4 Jan 2017

Murder Is Not Right. It's Left

johntheother: If mainstream journalism champions the murder of diplomats - there is no civilization.
Additional: So, somebody pointed out, in a rebuttal to me (beginning with "sorry John") that the political right also makes free use of murder as a tool of statecraft. That commenter is correct. However, it is not my claim that government on the left uses murder while government on the right does not - which would be a silly claim to make - especially noting that I began writing about political fuckery during the administration of George W Bush. My point in this video - is that in the mainstream of politically-left thought, murder is accepted and praised.
Thus my mention of a murder-praising journalist (Kuntzman) and my comparison of his ideas to those of the left-wing Canadian law professor and feminist Elizabeth Sheehy - and her publication of a book outlining a legal strategy for spousal murder - and claiming that murder is a better option in exiting a bad relationship - rather than just leaving such a relationship without killing people.

Religion - or a reasonable facsimile
johntheother: Religion - people need it.

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