24 Jan 2017

Anthony Brian Logan Discusses The Crazy CNN Hit Piece About Donald Trump On RT

Anthony Brian Logan: I did a live segment on RT in reference to CNN making a hit piece on Donald Trump the night before the Presidential Inauguration that posed the hypothetical question of, what would happen if Donald Trump were to be assassinated? They went down a fanciful rabbit hole of potential successors until they got to the point where they said Obama’s administration could possibly take over.
As the theoretical “designated survivor” (which is also the name of a recent television show.) While not saying Obama could get a third term, they most certainly frame it in a way that the average, non-politically inclined person may think that way.
Which, of course, creates a dangerous environment for President Trump because some deranged person may take that news report to heart and attempt to take out Trump in order to get another term of Obama.

Angelo: Good work Anthony. I only have one concern, ...left, right? Tell me which side precisely does not endorse the world’s largest open-air prison? No, not Guantanamo, I'm talking about the one hidden in plain sight, ...Israel. The last US 'regime' banned crucifixes and in stead had a 40-foot menorah on the Whitehouse lawn for Christmas [I'm atheist] and Trump had a Rabbi talking about the rivers of Babylon as if the Ashkenazi [white Southern Russian] Jews systematically slaughtering the Semitic Palestinians and systematically colonising their land is the coolest thing that ever happened. My point is, aren't we speaking of two heads on the same dog that's wagged by it's tail, it's tail being the Jewish elites who own the lame-stream media [Murdoch, Adelson, Soros et al.] that you are correctly criticising and the means of the production of our fiat currencies [Private banks invariably run by Jews, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen et al.]? In other words, in the end it's meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Just in case you're getting me all wrong, I'm off to listen to my favourite version of Chopin Nocturnes No.2 in E flat major by Artur Rubenstein, ...sublime. ;-)

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