11 Jan 2017

Treason And Plot: Remember, Remember The Israel Scandal

"An Israeli official in charge of political relations with Britain's political parties, a man with a very large bag of money, no junior employee, this is a man who is on the conference circuit and is in and out of the British parliament almost on a daily basis, doing his business for Israel, was captured on film with some friends labour and conservative, including MPs and high ranking parliamentary officials, plotting to bring down a British government minister and not just any minister, Sir Alan Duncan the deputy foreign minister of Britain [among others]...
...I've known Sir Alan Duncan for more than thirty years he's a very brave man, not just because he stands up against Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, but because he was the very first publicly out conservative MP. The Israeli official said that he could arrange a 'scandal' to 'bring down' Alan Duncan from the foreign office position that he holds." Said George Galloway.

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