16 Jan 2017

The Women & Equalities Select Committee Is Virtue Signalling

...calling for evidence over concerns workplaces
are not providing support to working fathers.
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Interesting. But doubtless the committee’s final report will say workplaces ‘should’ do more for working fathers. Reflections:
1. This is transparent virtue signalling, appearing to show concern for fathers, whilst not diverting any state resources to them. A double win for the state, and for this committee, to which Philip Davies has just been appointed. Maybe his appointment was the spur for this move, which is nothing more nor less than propaganda. 
2. It utterly ignores the fact that organizations are already reeling under the ‘support’ provided to working mothers. In the state sector, taxpayers – men, mainly – pay for the consequent inefficiency and ineffectiveness, while service users suffer  – the NHS is but the most obvious example at the moment – while in the private sector one consequence of the inefficiency and ineffectiveness is loss of competitiveness, a concept alien to most politicians, including the dire Maria Miller, the Conservative MP who chairs the Women & Equalities Select Committee.

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