31 Jan 2017

Mother Who Throttled Her Baby With Knickers Minutes After Giving Birth Spared Prison Because Vagina

'Women are above the law
to a degree unfathomable to men.'
Via Sam, J4MB: Extracts:
A new mother who throttled her baby daughter to death with a pair of knickers within minutes of giving birth in her bathroom has been spared jail.
Gintare Suminaite, 30, killed her child, the product of a secret affair with a fellow Lithuanian, at the bedsit she shared with her boyfriend on April 5 last year.
Last month, the defendant, from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, denied murder but admitted infanticide as she was mentally disturbed by the effects of giving birth…
Following her arrest, Suminaite said she strangled her baby but did not know why…
She said she did not know why she did it as she had no mental problems.
'Any woman reading about the case
and similar caseswill know
she can murder her new-born baby,
and not serve a prison sentence.'

US Invades Yemen, Shoot And Kill 8-Year-Old Girl, 29 'Others'

'Others' = The lame-stream word in this case for invariably unimportant murdered Men and often Boys, unless they were killed at work in which case we're told their job title, coal miners, service members, etc.'
MEMO: While the media attention has been focused on the death of one US service member who was killed during a raid in Yemen, one of the most tragic casualties of the assault ordered by President Donald Trump was an icle eight-year-old girl.
The raid took place over the weekend, as US forces attempted a “site exploitation” attack that attempted to gather intelligence on Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the extremist group behind several high-profile terror attacks, including the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris in two years ago.
Though the United States hailed the operati on as a success, reports from Yemen would seem to indicate that the price paid by Yemeni civilians and non-combatants was extraordinarily high.

American Psychosis - UK Catches The Cold

By Chris Hedges: Reality is under assault. Verbal confusion reigns. Truth and illusion have merged. Mental chaos makes it hard to fathom what is happening. We feel trapped in a hall of mirrors. Exposed lies are answered with other lies. The rational is countered with the irrational. Cognitive dissonance prevails. We endure a disquieting shame and even guilt. Tens of millions of Americans, especially women, undocumented workers, Muslims and African-Americans, suffer the acute anxiety of being pursued by a predator. All this is by design. Demagogues always infect the governed with their own psychosis.
“The comparison between totalitarianism and psychosis is not incidental,” the psychiatrist Joost A.M. Meerloo wrote in his book “The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing.”

Texas Judge Wears Pink Vagina Hat In Support Of Feminism Whilst On The Bench!

"There's a damned woman on the bench with pussy ears on talking about she gives a fuck more about women than men! How would you feel if you were a man and you're coming in front of a child support case or a child custody case and the bitch is on the bench with pussy ears!?" Asked Tommy Sotomayor.

Canada Must Ban George Soros Foundations Now

...And Should Canada Dump the Monarchy and Become a Republic?
By JC Collins: It’s of paramount importance that Canada and other nations cut off foreign funding to civil society groups and foundations which operate within their borders. These foundations and organizations represent outside forces which have ulterior motives and agendas which may not always, if ever, be aligned with the needs of the people.
One such foreign “philanthropic” organization is the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation. This foundations sole purpose is the promotion and expansion of the liberal-left international agenda meant to reduce national sovereignty, fund and support massive migration, such as is taking place in Europe, and the promote the mandate of open borders.
Soros and his foundations have provided the majority of funding for liberal-left social justice movements which have eroded national identity, encouraged abortion and divorce, and promote extremist environmentalism and taxation, such as the carbon tax scams which are being implemented in western nations.

Only Glass-Steagall Can Save World From Another Epic Crash

By Pam Martens: Allowing the largest Wall Street banks to brazenly loot the public is now the official policy of the US Congress. Following the worst financial crash since the Great Depression in 2008, Congress and the Obama administration engaged in the greatest legislative hoax in history in passing the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation. Rather than reforming the corrupt and dangerous practices of the biggest Wall Street banks, the Dodd-Frank legislation actually allowed the biggest banks to expand their global loan-sharking operations, engage in ever more brazen crimes, while giving their lapdog regulator, the Federal Reserve (whose derelict oversight had led to the 2008 crash) expanded supervisory powers.
That the legislation was a hoax on the public is no longer debatable.

