5 Jan 2017

Sophie Walker And Channel 4 News 'Fake' Gender Pay Gap

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: We spend a fair amount of time criticising the feminist-driven output of the BBC, but other TV outlets can be as bad. Channel 4 News is an example, where they might as well declare a ‘feminist report’ every night. Last night viewers were subjected to a propaganda piece on the gender pay gap. It started with a vacuous introduction to the subject (3:24), followed by a studio discussion (5:03) chaired by the relentlessly feminist Cathy Newman.
One of the interviewees was Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality party. An astonishing (and characteristic) statement by her at 00:29:

I think it’s worth pointing out, that data from for example the Young Women’s Trust shows that we still have a big problem with occupational segregation – so, an education system that teaches women that they’re no good to be scientists or engineers etc. because of their sex, so they’re automatically going into more likely lower-paid work and lower-paid apprenticeships.
Nonsense. £30 million is being spent by the government ‘encouraging’ young women to become engineers, to take but one example.

Young women are going into lower-paid work and lower-paid apprenticeships because they’ve taken examinations in less challenging subjects at school – avoiding mathematics and the hard sciences, notably – and opted for career choices in which supply of potential employees substantially exceeds demand, so pay is lower.
At 3:11, this gem from Ms Walker:

Women are being forced to make terrible choices. In fact, women don’t have choices.
Whenever I have the ill fortune to watch either Sophie Walker of Sandi Toxic being interviewed, I’m struck by the thought that I’m looking at adults with the brains of young children. Unable or unwilling to engage in rational arguments, and very pleased with themselves for being the centre of attention. I have never encountered any representatives of the Women’s Equality party being challenged on TV or radio interviews. They’re treated as if all their claims – however apparently absurd to an intelligent person – are verifiable facts.
The videos will be available online for the next six days, then lost to posterity.


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