2 Jan 2017

2016: The Year The Worm Finally Turned

By Herbert Purdy: In 2016, after the best part of five decades spent infiltrating our media, our universities, and our pop culture, the radical feminists, racial minorities who see race as their identity, LBGT types, statists, and haters of national pride and free market economics, came out of the shadows in a final act of revolution, confident that the world was theirs for the taking, and it all came to nothing.

Hillary Clinton, the archetypal feminist, was denied the most powerful position in the world, from where she would have wreaked untold havoc on the most basic values that America and the developed world stand for, and we Britons took back control of our national sovereignty from the creeping socialism and the Soros-funded open society, open-borders mentality of the EU.
This was a massive shock to the progressive left, of course, as witness the parade of their weak-minded, slogan chanting, under-achieving, envy-driven, really rather stupid professional grievance-collecting, entitlement-ridden, acolytes, who emitted what amounted to a shriek of anger that their well-laid plans had been foiled by democracy.

The reaction of this rag-bag army of misfits and malcontents finally showed the new left’s true colours to the world. They demonstrated publicly that all they had to offer was slogans: ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobe’, ‘fascist’ – and, of course, ‘climate change denier’, whenever that part of their plan could be slipped into the equation.
During the 2016 US Presidential campaign and the Brexit referendum in the UK, the progressive left threw everything at victory, through the arrogant media, the self-satisfied celebrities, and the pc professors – the so-called experts – who came out of the woodwork, confident that they would swing us all to their all-pervading progressive worldview, and that we would submit.  We didn’t. In 2016, in the UK and the US, the silent majority of ordinary people thumbed their noses at all of them.
This was the real revolution – a revolution of common sense and decency – of values and freedom. It amounted to a rejection of identity politics, grievance cultures, climate change hysteria, alleged experts telling people what is right and wrong, politicians trying to take moral authority over the people who elect them, levelling accusations that they were racist when all people wanted was to preserve their hard-won culture and protect it from being swamped by alien cultures, intent on hegemony.

This massive silent majority finally gave the feminist, progressive, social justice, green, faux left, a hefty kick in the backside, and they did it ‘Bigly’,1 as ‘The Donald’ puts it. It amounted to ordinary people saying that they were tired of having to defend views that shouldn’t need to be defended.
After that, it is difficult to imagine how anyone of goodwill, common decency, or even common sense, could subscribe to the feminist dogma about men and women; the progressive narrative about gay people, people of race, and a plethora of ridiculous interpretations of what a person’s gender is, and now is the time to regain our social sanity and get our societies back on track.
I believe we stand at a moment in history when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity exists for us finally to excise this leftist feminist-progressive-LGBT-green cancer that has spread throughout our societies, and which has defiled our lives for far too long.

In the same way that Donald Trump has promised to drain the swamp in Washington, we now desperately need this cess-pool to be drained and cleared out from our lives. The cycle needs to be broken for good. But how?
Despite the gut reaction of the electorates in the UK and the US last year, most people still haven’t grasped the big picture. Even those who traditionally vote Labour in the UK, or Democrat in the US, haven’t discerned that the traditional parties of the left (and, indeed, the politically Conservative parties too) have been infiltrated and turned into cesspools of √©litist leftist social engineers, academics, busy-body pundits, elitist, race-baiting cultural Marxists.
They can’t see that the gigantic elephant in the room is the Marxist-feminist-progressive-green-LGBT, etc. cross-party nexus. They can’t see that this radical, revolutionary monster is out to destroy all that most ordinary people respect and rely upon: the nuclear family, heterosexual marriage, commitment of men and women in marriage for life, families with fathers as their head, and the general pursuit of liberty and happiness in their lives.

They haven’t made the connection between all this, and shouting at the television. Of getting up every morning and being forced by the media and their politicians to see those things that they traditionally hold dear, such as marriage and families, even who can use whatever bathrooms, declared anathema.
Irrespective of how they actually vote, people in democracies are generally quite conservative. They are open to change, but not revolution. By and large, the voters in successful western economies don’t have any cohesive philosophy that binds them together like the leftists do. All they really want is to get on with their lives under a relatively small, non-predatory government, and a friendly neighbourhood police. They retain a longing for traditional values: the ‘Father Knows Best’ family, a house of their own in the suburbs, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with relatives, the exchange of Christmas cards, going to church on Sundays, the husband having a job that allows him to support the wife and kids, modest family cars, etc.

All they really want is stability and a degree of stasis: a stable society that doesn’t tolerate crime, or overly outlandish behaviour; a society where social norms are understood and observed, according to their own values, in which they can bring up their children in those values. The entire picture is cultural, not ideological. Least of all is it political.
These are the middle-classes – the bourgeoisie – that group hated by the progressive left, whose political doctrine is Marxism. This is the very group the Marxists declared war on one-and-a-half centuries ago, and the group the progressive left is out to destroy. They don’t get it that these ideologues have progressively found safe haven in familiar sanctuaries, such as the press, the broadcast media, the think-ranks, and the socially embedded institutions such as the UK’s Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis, and the US’s NoW and Planned Parenthood, who are daily spreading a man-hating, family destroying, child-takeover agenda – funded by their taxes.
These people still haven’t made the connection with the out-of-control political correctness and the suppression of freedom of speech on our campuses, with the fact that university faculties (long known as colonies of pseudo-intellectual leftists), are now dominated by a new generation of feminist-progressives who are actually closing down free speech, and freedom of thought.

They don’t see that this essentially Marxist fifth column is at work in all aspects of our lives, day in day out, clandestinely changing the shape of society by turning  their own children into moronic, entitlement-ridden, equality obsessed, easily triggered brats, who currently demand ‘safe spaces’ and suppress free speech, and who will go on to take over the reins of social influence in less than two decades.
The Brexit and the election of Donald Trump is not going to end all of this. At best, it is likely to be only brief respite from the relentless progressive onslaught unless those of us who can see the elephant in the room do something decisive – now. We must not be complacent. This is a time for action to consolidate the bridgehead that these momentous events has established.
We need to shift our strategy. We need to stop talking to each other and start speaking out: to our friends, our neighbours, our work colleagues, in the shops, pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants, about what is going on. We need to get the world around us to engage the issues and start a conversation about the insidious effect that feminism, an open borders mentality, the elevation of sexuality that is inimical to the norm to become the norm, is having on our way of life.
We need to lobby our political representatives, support and fund those who are actually doing something, taking a stand, such as Mike Buchanan of Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them), and Paul Elam in the ‘states. In short, we must get political, and strike while the iron is hot while the forces of social disruption are on the back foot. We need to finish the job that was started in 2016. Then we can all move on to better things.
Happy New Year everyone.


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