victimless prosecution of domestic violence. Because you don’t have to prove harm to the victim [because of the reasonable person test] it could reduce the [J4MB: ALLEGED] re-victimisation of women in court. [J4MB: And increase the victimisation of men in the court. Win-win!] It’s a shift in the culture to focus on the perpetrator rather than the victim, and concentrating on the key question of how we stop men abusing.” [J4MB emphasis]
Since the introduction of the English coercive control legislation, concerns have been raised that it is not being used enough and has created an unhelpful hierarchy of harms, in part due to a lack of specialist training for police officers.
Committing to funding the officer training [J4MB: Hmm, who will carry out that training? Women’s Aid or Refuge, as usual?] on Thursday, the justice secretary, Michael Matheson, said: “Attitudes towards domestic abuse are changing – it’s no longer seen as a private matter, or no business of criminal law. [J4MB: It hasn’t been seen as either of these things for 40+ years.]

28 Dec 2017

How Israel’s Permit Regime Costs Palestinians

By Rod Such: This slim book, only 152 pages long, contains volumes. Although it focuses on a single aspect of the Israeli occupation – the use of permits to control the Palestinian population – Israeli author Yael Berda manages to illuminate the occupation as a whole.
The focus of Living Emergency is even narrower than the “permit regime” implied in the subtitle, as it examines work permits specifically and, in particular, the use of the security threat designation to deny work permits to Palestinians.
Living Emergency: Israel’s Permit Regime in the Occupied West Bank by Yael Berda, Stanford University Press (2017)
Living Emergency conveys a Kafkaesque world imposed on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank who may one day find that a steady construction job in Israel simply evaporates, a work permit denied and a livelihood destroyed by classified rules and secret evidence. Many face a Catch-22, knowing that refusing to become an informer in exchange for a work permit can be considered resistance to the occupation and therefore a security threat in itself.
Berda is an attorney who represented hundreds of Palestinian clients between 2005 and 2007 from her Jerusalem office. Those experiences form the basis of this study of Israel’s “population management” strategies that have also been described by other authors as Israel’s “social engineering” or “matrix of control.”

U.S. Military Massacred Civilians in Somalia

The United States of America’s military led an operation in Somalia's Bariire region that resulted in the death of 10 civilians and at least one child on the 25th of August.
On the 25th of August, the United States of America’s military led an operation in Somalia's Bariire region that resulted in the death of 10 civilians and at least one child on the 25th of August. It was a massacre whose taint on the U.S. forces’ reputation can be compared to the Black Hawk Down incident of 1993. The victims of the operation were farmers and in its wake, hundreds of people in the Somali town of Afgoye protested, demanding justice for those killed. Survivors refused to bury the dead until the Somali government withdrew allegations that they were members of Al-Shabab and paid reparations. This was revealed in a Daily Beast report written by Christina Goldbaum.
Here's what we learnt:
1. U.S. Military Lies About its Operations in Africa

Something Fishy In Sweden

Get it? It's a Swedish Fish joke.

Heaven Forbid! China Sells Oil To North Korea!

RonPaul: A recent US spy satellite photo showing Chinese ships selling oil to North Korean ships in violation of UN Security Council resolutions is supposed to infuriate us.


Max and Stacy discuss the taxphoria causing a stock buying panic at the end of Trump’s first year in office. In the second half, Max interviews Michael Pento of PentoPort.com about whether or not this taxphoria has caused overvaluation in the markets and, if so, can the markets continue to soar higher?

Our Dream Was Over

"A great American disconnect is now in full bloom.
This disconnect can be visualised in our airports
for example where the sheep are degraded, probed, groped and made to know their place which is that
of being targeted as hypothetical terrorists.
All this was concocted and installed by Zionist Jewish politicians and their controllers." Said Ex-Jew Nathanael.

Attack Of The Faux-Intellectuals

Raging Golden Eagle: Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says some variation of the word "morality"

United States And Israel: Re-evaluating A Toxic Relationship

By Zarefah Baroud: In 2014, Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, was shot six times in the back and head by police officer Darren Wilson while fleeing a confrontation in Ferguson, Missouri. The teenager was then left to bleed out in the street. The police officer, who claimed that he feared for his life, was acquitted.

In 2015, Mohammed al-Kasbeh, an unarmed 17-year-old, was shot several times in the back and head by Israeli Colonel Yisrael Shomer while fleeing a checkpoint in Ramallah. He was with a group of other youths who were allegedly throwing stones at an Israeli military vehicle. When the windshield broke, the soldiers exited the vehicle in their gear, fired several shots, then walked up to Mohammed, who was bleeding out on the ground, and proceeded to kick the dying boy. The soldier, who claimed that he feared for his life, was acquitted.  

