19 Jan 2017

The Tragic Extinction Of My Best Friend's Bone Cancer

DoctorRandomercam: I'm going to leave this here while everyone's distracted by something else. Speaking of sportsmanship, help yourself to a list of warm, cosy ad hominems you can use to massage your feet and perhaps any other hurts.... 1: "Drunk" ...2: "Postman" ...3: "Insomniac" ...4: "MRA." The whippersnapper in lane 2 is in a dazzling lead.

"I see men being treated horribly and I see the people who should be helping men understand their different ways of doing things as basically ignoring that. So men are put into a misandrist system that is squashing them down and they don't have access to people who are telling them, the way you are doing things is just fine." Men Are Good!

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