31 Mar 2017

British Academia Faces Zionist Hooliganism

Gilad Atzmon: With Jonathan Hoffman in the Train- An expose of Zionist hooliganism at the heart of British academia. What you are about to see is disturbing, it is violent, it is vile, it is totally foreign to Western culture. Beware...

WikiLeaks Reveals "Marble": Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic...

By Tyler Durden: WikiLeaks’ latest Vault 7 release contains a batch of documents, named ‘Marble’, which detail CIA hacking tactics and how they can misdirect forensic investigators from attributing viruses, trojans and hacking attacks to their agency by inserted code fragments in foreign languages.  The tool was in use as recently as 2016.  Per the WikiLeaks release:

This Is #Feminism

6oodfella: Just a short video I made a while ago that sums up what feminism does on a daily basis. Uploading it here since I'm suspended from Twitter. Enjoy.

The UK Labour Party’s Has Reached Rock Bottom

By Gilad Atzmon: It dawned on me a quite a while ago that the Left is no longer a political position, it is, actually, a severe mental disturbance.
Almost one year ago, Ken Livingstone, ex-London Mayor and an icon of resistance and humanism was suspended  from the Labour Party for suggesting that ‘Zionism collaborated with Nazi Germany.’ 
The truth was obviously on Livingstone’s side. In 1933 the German National Socialist government, the Zionist German Federation and the Anglo-Palestine Bank (on behalf of the Jewish Agency) signed an agreement to facilitate the immigration of 60.000 German Jews to Palestine. The transfer agreement was maintained from 1933 to 1939.  
But truth and historicity are foreign notions as far as British Labour is concerned: Initially, Livingstone was suspended for making an ‘anti-Semitic’ comment. It seems that telling the truth about Hitler and Zionism is considered by Labour inquisitors to be a ‘hate crime.’
Since then it has taken the Labour expulsion enthusiasts eleven months to realise that they were on very shaky ground. All along, the truth has been with Livingstone - Hitler’s regime indeed collaborated extensively with Zionism, even as late as 1944 (the Kastner Affair). So Labour then amended its case against Livingstone. Instead of being accused of being an ‘anti-Semite,’ he is now accused of bringing the party into “disrepute.”

The Next Phase In The War On BDS: Why Israel Detained Omar Barghouti

Israel has established an apartheid regime
By Ramzy Baroud: The Israeli state has violated international law more than any other country, yet has rarely, if ever, been held accountable for its crimes and misconduct.
Israel’s successful public relations campaigns through its ever-willing western media partners, coupled with the relentless work and pressure carried out by its powerful backers in Washington DC, London, Paris and elsewhere, have borne stupendous results. For a while, it seemed that Israel was capable of maintaining its occupation and denying Palestinians their rights indefinitely, while promoting itself as “the only democracy in the Middle East”. Those who dared challenge that skewed paradigm through resistance in Palestine were eliminated or imprisoned; those who challenged Israel in public arenas anywhere in the world were smeared as “anti-Semitic” or “self-hating Jews”.

‘This House Belives Feminism Is Outdated’ - Bath University Debating Society

TheLondonGroup: A debate took place at Bath University, UK, on 28th February 2017. The title of the debate was ‘This House believes Feminism is Outdated.’ A lively and heated exchange of views took place. Enjoy.

Peter Lloyd v Nichi Hodgson: Was The Daily Mail's 'Legsit' Story Sexist?

"Lighten up. ...When he [Trump] was taking part in a presidential debate he was absolutely ridiculed on a world platform and many feminists took part ridiculing him and they are the same people now who are saying. "Oh my goodness I am so outraged by what's happening. They're such hypocrites." Said Peter Lloyd AKA The Suffragent.

