8 Feb 2017

Bianco Footwear Advert Glorifies Violence Against Men

Via Tony Stott, J4MB: A video (1:36) on the Facebook page of Bianco Footwear. Scroll down to the piece posted 23 January, ‘Equal Pay is Not Enough (#WomenNeedMore)’. It’s had over 2.6 million views in the space of two weeks, presumably overwhelmingly among women, who will have learned that if they’re not happy about something (however fictitious – the feminist gender pay gap narrative, in this case) it’s the fault of men, so it’s perfectly OK to smash a mug into a man’s face. The full idiotic narrative is here:

Listen up! There’s still not equal pay for equal work anywhere in the world.
And it seems most women are not even angry about it. But we should be. So let’s set a new goal.
From now on, equal pay is no longer enough.
Because women need more.
Our haircuts are more expensive.
Our underwear is ridiculously more expensive.
It’s simply more expensive to be a woman than to be a man!
Should we seriously get paid less than someone who applies body lotion to his face? [Eh?]
He doesn’t need a new outfit for every new occasion. [Ah, needs and wants. So easy to confuse the two…]
He doesn’t even know that the shoes make the outfit. [Hopefully he doesn’t.]
Oh, the joy of choosing the right shoes.
Fashion is expressing yourself.
And what every stylish woman is expressing is that equal pay is not enough.
Equal pay is not enough!
Mike Buchanan: Acting in concert with Belinda Brown, Tony has sent a letter to the parent company of Bianco Footwear. We wish him well with his demands.


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