Trump Is About To Hammer The Federal Reserve

Submitted by JC Collins: Back in October of 2015 I wrote a post titled De-Fang the Federal Reserve – The Conspiracy on How the Fed is Being Integrated into the Multilateral Framework. It served as a summary of how the Fed acted as the global central bank almost from its inception in 1913 and how this would change in the lead up to a multilateral monetary framework.
The Trump mandate onAmerica Firstis being misconstrued as an isolationist policy but is in fact the cover for integrating America into the emerging multilateralThis is difficult to see for most because it is hard to reconcile the idea of an isolationist mandate with that of a multilateral mandate. It appears to most that America is dumping the globalist script when in fact the script is in fact the same only the characters and events have changed.  The theme remains the same.

Equal Pay Chiefs Can’t Even Get Their Own House In Order

By Philip Davies MP: Philip Davies MP, crusader against political correctness and so-called anti-feminist, is the newest member of Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee.
Last week he introduced us to the surreal world of the gender equality industry – this week he exposes hypocrisy among its leading lights…
So I asked them what the gender, disability and race pay gaps are at their own organisation. Cue utter consternation.
After a not insignificant amount of waffle and spluttering, it finally emerged that neither the Chairman nor the Chief Executive of the ECHR had the first idea what the pay gaps were at their own organisation despite it being one of their main strategic aims to eliminate these pay gaps across the country!
You couldn’t make it up.

Cool People Cover Anti-Homeless-Male Spikes In Manchester With Cushions

BBC: A cool mother incensed at the installation of anti-homeless-male metal spikes outside a Manchester building has hit out at the owner - with cushions.
Jennie Platt, from Prestwich, got "a bee in her bonnet" after reading about the spikes on Marsden Street in the Manchester Evening News.
She recruited her sons George, 11, and Sam, 10, and they "piled down to Primark" to buy cushions to cover them.
"This is not the Mancunian thing, it's not how we treat people," she said.
Ms Platt, who is an estate agent, added: "The building owners are treating human beings like pigeons. ...I woke up on Sunday morning with a right bee in my bonnet and had to do something."
After watching her sons play rugby for the Sedgley Park Tigers on Sunday morning, the boys recruited a couple of their friends and they went shopping to buy soft furnishings and sandwiches, which they left outside the building.
Ms Platt said: "I know they won't last and I knew they'll get wet, but the people who manage that building need to know how to treat people."

30 Jan 2017

Welby Is Sucked Further Into The Feminist Mire

You boot a right-wing chaplain out,
You bring a left-wing chaplain in,
In, out, in, out,
You shake it all about.
You do the Hokey Cokey, and you turn around,
That’s what the Church of England is all about.
We’ve seen the era of the Blair babes, and we’ve seen the epoch of Dave’s dolls. Now we’re witnessing a new age of Welby’s [above] “wimmin” priests and bishops. While Buckingham Palace has just given the bum’s rush to a Queen’s Chaplain who adores the Lord Jesus Christ, Lambeth Palace has just welcomed an Archbishop’s Chaplain, who adores the ultra-radical French feminist Luce Irigaray. “I Love Luce” Isabelle Hamley will be in the vanguard of the new high priestesses of the Church of England. From the sixties to the nineties, they railed and rallied against patriarchy, burned bras and demanded the ordination of women. In the digital age, they march against the democratically elected President of the free world, wear “pussy hats,” and join the orgy of obscenity shouting out various nomenclatures for a certain part of the female anatomy.

