8 Feb 2017

So-Called Feminist MPs Ignore Scourge Of Muslim Sharia Courts And Judaic Metzitzah B'peh MGM Culture

'Philip's key point is about feminist MPs not being willing to challenge religious lobbies, but the same is true of ALL MPs and peers with respect to MGM.'
By Philip Davies MP: It has happened pretty quickly – just week three on the Women and Equalities Committee and I have seen what a pathetic sham the self-styled feminists in Parliament really are.
If it was funny, you would have to laugh; but actually I found it utterly disgusting and depressing.
So what do our usual suspect vocal feminists in Parliament do when women’s basic rights are in competition with another of their politically correct shibboleths? The answer is absolutely nothing.
The wonderful Crossbench Peer and Human Rights campaigner, Baroness Cox, has introduced a bill which would ban Sharia Councils from making decisions in the UK.
In advance of its second reading she held a meeting for all Parliamentarians to hear from three Muslim women their harrowing stories of how they had been treated by Sharia Councils in the UK, and how the UK courts were respecting the decisions made by them.
These extremely brave women told us how they were forced into marriage at gunpoint, how they were betrothed to men from Pakistan simply so they could move to the UK, how their husbands refused to touch them if they went to university because that made them dirty – and how men could divorce women simply by saying “I divorce you” three times, but women have nothing like the same rights.
How many members of the Women and Equalities Select Committee do you think attended this meeting to hear about this blatant discrimination? Just one – yes, yours truly.
How many MPs came to hear these brave women? Yes, you’ve guessed it – just me.
How many female parliamentarians from either house turned up in solidarity with these women? Apart from Baroness Cox, not a single one.
So all of those MPs who claim to be the champions of women’s rights, cannot even be bothered to show up when it clashes with the politically correct cause of allowing Sharia Councils in the UK.
Women’s rights are all very well for the sisterhood in Parliament, but not – it seems – if it upsets the Muslim lobby.
So, along with just male members of the House of Lords, I listened to the appalling treatment these women had faced throughout their lives, and promised to do all I could to help Baroness Cox end this politically correct tolerance of Sharia Councils in the UK, which places awful pressure on Muslim women not to have their cases heard in a UK court.
Those MPs who are always happy to turn up at a photo shoot wearing their “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt should hang their heads in shame. I am afraid that their commitment to politically correct causes clearly far outstrips their concern for women’s rights.
You really couldn’t make it up. But their brazen hypocrisy is not a laughing matter – it is letting down thousands of Muslim women who need and deserve their support.


Judaic Metzitzah B'peh MGM Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation Culture Legal In The UK: http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/us-ritual-male-infant-genital.html

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