The world is now looking to the United States and the state of Israel as a tightly bound couple whose mutual commitment is poignantly reflected in the recent gesture made by President Donald Trump and his decision to relocate the American embassy to Jerusalem.

27 Dec 2017

What Does A Man Bring To The Table?

"Some penis and a pay cheque."

Jordan Holbrook's Talk At Messages For Men

Messages for Men: Jordan Holbrook, an overview of recent studies analysing the human gender empathy gap.

The Feminist Threat To Women And Men

'Feminism is complicit in the destruction both of the status of women and of Western society.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Recently I read in CounterPunch two feminist rants against men. Not all men, just white heterosexual men. It is not always easy for a male of my generation to understand what feminists are saying, but I try. One seems to be saying that women live in a society that puts in power men who believe that violence against women is acceptable. Elevating her accusation to a fact, the writer says that women should not have to prove their case when they bring sexual harassment and assault charges, much less prove their “personal validity to even be making a case against a man.”
Is the writer saying that any irate woman should have the right to inpugn a man with an unchallenged charge? Do men and American society believe that violence against women is acceptable? I think not, unless the violence is committed by police. Americans seem to accept police violence against men, women, children, the handicapped, and the family dog.
The other writer says women have to sell themselves to live. She, despite a degree from a prestigeous university, went to work as a stripper, lap dancer, and apparently as a prostitute. She blames men for her poor decisions.

MGTOW Talent: Red Shift

Going Your Own Way In The Workplace

Gilad Atzmon Rebuts Elias Davidsson’s Hasbara Rant

By Gilad Atzmon: For the last several years I have repeatedly pointed out that when it comes to Palestine, the discourse of the oppressed is shaped by the sensitivities of the oppressor.  No one demonstrates this thought process better than German Jewish activist Elias Davidsson. The tribal operator ended his slanderous article about me in the German New Left Rubikon magazine:  “As a longtime anti-Zionist, I will not allow our fight for a just peace in Palestine to be disintegrated by psychopathic anti-Semites, nor will I regard people as comrades spreading the horrible theories of a Jewish world conspiracy. This theory has already resulted in millions of bodies.”
Ask yourself who comprises ‘our’ what ‘fight’ he is referring to. Indeed, I have never accused the Jews of a conspiracy. I argue, as forcefully as I can,  that there are NO Jewish conspiracies. Self–identified Jews don’t hide a thing, they act in the open.  Jewish Power, accordingly, is the power to silence criticism of Jewish power. This is exactly what Davidsson is attempting to do. And so he implements the Hasbara guidebook.
Elias Davidsson is an elder wannabe musician.  I suppose that in the last few years he has been unable to restrain his envy. His vicious attacks on yours truly have provided him his moment of fame in his waning years.
Until 2011 Davidsson regularly begged me to publish his unreadable rants. They were never up to standard and I rejected most of them. In 2011 I did publish a piece by Elias Davidsson in which the boy declared himself a “radical anti-Semite.’

Why Did You Start The First Women's Shelter? Part 2 - Erin Pizzey

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

Surveillance Is Not About Fighting Terrorism

Intelligence Community Says US Had Better Reauthorize Surveillance… Or Else
By Caitlin Johnstone: The editorial board of the Washington Post, whose sole owner is a CIA contractor, has published a predictably fact-challenged op-ed arguing that congress must reauthorize the Orwellian surveillance program known as Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is deliberately used to collect communications of US citizens.
WaPo, which to this day continues to violate universal journalistic protocol by refusing to disclose its $600 million conflict of interest when reporting on the US intelligence community, just so happens to once again find itself in full agreement with that same US intelligence community. In a new joint statement by the Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, FBI Director Christopher Wray, NSA Director Michael Rogers, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the US intelligence community warns that should congress fail to reauthorize Section 702, something very, very bad may happen to America.
'America is ruled by a band of unelected, unaccountable thugs who will kill and terrorize in order to shore up power and advance agendas'

26 Dec 2017

The Rush To Paint Men As Sexual Abusers

By : Recently there has been a spate of accusations against men. One after another women have been speaking up, charging men with having sexually abused them, often years ago. Let’s make no mistake about it, sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment are serious matters and when a woman accuses a man of such a deed it should be taken seriously, investigated and prosecuted.
However, few of the present charges, which now seem to be in the hundreds, have been investigated. People rush to judgment about these accusations almost as soon as they are made. Oftentimes people lose their jobs and reputations without the case ever being investigated. One accusation follows another, as if it is a case of “monkey see, monkey do.” While sexual abuse is wrong, this kind of piling on is also wrong. It paints a picture of men as sexual abusers and women as innocent victims.
Any woman can make such a charge against a man, knowing that the facts of the case will most likely not be investigated. They can drop their bomb and then walk away, without anybody ever questioning them.