Terrorism: How The Israeli State Was Won

On December 14, Tom Suárez spoke at The House of Lords, London, at the invitation of Baroness Jenny Tonge. Drawing from his recently published book State of Terror, he addressed the centennial of the Balfour Declaration and his views on the way toward ending today’s Israel-Palestine “conflict”. The following are Suárez’s remarks. The book was reviewed here by David Gerald Fincham.
By Tom Suarez: Good evening, thank you so much for taking time out of what I know are your busy schedules to be here now. My thanks to Jenny Tonge for making this meeting possible; and I would like to thank three people without whom the book would not exist: Karl Sabbagh, my publisher; Ghada Karmi, who inspired the book; and my partner, Nancy Elan, who was my constant alter-ego during my research and without whom I surely would have given up.
My work is based principally on declassified source documents in the National Archives in Kew. When I have had to rely on published works, I have trusted established historians who cite first-hand sources. Everything I will say here tonight is based on such source material.

Great Moments In WTF History + Fake Tears - William Banzai7

Feminism Or How Rich Women High On Entitlement Are Destroying Society

TheLondonGroup: The Forgotten Man discusses how the feminist plague has been spread by rich women with a massively over indulged sense of entitlement. These women are spreading this poisonous rhetoric and pretending it's Gospel. They are ruining the lives of their husbands, sons and daughters, and they're destroying society. These maniacs must be stopped.

Trump Slams McCain, Graham: "Stop Trying To Start World War III"

'...Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of
always looking to start World War III.'
By Tyler Durden: Shortly after Senators McCain and Graham issued their "joint statement on President Trump's Executive Order on immigration"...
U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) released the following statement today on the President’s executive order on immigration:
“Our government has a responsibility to defend our borders, but we must do so in a way that makes us safer and upholds all that is decent and exceptional about our nation.
“It is clear from the confusion at our airports across the nation that President Trump’s executive order was not properly vetted. We are particularly concerned by reports that this order went into effect with little to no consultation with the Departments of State, Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security.

Debt Will Defeat The Fed + The Birth Of The American Empire

RonPaul: In a few months, the US federal government's debt is going to cross $20,000,000,000,000 [20 short scale Trillions] or $160,000 per US taxpayer [approximately UK£130,000]. Governments (and central banks) always reach the checkmate point. The U.S. federal government and Federal Reserve will not be an exception.

Hasbara Is Desperate To Stop David Icke...

By Gilad Atzmon: But with Goldman Sachs and Soros destroying one country after another, they do not stand a chance. By now we are all Palestinians.  David Icke knows it and he is not alone!!!
The following pathetic video was produced by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, an Israeli Hasbara unit operating in Britain. This video won't hurt David Icke. Instead, it proves once again that Jewish power is the ability to silence discussion on Jewish power. This power is proving less effective by the day.

Emmett Till Fake Rape Cry Victim Sparked Black Civil Rights

"What I really want you guys to imagine is that feminism has a place in the world. Imagine that women can tell you how oppressed they are when a word from a women can get a man arrested, fired and killed! I refuse to believe this." Said Tommy Sotomayor.

Donald Trump v Jackie Walker

By Gilad Atzmon: The Guardian reports today that the White House has defended its omission of Jews and antisemitism from a statement remembering the Holocaust by saying that Donald Trump’s administration “took into account all of those who suffered”.
In practice the conservative ‘reactionary’ president has succeeded where ultra progressive Jackie Walker failed. Walker was suspended from the Labour party a few months ago for pointing out that the Holocaust Memorial Day was not wide-ranging enough to include other genocides.
On International Holocaust Remembrance Day last Friday, the White House 'failed' to mention Jews, Judaism or antisemitism. The presidential statement, instead, universally referred to the suffering of all innocent people, a fact that upset many American Jewish leaders such as Jonathan Greenblatt,  the head of the Anti-Defamation League and Steven Goldstein, the executive director of the Anne Frank Centre.  Both Goldstein and Greenblatt believe that the Holocaust is a jews-only territory and the holocaust memorial must promote the primacy of Jewish suffering. 
But for the rest of humanity, it seems, it has become clear that the Jewish State is at the root of a regional disaster. The rest of humanity is also becoming aware that it is the Jewish lobby and Zio-cons that are pushing for more and more global conflicts whether it is a war against Libya, Syria, Iran or Iraq.