New York City Bars Two Jews From Sucking On The Bleeding Penises Of Baby Boys They Just Genitally Mutilated

...after six more baby boys contracted genital herpes!
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: An appalling report. Excerpts:
The city has banned two men from performing a controversial ultra-Orthodox circumcision practice [‘controversial’ seems to me a woefully inadequate adjective for the practise of sucking on the bleeding mutilated penises of eight-day-old baby boys] after babies were infected with herpes — but won’t release their names and will rely on them to comply on their own.
Health Commissioner Mary Bassett said Wednesday the city has identified two of the six mohels believed to be responsible for giving infants herpes through a ritual where they suck the blood from the infant’s newly circumcised genitals — known as metzitzah b’peh — and ordered them not to practice pending a herpes test.
“We expect them to comply,” she told the City Council. [elsewhere in the article it’s wide clear the city will not be making any checks on whether they comply.]

30 Mar 2017

No Signal

It's a gritty poetic genre twisting account of British life from a working class perspective. Included already released tracks like Golliwog, Coming Of Age In Britain, Narcissism, Lloyd Luther and more.

Ann Widdecombe: High Time Alison Saunders Was Sacked From Her Position As Head Of Crown Prosecution Service...

...as she appears to believe every woman who alleges rape automatically to be a victim instead of merely a complainant whose accusation has yet to be proved.
By Ann Widdecombe: Recently a succession of men has been acquitted by the courts and a judge with 40 years’ experience of legal practice wrote to the CPS to say that a pattern has emerged whereby the parties involved know each other, one or both has been drinking or using drugs and each gives a plausible account as to what happened.
Right: Misandrist Alison Saunders
There is absolutely no independent evidence so no jury can convict given the requirement of “beyond all reasonable doubt”.
The irate judge ends his missive by suggesting that the CPS must have a different interpretation of cases which stands “a realistic prospect of conviction” from everybody else. 
Instead of explaining why such cases are deemed likely to be successful, Ms Saunders calls such views “victim-blaming” and says they have allowed predators to offend with impunity in the past.
If that is an example of her reasoning and analytical skills then it is a wonder she ever passed a law exam.

Lethal Economic Shocks

Max and Stacy discuss the economic shocks that are more lethal in America than anywhere else. In the second half, Max continues his conversation with Professor John Mill Ackerman about the Mexico-USA relationship in the age of Trump.

The Masculinity Confession Booth

StudioBrule: Is the Masculinity Confession Booth satire or not? Is feminism satire? Professor Fiamengo argues that feminist assertions have become so extreme and detached from reality that they are indistinguishable from genuine satire. Poe's Law applies to all of ideological feminism.

Meet Pharmacy Benefit Managers - ‘The Most Profitable Corporations You’ve Never Heard Of’

By Michael Krieger: When I first started becoming aware of how sleazy, parasitic and corrupt the U.S. economy was, I only had expertise in one industry, financial services. Coming to grips with the blatant criminality of the TBTF Wall Street banks and their enablers at the Federal Reserve and throughout the federal government, I thought this was the main issue that needed to be confronted. What I’ve learned in the years since is pretty much every industry in America is corrupt to the core, more focused on sucking money away from helpless citizens via rent-seeking schemes versus actually producing a product and adding value. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is no exception.
Today’s post zeros in on a particular slice of that industry. A group of companies known as Pharmacy Benefit Managers, or PBMs. Companies that seem to extract far more from the public than they give back. It’s a convoluted sector that is difficult to get your head around, which is why we should be thankful that David Dayen wrote an excellent piece on the topic recently. What follows are merely excerpts from his lengthy and highly informative piece, The Hidden Monopolies That Raise Drug Prices. I strongly suggest you read the entire thing.

Feminism Causes Its Own Oppression

Man Pleads For Family Court Reform In Suicide Note

By Mike Buchanan: Anyone who has worked for a lengthy time with men denied access to children following family breakdowns will know som who have committed suicide. Our thanks to Ray, himself estranged from his three adult children, for this. Excerpts:

Early on the morning of March 9, Jeramey apparently rigged his truck so that when he drove down an embankment at the end of Page Road in Abbotsford, B.C., his neck would break.
In a scrawled and bloody suicide note found in the truck, he wrote: “FAMILY LAW NEEDS REFORM. I recommend mandated lower costs and less reward for false claims of abuse. Parental Alienation is devastating. I loved my children as much as a husband and father could. I see no light. Recommend; an authority consistent during high conflict separations: It is exploited in family law.
“Sorry Dad and Angie. I’m very sorry.”

