25 Feb 2017

Kropotkin: The Coming Revolution

Perseus999: It is evident that we are advancing rapidly towards revolution, towards an upheaval that will begin in one country and spread, as in 1848, into all the neighbouring lands, and, as it rocks existing society to its foundations, will also reopen the springs of life.

A short documentary film compiling the essential thoughts of anarchism, in the words of the Russian anarchist writer and revolutionary Pyotr Kropotkin.
It opens with a feeling that all forms of social arrangement must be questioned without any broad vision for what could replace it. What follows is a summary of the idea of the free reorganisation of production and distribution, a concept that developed within the anarchist milieu following the Commune of Paris.

Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin born a prince on 9 December 1842, died as an anarchist activist, scientist, philosopher, writer and scholar on 8 February 1921 from pneumonia.

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