29 Jan 2017

Demonetization And You

Corbett: Demonetization. Cashless payments. Biometrics. Can you connect the dots? Join James today on The Corbett Report as he uncovers the truth about India's recent demonetization and follows the trail to the coming cashless biometric control grid.

The Lame-Stream Media Is Now The Political Opposition

By Paul Craig Roberts: Bannon [left] is correct that the US mediaindeed, the entire Western print and TV mediais nothing but a propaganda machine for the ruling elite. The presstitutes are devoid of integrity, moral conscience, and respect for truth. https://www.rt.com/usa/375271-bannon-trump-media-cnn/ Read the comments in which morons define freedom of the press as the freedom to lie to the public.
Who else but the despicable Western media justified the enormous war crimes committed against millions of peoples by the Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes in nine countries—Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, and the Russian areas of Ukraine?
Who else but the despicable Western media justified the domestic police states that have been erected in the Western world in the name of the “war on terror”?
Along with the war criminals that comprised the Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes, the Western media should be tried for their complicity in the massive crimes against humanity.
The Western media’s effort to sustain the high level of tension between the West and Russia is a danger to all mankind, a direct threat to life on earth. Gorbachev’s warnings are correct.

Did MRAs Infiltrate “Riverdale”?

By : There is a new TV show out where feminism is treated as a running joke and real men’s issues of rape, suicide, murder and the matriarchy are being explored in a serious, if campy, setting. Has Paul Elam’s goal of waking up the world to men’s issues found an ally in the writing grottoes of the CW network?
Spoilers ahead for Riverdale. MANY. You have been warned.

“Ladies, where’s the heat? Where’s the sizzle?”
So when the music teacher, Mrs. Grundy, seduced high school sophomore Archie, a ginger, in the run up to the fourth of July, the overnight fireworks were not just in the backseat of her VW Bug. During the conclusion of their reiterated post-coital tangle of limbs and naughty bits, a gunshot rang out across the lake. That sound and the morning light brought rapist Grundy back to the harsh reality of her passionate/predatory crime but Archie, confused and caught in the lusty miasma of his sexual awakening, saw his worldview shatter before him.
Archie, formerly a happy kid, becomes brooding and depressed. Adderall-addled Betty, his childhood sweetie-next-door, no longer holds his interest and so he tosses her into the friendzone.

Dutch Artist Creates Beauty From Rubble Of Jewish Gaza Terror Attack

By Hamza Abu Eltarabesh: Juma Shaath took a deep breath.
The 56-year-old former agricultural trader, now unemployed, was looking at the transformation of the ruins of his house in Khan Younis in the south of the occupied Gaza Strip. It is a third incarnation in less than three years: from home to bomb site to art installation.
The unusual idea is the brainchild of Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen, who for years has worked with the concept that buildings can become sculptures, adding a sense of temporality by working on buildings slated for demolition.
Marjan Teeuwen used found materials for the installation ”Destroyed House Gaza.” Abed Zagout
Seven such installations have been created: five in her native Holland, one in South Africa and one in Russia. But Gaza was a departure for her in more ways than one: here, the building had already been destroyed.
Shaath’s house – in its latest incarnation “Destroyed House Gaza” – was bombed from the air during Israel’s 2014 assault on Gaza. Israeli warplanes almost leveled the two-floor building then and no start to reconstruction has been made since.
“I’m still living in a rented house with my family,” Shaath said. “We’re still waiting for reconstruction to start, but it never seems it will considering all the obstacles, financial, political and others.”

US Citizens Will Be Paying For The 'Fucking' Wall

Julie Borowski: Donald Trump has proposed a 20% tariff on Mexican imports to pay for the wall. "The Broken Window Fallacy".