The Luxury Handbag Market

Max and Stacy discuss stores of value and bitcoin investors seeking hypnotherapy to gain access to old, forgotten but now valuable wallets. In the second half, Max interviews entrepreneur Jeff Berk to discuss the luxury handbag market?! Why do investors (mostly women) pay so much for a handbag? And what are the economics of ‘pay to pay’?

16 Reasons The Worst Women Stay Single + Angry White Men

Terrence Popp: In an epic response to the article in Bolde, titled "16 Reasons the Best Women Often Stay Single the Longest," Badd Popp brings the bad news all over their collective faces.

'God Is Woman': Soros & Jewish State Funded Topless Femen Troll Storms Vatican Nativity Scene To Steal Baby Jesus

By : A troll from Soros and Jewish state funded feminist group Femen tried to grab a statue of the baby Jesus from the Nativity scene erected in St. Peter's Square on Monday (25 December) but was stopped by police as she grabbed it.
A Reuters photographer captured the moment. The topless woman jumped over guard rails and rushed onto the Nativity scene shouting "God is woman". She had the same slogan painted on her bare back.
A Vatican gendarme intercepted her and she was detained. The incident happened about two hours before Pope Francis delivered his Christmas message to some 50,000 people in the square, Reuters reported.
The group's website identified the troll as Alisa Vinogradova and called her a "sextremist". It says the goal of the group, which was founded in Ukraine by George Soros and additional funding direct from the Jewish state Israel, is, we are told, "complete victory over patriarchy".
Another Femen troll staged a similar attack on Christmas Day 2104, and managed to remove the statue before she was arrested.
In line with their financial backers' agenda Femen have attacked many Churches and Mosques, but never Synagogues.

Sex, Lies & Neuroscience

Diana Davison: Thousands of innocent men are in prison or facing trial based on junk science sold by people who know it's a lie.

Christmas Column, 2017

By Paul Craig Roberts: I find it encouraging that there are some Americans who can think independently and who want to know. As Margaret Mead said, it only takes a few determined people to change the world. Perhaps some of you will be those people.
My traditional Christmas column goes back to sometime in the 1990s when I was a newspaper columnist. It has been widely reprinted at home and abroad. Every year two or three readers write to educate me that religion is the source of wars and persecutions. These readers confuse religion with mankind’s abuse of institutions, religious or otherwise. The United States has democratic institutions and legal institutions to protect civil liberties. Nevertheless, we now have a police state. Shall I argue that democracy and civil liberty are the causes of police states?
Some readers also are confused about hypocrisy. There is a vast difference between proclaiming moral principles that one might fail to live up to and proclaiming immoral principles that are all too easy to keep.
Liberty is a human achievement. We have it, or had it, because those who believed in it fought to achieve it. As I explain in my Christmas column, people were able to fight for liberty because Christianity empowered the individual.
The other cornerstone of our culture is the Constitution. Indeed, the United States is the Constitution. Without the Constitution, the United States is a different country, and Americans a different people. This is why assaults on the Constitution by the regimes in Washington are assaults on America that are far worse than any assaults by terrorists.

Jesus Was Born In A Police State

By John W. Whitehead: The Christmas narrative of a baby born in a manger is a familiar one.
The Roman Empire, a police state in its own right, had ordered that a census be conducted. Joseph and his pregnant wife Mary traveled to the little town of Bethlehem so that they could be counted. There being no room for the couple at any of the inns, they stayed in a stable, where Mary gave birth to a baby boy, Jesus.
Unfortunately, Jesus was born into a police state not unlike the growing menace of the American police state. And when he grew up, Jesus did not shy away from speaking truth to power. Indeed, his teachings undermined the political and religious establishment of his day. He was eventually crucified as a warning to others not to challenge the powers-that-be.
Yet what if, instead of being born into the Roman police state, Jesus had been born and raised in the American police state?
Rather than traveling to Bethlehem for a census, Jesus’ parents would have been mailed a 28-page American Community Survey, a mandatory government questionnaire documenting their habits, household inhabitants, work schedule, etc.