26 Feb 2017

The Real Gender Gap Is Not About Women’s Pay But Boys’ Lack Of Attainment

By Mike Buchanan: An interesting editorial in the current edition of The Spectator. The paper wouldn’t have published such a piece even a year ago.
There are, however, flaws in the article, including the lazy acceptance of the feminist narrative that the gender pay gap above 40 is ‘a problem to be solved’, rather than a reflection of men’s and women’s choices. An extract:

A select committee that champions equality ought to be concerned about this growing disparity in educational attainment. What is it about our schools which is failing to engage boys, and how can it be corrected?
There are at least two contributory answers to the first question – the feminization of the teaching profession, and the replacement of the ‘O’ level system by GCSEs in 1987/8, as reported by William Collins – here. How can the problem be corrected? By returning to assessment by examinations – Collins’s article demonstrates that, contrary to popular opinion, girls were not disadvantaged by this – and the appointment of far more male teachers, from primary school onwards.


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