She's Back! + New World Order - William Banzai7

Toxic Tommy Manville

By : It’s been almost fifty years since Tommy Manville departed this mortal coil. You’re probably thinking Tommy who? In his day, he was a celebrity, though not because he was exceptional at anything creative or athletic or political or entrepreneurial. Yet in his own way, he was quite an achiever, and he remains a person of interest in the modern manosphere. So let’s resurrect him, even though he had way more than 15 minutes of fame during his lifetime.
Thomas Franklyn Manville, born in Milwaukee on April 9, 1894, was the grandson of C.B. Manville, founder of the Manville Covering Company, which merged with H.W. Johns Manufacturing in 1901 to form the Johns-Manville Corporation. The company is almost synonymous with asbestos products, so perhaps Tommy Manville’s behavior can be explained away as the result of too much proximity to toxicity. In fact, he was often referred to as the “asbestos heir.”
As the heir to the Johns-Manville fortune, Tommy Manville had an unusual upbringing. Buy age 12, he was thrown out of more schools (eight) than most people attend by that age. He then embarked on a peripatetic life of odd jobs and bumming around.

Peter Beinart Plagiarises Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon: In 2007, in an article in Counterpunch entitled From Esther to AIPAC, I exposed the disturbing ideological continuum between the Jewish Queen Esther and the Jewish lobby AIPAC. Today I was amused to discover that, in an article in the Forward, Peter Beinart had, almost word for word, recycled my ideas.
My article delved into the Jewish cultural and religious foundations of Zionist lobby thinking and it argued that infiltration into foreign elites and political administrations are deeply embedded in Jewish teachings and traditions.  I wrote: “The Book of Esther  … tells the story of an attempted Judeocide but it also tells a story in which Jews manage to change their fate. In the book the Jews do manage to rescue themselves and even to mete revenge… It is a story of a palace, conspiracy, an attempted Judeocide and a brave and beautiful Jewish queen (Esther) who manages to save the Jewish people at the very last minute…The moral of the story is rather clear. If Jews want to survive, they better find infiltrates into the corridors of power. With Esther, Mordechai and Purim in mind, AIPAC and the notion of ‘Jewish power’ looks like an embodiment of a deep Biblical and cultural ideology.”

29 Mar 2017

Revisiting The Road To Wigan Pier

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: You can read The Road to Wigan Pier on-line free at Gutenberg-Australia.
Wigan Pier was a coal landing jetty on the Leeds-Liverpool canal where it passed through Wigan. It is an ironic appellation, Wigan’s Pier bearing no more relation to a seaside pier than a lump of coal to a diamond. The Pier does not actually feature in the book at all, for the simple reason that it had been demolished some years before Orwell visited Wigan. You, dear reader, would be luckier if you visited Wigan today for the Pier has been rebuilt – perhaps because the locals got fed up with tourist types asking the way to something which did not exist. I wouldn’t bother making a special trip if I were you.
Whatever Wigan might be like today, it was not beautiful in 1936. But, as a Mancunian, and hence on the Lancastrian side of the Pennines and thus in opposition to Yorkshire by long tradition, I note Orwell’s remark,
Even Wigan is beautiful compared with Sheffield. Sheffield, I suppose, could justly claim to be called the ugliest town in the Old World.”
But enough frivolity…

@missmayim Doesn't Want Women To Be Called "Girls"

6oodfella: After watching Bad Boys, and listening to Boys Of Summer, I was going to watch Boyz N The Hood, but then I decided to respond to Mayim Bialik's video about how men are never referred to as "Boys".

