15 Feb 2017

Is The System Still Stacked Against Women? Does Prison Work?

Mike Buchanan: Another regularly pro-feminist biased BBC programme, 'The Big Questions'. - The question, "Is the system still stacked against women?" is of course a leading one, not worthy of further comment. The opening of the programme set the tone for the rest of it. In a truly sickening display of toadying towards a female member of 'Shipley Feminist Zealots' - Shipley is Philip Davies MP's constituency - the presenter Nicky Campbell allows her up to 4:12 before moving to a countering voice (Belinda Brown, a regular contributor to The Conservative Woman website).

At one point Campbell asks the feminist, "What does victory by a man (Donald Trump) whose apparent views about women - what does it tell you about where we are in the struggle for equality?"

One minute into Belinda's first contribution, Campbell interrupts her with, "But women have to do so much better, and achieve so much more, to get to the same level." Nauseating. Belinda responds with, "That's a complete myth!" Well said.

At 5:42 Campbell moves from Belinda to another feminist.

At 17:11 the odious Labia MEP Mary Honeyball, a fan of quotas for women in politics and elsewhere, sticks her oar in.

At 19:23 a man starts a bizarre monologue starting with 'I just want to say feminism is a beautiful theory...', and it gets worse from there. It comes as no surprise in the course of the second debate when the gormless gullible prat is revealed to be an academic.

Some good contributions in the first debate from Angela Epstein, Daily Telegraph columnist. But the strongest contribution was that of Belinda.

At 21:25 the second debate 'Does prison work?' starts. Belinda again makes a good contribution, while Angela Epstein seems to have no compassion for prisoners, nor interest in them being overwhelmingly men.

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