21 Feb 2017

Most UK MPs Are Petrified Of Resisting Feminists - Not Me

By Philip Davies MP: It has taken me until the fifth week on the Women and Equalities Select Committee to make a serious effort to try to change its name.
Every select committee is named directly after the Government department it is set up to scrutinise.
I also serve on the Justice Select Committee which tracks the work of the Ministry of Justice. The Treasury Select Committee watches over the work of the Treasury and so on.
There is just one exception to this. The work of the Government Equalities Office is, for some reason, shadowed by the Women and Equalities Select Committee.
Anyone can see that the name should be the Equalities Committee, and so I put this to the Leader of the House and asked whether he would amend the name.
I also asked him to confirm that matters concerning women would still be able to be considered by the select committee if the name were to be changed.
The Deputy Leader of the House, answering the question, rather dodged the issue (perhaps he also found the current situation indefensible) and said that he had received no other requests to change the name and that I should ask the Procedure Committee to look into this. I will be doing this, so watch this space.
The recurring theme is the number of MPs in different parties who tell me, privately and in a whisper, “Of course you are absolutely right about this, it is all ridiculous” but – with very few but notable exceptions – will not dare to say so publicly.
This highlights two things. Firstly, most MPs lack courage – even to say things which are just plain common sense.
Secondly, it demonstrates how petrified MPs are at standing up to the increasingly extreme feminist agenda, which no longer seems to argue for equality and thinks it is perfectly acceptable to discriminate against men.
For most of us, the way to tackle discrimination is to remove it.  But we are seeing more and more traction in some quarters being given to the argument that the way to deal with past perceived discrimination against women is now not to remove it but to reverse it and discriminate against men.
Of course they deny that this is what is going on, but it is precisely what is happening.
These extremists have successfully cowed most MPs but – as they will find out – there are still some of us who won’t be bullied, whatever abuse they decide to throw at us.


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