4 Jan 2017

Misandric Baroness Chakrabarti’s £500,000 To Help Girls Get Degrees - Despite Them Already Doing Better Than Boys

Via Jeff, J4MB: The start of the piece:

Shami Chakrabarti was accused of hypocrisy last night after launching a women-only degree fund – despite girls doing better than boys at university.
The baroness, who was handed a peerage by Jeremy Corbyn last year, established the £500,000 bursary at Essex University, where she is chancellor – and where there are already more female students than male.
She claimed the initiative would close the ‘education gender gap’ and help end ‘gender injustice’ in society.
But official figures show teenage girls are 35 per cent more likely to go to university than boys, with white working-class boys the most disadvantaged group.
Tory MP Philip Davies, a member of the Commons women and equalities committee, said Lady Chakrabarti’s claim about what the fund would achieve was asham’.

‘If she was properly committed to closing the education gap – which is a noble aim – this fund would focus almost entirely on helping white working-class boys,’ he added. ‘The fact it is not raises the question about whether she is genuinely interested in closing the gap or just wants to hand out another politically correct dollop of money.
‘If she wants to have a fund dedicated to helping promote females, then she’s within her rights to do so, but she should be honest about it … don’t pretend it’s about closing some imaginary gap.
‘If Shami Chakrabarti is really interested in increasing equality in education then she needs to go and do some proper research to find out what the problem is and then focus her efforts on helping white working-class boys.’

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