1 Jan 2017

Time To Honour Erin Pizzey In The New Year Honours List

This is disgraceful! I was already planning to partake in InCoWriMo this year, the vintage social media where people write a letter per day during February in the traditional manner with paper and fountain pen [you may deliver by hand to save the postage cost] and I now intend to add a P.S. for recipients to please support this cause. Erin is definitely worth more than the current 254 votes! She began the shelter movement for goodness sake and was paid for her kindness, for not cowing to feminist zealots, because she new well that nearly 70% of the first 100 women she helped were as, if not more violent than their male partners and she bore the tirade of radical feminist bomb threats and the killing of her dog, for her support for male victims of domestic violence. If we don't vote for her, we may as well pack it in.

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