US Hegemony Facing New Challenges

Max and Stacy discuss Jack Ma’s statements at Davos about the U.S. wasting trillions on wars and asking where all the money went that U.S. multinationals made from outsourcing manufacturing. In the second half Max continues his interview with crypto entrepreneur Charlie Shrem about bitcoin, blockchain and crypto.

28 Jan 2017

My Beef With School And Ideological Investment

That Guy T: I make these videos not only for your enjoyment but also to engage with viewers. Sharing your ideas is the best contribution you could make.

The Forces On Men

Men Are Good!: This video takes a look at the forces on men in our culture. It shows how the power of gynocentrism filters down to a wide variety of places, some unexpected, in order to negatively impact men and boys.

The UK Women’s Equality Party Leader Lambasted In Fiery Brexit Clash On LBC Radio

By Iain Dale appeared unable to believe what he was hearing as Sophie Walker demanded give special consideration to women’s rights in the divorce talks.The fiery clash came as the pair discussed the PM’s meeting with in Washington on Friday.The Women's Equality Party leader said: “This is not just about being a role model by dint of her sex anymore. This is about putting into place policies to represent 100 per cent of the UK population, not just 50 per cent.
"It's doubly important because this process of that we are in at the moment is so uncertain and there has been so little discussion of the impact specifically on women's rights.
"Whether we're talking about equal pay, whether we're talking about maternity and pregnancy protection, whether we're talking about workers' rights."
Which prompted the LBC host to say: "I'm sorry, maternity protection? There was legislation in this country long before we were members of the EU. That did not come through the EU. That was UK domestic legislation."
And as Ms Walker continued by arguing women’s rights had not been a part of UK legislation and workers' rights as part of trade deals, Dale took her to task.
"You're ignoring the point that I have just made,” the host said. “Is maternity legislation UK domestic legislation or EU legislation? It's domestic."

The Race War Behind The Daniel Holtzclaw Trial

Black Lives Matter, Pussy Hats,
and the racist cops who framed him.

How To Defeat The Globalist System

Submitted by Brandon Smith: In my last two articles, 'How Globalists Predict Your Behavior' and 'How To Predict The Behavior Of Globalists', I explained the base fundamentals behind a concept with which most people are unfamiliar. They are so unfamiliar with it, in fact, that I didn’t bother to name it. In this article I hope to explain it, but I highly recommend people read the previous articles in this series before moving forward.
What I outlined, essentially, was a beginners course on 4th Generation Warfare. This methodology is difficult to summarize, but here I will list what I believe are some of its core tenets.
Fourth Gen warfare is based on a primary lesson within Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War. Sun Tzu argues in the classical military tome that the greatest strategists win wars by NOT fighting, or at least, by not fighting their opponents openly and directly. That is to say, they win by convincing their opponents that fighting back is futile and that surrender is preferable, or, they convince their opponents to destroy themselves through internal conflict and psychological sabotage. Sun Tzu felt this method was far superior to engaging in direct combat in a real world battle space.
While this might sound bizarre to some, it is becoming more and more apparent (in my view) that 4th Gen warfare is now the go-to weapon for globalists.

Mangina Of The Year Awards 2016 Results + When SJW Parody Becomes Reality

Are Girls Victims Of Gender Stereotyping?

Peter Lloyd AKA The Suffragent v Radhika Sanghadi AKA The Radical Feminist Air-Conditioning-Patriarchy Conspiracy Theorist.

Material Girl + Weekly Fake News - William Banzai7

Children Need Both Parents

Copiii au nevoie de ambii parinti

27 Jan 2017

Europe Proposes "Restrictions On Payments In Cash"

Simply put, the data doesn’t support their assertion.
It’s just another hoax that will give them more power at the expense of your privacy and freedom.
Submitted by Tyler Durden: Having discontinued its production of EUR500 banknotes, it appears Europe is charging towards the utopian dream of a cashless society. Just days after Davos' elites discussed why the world needs to "get rid of currency," the European Commission has introduced a proposal enforcing "restrictions on payments in cash."
With Rogoff, Stiglitz, Summers et al. all calling for the end of cash - because only terrorists and drug-dealers need cash (nothing at all to do with totalitarian control over a nation's wealth) - we are not surprised that this proposal from the European Commission (sanctuary of statism) would appear...

