1 Feb 2017

The Next Doctor Who Must Be A Woman Says Harriet Harman

Via Jeff, J4MB: The insane man hating harridan [left] has spewed forth her opinions once again. Extracts:
Harriet Harman, Labour’s former deputy leader and a prominent feminist, has demanded the BBC appoint a woman as the next Doctor Who. She also said the new Doctor’s assistant should be a man, so she could ‘tell him what to do’…
Speaking at a Westminster lunch yesterday, Miss Harman [Miss, nor Ms.? Has anyone informed her husband, the perenially (and understandably) weary-looking Jack Dromey, (or her poor sons Harry and Joseph) of the impending good news?] agreed that the next Doctor should be a Time Lady.
‘Of course there should be a female Doctor Who but what we need is a man as her assistant,’ she said. ‘She has got to just tell him what to do, he will need that leadership.’
We should start a new award in Ms Harman’s honour, ‘Bossy Cow of the Month’.
In the meantime, a number of pieces about her in The Daily Mash are here, including Women Still Face Discrimination, Says Jumped-Up Cow.

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