Suella Fernandes MP Introduced A Private Members’ Bill To Radically Overhaul The UK Family Justice System

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Regarding this piece in The Times. You’ll need to register but it won’t cost anything, and you’ll get access to two pieces in either The Times or The Sunday Times every week. Paul writes:
Something fairly extraordinary happened in the Commons yesterday evening, which made me do a bit of a double take!
Namely a former barrister (Conservative) called Suella Fernandes [right] brought forward a private members’ bill to radically overhaul the family justice system and give a ‘rebuttal presumption’ of shared parenting for fathers.
She was supported by quite a few Tory backbenchers (Charlie Elfick, Col. Bob Stewart, Cheryl Gillan were among the backers) and it was  completely unopposed at first reading.
She also held it up as a contingency plan if Baroness Deech’s excellent divorce laws reforms fail to gain statute.

Men 90% Of Prison Suicides = Misandric Times Headline: ‘More Women Commit Suicide In Jail’

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Four months ago we posted a piece prompted by the fact that around 90% of the ‘people’ who commit suicide in prisons are men. I was appalled by a short piece on prison suicide in yesterday’s Times, by Frances Gibb, Legal Editor. An extract:

In 2015, women had a higher suicide rate than men for the first time since 2007, according to Nigel Newcomen, prisons and probations ombudsman.
I would guess most people reading that line would erroneously conclude that more women than men committed suicide in prison in 2015. At best, it’s sloppy journalism. And note the inference that it’s deemed acceptable when men have a higher suicide rate than women for eight years in succession, but it’s a cause for official concern when the position reverses in one year.
The bottom line? To the state – and possibly wider society – the suicide of one woman in prison is more noteworthy than the suicide of nine men. We get a sense of the size of the empathy gender gap right there.

The Unauthorized Biography Of David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller is dead. But what does it mean? How do we measure the life of someone who has shaped the modern world to such an extent? Corbett examines David Rockefeller's life, his works and the world that he left in his wake.

Fuck YouTube Censorship

Jews Delay Cancer Treatment For Gaza's Semitic Children

Israel is unethically and immorally exploiting the medical needs of Palestinian patients, making their transit for medical treatment conditional on [Israeli intelligence] questioning, in order to squeeze them for intel.
Right: White phosphorous munitions are destroyed in the southern Gaza Strip during a controlled demolition in March 2010. There are concerns that such Israeli weaponry has contributed to a spike in cancer rates in the territory. Yousef Deeb
By Sarah Algherbawi: Jihad is a boy with ambitions. “I want to grow until I become an astronaut and an engineer,” the 9-year-old said. “At the same time.”
Before he could achieve those goals, Jihad would have to recover from a major illness. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with cancer of the colon.
The diagnosis was made after he had been taken to hospital with food poisoning.

Recent TSA Molestation Video Proves Americans Have Become Authority Worshipping Slaves

None are more hopelessly enslaved
than those who falsely believe they are free.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 
By Michael Krieger: TSA treating law-abiding American citizens like livestock for the privilege of boarding a plane has been a festering problem for over a decade. Such demeaning “security” practices represent just one of many unacceptable privacy invasions we’ve allowed to happen to us as a people since being overwhelmed by irrational fears of terrorism following the attacks of 9/11. Such fears are never allowed to dissipate since they’re constantly reinforced and encouraged by corporate media, hack politicians and the military-industrial-intelligence complex looking to make money from imprisoning Americans in an all-encompassing surveillance grid panopticon where we cheer on our own enslavement.