March Of The Retarded Women + Reacting To Signs From Women's March

TheLondonGroup Tlg: The Women's March, London, 21st January 2017. - The day thousands of women (and some men) took to the streets of London to protest the new US president Donald Trump. Wearing giant vagina costumes, holding signs saying 'Trump is a dickhead' and still pretending what he said was sexual assault (no it wasn't), these women proceeded to make a massive embarrassment of themselves. Luckily for you, we caught it all on camera. Enjoy.

Zionist Cuck Trump May Cut Funding To UN If It Dares To Recognize Palestinian State

By Nathan Guttman: A massive cut in American funding for the United Nations could be in the works if President Trump signs an executive order prepared by his Ultra Zionist Jewish aides. The order, first reported by the New York Times on Wednesday, will cut at least 40% of funding for the international body and its agencies, if they do the right thing and grant full membership status to the Palestinians. US Congress has already passed legislation requiring funding cuts to UN bodies that recognize a Palestinian state, resulting in a cut to American funding for UNESCO.

Mexican President Cancels Trump Meeting

"We will never ever pay for the Fucking Wall."
By Sunita Patel-Carstairs: Mexico's president has said he will not meet Donald Trump next week amid a deepening war of words over US plans for a border wall.
The American leader had earlier threatened to cancel the Washington talks due to Enrique Pena Nieto's refusal to pay for the controversial barrier.

President Trump, who is in Philadelphia to meet top Republicans, tweeted: "The U.S. has a 60 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers...

"... of jobs and companies lost. If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting."

"We Are Getting Generationally Dumber!"

By Martin Armstrong: Recent studies are discovering that each generation is becoming increasingly stupid. A study from Iceland has highlighted a downward spiral in human intelligence. The genetics firm in Reykjavik found that groups of genes that predispose people to spend more years in education became a little rarer in the country from 1910 to 1975. The sample size was more than 100,000 Icelanders. They found a slight decline over the 65-year period.
There may be another explanation for this trend. The more affluent a society becomes, several factors unleash. The birthrate declines sharply, for as people become wealthier, women prefer not to have children. The poorest cultures have the greatest number of births because children take care of their parents. In our new age of socialism, government has replaced the family unit. Ask a girl under thirty in the United States if she wants to have children today and you are likely to get the answer, “No.” According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, in 2014, 47.6% of women between age 15 and 44 had never had children, up from 46.5% in 2012. The more affluent a society becomes, the lower the birthrate.
The next side effect is intelligence.

“Known Genital Mutilator” Hans Pohl, MD Of Children’s National Health System

By : note: Apparently the doctors performing circumcision at the Children’s National Health System are ashamed of their actions and have removed any reference to those mutilations on their website. My listing of Dr. Hsieh clearly shows “circumcision” as one of his specialties, which has since been removed from the website, as has happened here under Dr. Pohl’s specialties. I can only hope the stigma of mutilating infants becomes so great as to actually stop it.
Hans Pohl, MD [right] has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.
He is listed as a Urologist at the Children’s National Health System, and following these menus we find that he performs circumcision as the treatment” of the “condition” known as “foreskin:”
Choose Children’s -> Conditions and Treatments -> Urology -> Circumcision
From the “Children’s Team” we find Dr. Pohl, and his “Biography:”
Hans Pohl, MD [right], was born in Los Angeles, and moved to Washington, DC, for medical school. During medical school, Dr. Pohl became interested in surgery, with a particular fascination for reconstructive procedures. He remained at GW in the Department of Surgery and Urology as a resident. During his rotation at Children’s National Health System as a Urology resident, he found himself particularly drawn to Pediatric Urology and, more specifically, to understanding how best to treat patients with urinary tract infections and vesicoureteral reflux.

