15 Feb 2017

Bedfordshire Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Unless It’s Carried Out By Women, Obviously)

By Mike Buchanan: It’s long been known a substantial proportion of sexual abuse of adults and children is carried out by women. In my home town of Bedford there’s currently a poster campaign about child sexual exploitation, featuring pictures of – and statements by – children. Generally, but not always, girls.
The ‘umbrella organisation’ behind the posters is Bedfordshire Against Child Sexual Exploitation, the constituent organizations of which include Bedfordshire Police (female Chief Constable, the force pays Women’s Aid to feed feminist lies about domestic violence to police officers), NSPCC (an organization untroubled by MGM, which is clearly cruelty to children), and various public bodies.
While the language used on pages other than the home page of the website is carefully gender-neutral, the ideological bias of the campaign is clear from the images of children on the posters, as displayed on the home page:

  • five large images of abused children (three girls, two boys). In every case the abuser is a man.
  • six smaller images of abused children (three girls, three boys). One seems to allude to a female abuser, with ‘She told me she loved me on social media then asked for money’, but how is that child sexual exploitation? If anything it’s child financial exploitation, and how much money does the average child have, anyway? Besides, I haven’t seen that particular strange poster in Bedford.
In 9 of the 11 images the sex abuser is a man, in another one it’s implied, I think.
So, what will a child – of either sex – who’s being sexually abused by one or more women, possibly their own mothers, make of these posters? Quite possibly that only men sexually abuse children, so (s)he won’t be believed. What a cruel implicit message both for those children, and others who will be sexually abused by the large number of women who are not being held properly to account by the police and others.
Ironically, for a poster campaign which misinforms the public about child sexual exploitation, all the posters feature the following message, in large letters:



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