Ladies, Stifle Your Orgasms

By : The feminists tell us all the time that masculinity is a toxic thing, but what is the source of the poison? As a feminist booster and in honor of Women’s History Month I am compelled to study this question and take it to the logical conclusion.
A shocking new article in Cosmo by the aptly named , “Why Guys Get Turned on When You Orgasm — and Why That’s a Bad Thing” laments, “Of course guys manage to make YOUR orgasm about themselves.”
It turns out that, when a woman has an orgasm with a man (or fakes one with sufficient skill that the bed is soaked and the neighbors lodge complaints), something really, really bad happens – men derive a sort of secondary pleasure termed “masculinity achievement”.
Did I mention that this is a bad thing?
Such secondary male pleasure means, horribly, that a woman’s orgasm is not woman-centric enough to please the anorgasmic hags at Cosmopolitan. (They actually use the term “woman-centric” when “gynocentric” would have been a fine alternative.) When a man is happy, a woman must respond with annoyance. And the further genocide is that the female orgasm rewards and thereby encourages masculinity – the subtext being, of course, that masculinity is a really bad thing. You know, like toxic or something:

So When Women Take Photos With Their Kids Is OK...

Tommy Sotomayor
 ...But When Men Do It There's A Problem

28 Mar 2017

'The New Detroit'

"Dual US-Israeli citizen behind most JCC [Previously touted as anti-Semitic by Zio-presstitute lame-stream media]
bomb threat calls."

It’s Tme To Stop The Obsession With Quotas And All-Women Shortlists

By Philip Davies MP: If you were to believe the word of the few feminist extremists in the country (and a survey suggests only 1 in 7 women self-identifies as a feminist) women have very different political priorities to men. They believe more women in Parliament would ensure different issues were prioritised.
However, nothing could be further from the truth.
What is striking is that the issues that men and women are concerned about are remarkably similar.
Indeed I recently asked the House of Commons Library to break down the top five issues of concern for men and women. They did so using opinion poll results from Ipsos Mori which were published over the last year.
The top five issues for female voters in order are:  1) NHS 2) Immigration 3) Education 4) Economy 5) Housing
The top five issues for male voters in order are:  1) NHS 2) Immigration 3) Economy 4) Housing 5) Unemployment
This is not a new phenomenon. I also asked the same question for 2011.
The results back then for female voters were 1) Economy 2) NHS 3) Unemployment 4) Immigration 5) Crime.
For men in 2011 it was 1) Economy 2) Unemployment 3) Immigration 4) Defence 5) NHS.

Men Pay Over £75 Billions More Tax Than Women Every Year

By Jordan Holbrook: Last Friday, Mike Buchanan uploaded 2014/15 – the income tax gender gap increased AGAIN… to £75.5 BILLION and showed that for the year 2014/15, men as a UK demographic paid £75.5 billion more in income tax than women. He also pointed that 17.6 million men paid £121.0 billion, an average of £6,875 per person per annum, and 13.1 million women paid £45.5 billion, an average of £3,473 which is just over half (50.5 per cent) that paid by male taxpayers. While this fact is well known to us, it is little spoken of in the Mainstream Media, simply because it doesn’t fit the narrative.
We always hear feminists, lefties and anyone whose grasp of economics is limited to £5 of pocket money a week, harping on about this misogynistic pay gap, claiming “women can expect to earn significantly less than men over their entire careers as a result of differences in caring responsibilities, clustering in low skilled and low paid work, the qualifications and skills women acquire, and outright discrimination”. But, they never seem to mention that if women started to earn as much as men, then they would start paying as much tax as men. Hey, I wonder, can we make an Equal Tax Day, to run opposing their Equal Pay Day!?

Women Are Being Played By "Feminist" Companies

Raging Golden Eagle: What a shocker, companies only care about you as an intermediary between them and your wallet and will do/say whatever they think it will take to get you to open up that wallet.

Marilyn Milos - Children, Genital Autonomy & Human Rights + Wayne Griffiths - Foreskin Restoration & Human Rights

Bonobo3D: Interview with Marilyn Milos R.N. founder of Genital Autonomy America (formerly NOCIRC) on protecting children from the harm of circumcision.

Sarah Phillimore: Are Family Courts Biased?