Feminists Are The New Mafia

johntheother: The reason that I have put this handsome radical feminist women on your screen [yes she's single] is that she's the spokes model for Vancouver's women rape relief shelter, ...she's also ironically attacking the one man who's done more to protect women from criminal sexual exploitation than almost any other person in Canada.

Man Love: Can Men Love Each Other On Deeper Levels?

By : We know that a man can truly love another man in a gay relationship and that this can be authentic and rich, for them. But, can a heterosexual man love another man truly, deeply, in a non-sexual way, without shame and fear? How would this affect society as a whole?
Lately, I have been thinking and feeling into this question a lot through my own coaching work, with reference to one-on-one male interactions and group sharings in the form of men’s circles. I’ve been exploring deeper friendships with other men, showing more vulnerability, being more present with other men, and the potential in these relationships to help me evolve and love as a man is enormous.
If men could deeply love other men, if this was truly possible, why would another man want this, what would it look like, how would this feel, and more importantly, what would this mean to the life of men in general? And the life of women?
So as a man, I ask you:
If you had deeper meaningful connections and felt genuine love for more men in your life, how would this be for you? If you had male friends who you could openly talk to about anything in your life, and be heard unconditionally, without being judged, what would this mean in your own life?
How would this affect your interactions with men in general?
How would this affect your relationship to women?
How would this affect your relationship to yourself and self-acceptance?

Feminist Sex Wars

Barbara4u2c: Took a while to make this video & it's my longest one so far. Stick around for other Youtubers' opinions at the end.

26 Jan 2017

Inauguration Day - Walt Bismarck

Uncuck Theright: Since YouTube blocked my masterpiece, I have been forced to upload it to Vimeo.

The Red Pill Norwich Q & A

Paul Elam: The is the Q and A following the first Norwich Screening of the Red Pill (January 18, 2017). The panel contained a mixture of view points and was aimed at being an open discussion about the movie and its contents. - Featuring (Left to Right): Cassie Jaye, Erin Pizzey, Paul Elam, Lucinda Bray, Jessica Austin, Mike Buchanan, Katy Jon Went, DoctorRandomerCam. Event Organiser Barry Wright (on far right). Footage by Barry Wright.

The US ‘Healthcare/Bankcare’ Debate

Max and Stacy discuss the elephants in the room of the so-called ‘healthcare’ debate. Obamacare should be called ‘bankcare’, they suggest. In the second half Max interviews crypto entrepreneur Charlie Shrem about bitcoin, blockchain, crypto and... buying up Michigan’s waste industry.

Quiz: Suffragists, Ku Klux Klan Or Radical Feminists?

By Some say 1st wave feminism was the “good feminism”. Individualist, not collectivist. Not totalitarian, not hateful. Abolitionist. It only wanted freedom, equality, dignity for all. But then, later came the so-called Radical Feminists. So, this is going to be the easiest quiz on the internet. 
Below there are just 7 quotes. Which of them are from a) suffragists, b) KKK members, and which are from c) modern times radical feminists? The answers will follow.
Ready? Suffragists, KKK or radical feminists? Go!

1. Alien illiterates rule our cities today; the saloon is their palace, and the toddy stick their scepter. The colored race multiplies like the locusts of Egypt.
2. Better whiskey and more of it’ is the rallying cry of great, dark-faced mobs.
3. The safety of [white] women, of childhood, of the home is menaced in a thousand localities.
4. I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ask for the ballot for the Negro and not for the woman.

The Ugly Truth About The Women's March

Stefan Molyneux: Buried in the sordid and socialized mess of the Women’s March is an essential truth that is worth evaluating and understanding. It is a cliché that feminists are physically unattractive, but there is solid science and research behind it. - One study of American women indicated that women generally pursue careers because they fear they are too unattractive to land a man. In another study, the more attractive a woman thought she was, the less feminist she was. Whenever there is a clear pattern that is almost never discussed, it is worth pursuing to the end.