16 Jan 2017

@ANTHONYBLOGAN Doesn't Hold Men & Women To The Same Standards

6oodfella: I really don't think I'm asking for too much by wanting men and women to be held to the same standards. Am I the only one who wants equality around here?

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  1. I was also enjoying this channel then Anthony contradicted himself from an earlier comment and worse still basically endorses female paedophilia at around 1:09.

    No, no, no! There is no difference and in my book there is no privilege for women to be paedoophile predators on young boys or girls as distinct from men being paedophiles predators on young boys or girls. That is quite a misandric and gynocentric view from one who otherwise seems to me to be intelligent and balanced in his views.

    Size is more or less irrelevant if you've met my 4'10" mother who had a reputation at school for beating up boys. The issue here is about mental maturity and the ability of adults to coerce youngsters. ...Of course our language betrays our gynocentrism, the other words would be 'groom' and 'man'ipulate. But then again what do men have to do with 'men'opause of 'men'stration? Let's call it briding, 'woman'ipulating and 'fem'stration shall we?

    This is where we modern egalitarians clash with feminism that sees men as the actors in every event and women as acted upon in every event whilst contradicting themselves and with the same breath shouting 'girl power'. We all know from life experience that this just isn't the truth. Women are quite as good at acting upon others as men are. The real difference is that men don't get to weald the enormous gun of the state, ...but thanks to Anthony's mindset, women do!