By : It’s an age old question in the argument of child custody and separation, and indeed it’s one that we at the Men & Boy’s Initiative get asked quite often by the people we advise.
19/03/17 this complicated issue reared its head once again, this time on the ill-equipped debating forum that is Twitter. Since this discussion we’ve had the pleasure of being mentioned directly (or rather one of our founding members, Peter Morris, has) on a blog written by Sarah Phillimore – Family Law Barrister of some 20 years experience.
For your viewing pleasure you can enjoy the blog in full at the below link:
It’s an interesting piece and despite it originating from a disagreement between ourselves and the author, we’re always interested to read the views of seasoned professionals in the Family Law arena.

Cassie Jaye Interviewed On The CBC Calgary

Cassie Jaye: On March 7, 2017, The Red Pill movie was released on DVD, BluRay and VOD platforms worldwide. - The very next day, on March 8, the CBC did a segment on why "The Red Pill" movie's Calgary screening was cancelled. Gender studies professor Rebecca Sullivan was invited onto the CBC to explain what this movie is about, without seeing the film for herself.

University Of Vagina - Confess Your Masculinity

"The university has enacted this additional program to degrade and demean their male students." Said johntheother.

Fighting AIPAC: We Don't Plan To fail, We Fail To Plan

GA: In the following piece Devon Nola is offering an interesting perspective on Palestinian solidarity activism. The WRME (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs) are doing a remarkable job exposing Israeli crimes and Jewish Lobby affairs (see video), yet, what we need now is a metaphysical shift.
By Devon Nola: This weekend, the annual AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Convention takes place where 15,000 of this diabolical Jewish lobby’s best and brightest meet to mix and mingle, celebrate the successes of the past year and more importantly, strategize for the coming year how best to maintain Israel’s strength.  The claim is that it’s in America’s best interest, as well, but the truth is American citizens get zero from this one-sided relationship.  Sure, a few American companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin make boatloads of cash through the sales of Apache helicopters and weapons to Israel, but for American tax payers, the return on investment is nothing more than our share of the guilt of mass slaughter of Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, and whomever challenges Israel’s dominance in the region.

27 Mar 2017

Grottaferrata Digenis Akritis: Self-Consciousness Under Gynocentrism

The Grottaferrata version of the medieval Greek epic Digenis Akritis encompasses subtle self-consciousness of men’s position under gynocentrism. Romanos the Melodist’s sixth-century kontakia on Mary at the foot of the cross reflects gynocentrism, but uncritically. The kontakia’s representation of gynocentrism seems to result mainly from particular circumstances of symbolic competition. Major literature of men’s sex protest such as Lamentationes Matheoluli directly confronts gynocentric dominance with unruly men’s recalcitrance. Unlike either, the Grottaferrata Digenis Akritis has a gynocentric orientation that’s both self-conscious and complex.

Consider the exchange of oaths between Digenis and the girl who became his wife. He declared to her:

In you is my every beginning and my end
that had its beginning with God, until my death;
and if ever I should wish to grieve you, my soul,
and if I do not preserve untroubled your love for me
and your most pure desire until my death,
may I not die a Christian, may I not prosper,
may I not win my parents’ blessings;
and may you, high-born girl, preserve the same feelings. [1]


GlobalFaction: ALTER EGO "Owing to an illusion of empowerment, society regularly forgets, or ceases to acknowledge, just how much their decisions and life circumstances are determined by those in power who continually implement self-fulfilling capitalist agendas. This project seeks to lyrically and visually represent this and, more than anything, serves as a reminder to myself and to my listeners of the need to stay politically aware".

Massive 100 Kilogram Gold Coin Worth $4.5 Millions Stolen From German Museum

By Tyler Durden: Perhaps even more brazen than the infamous theft of a bucket full of gold woth $1.6 million from an armored truck in broad daylight in Midtown Manhattan last September 29, moments ago local German press has reported that thieves broke into Berlin's Bode Museum and made off with a massive 100-kilogram (221-pound) gold coin worth millions.
According to German media, the stolen coin is the "Big Maple Leaf", a commemorative piece issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007. The three-centimeter (1.18-inch) thick coin, with a diameter of 53 centimeters (20.9 inches), has a face value of $1 million. By weight alone, however, it would be worth almost $4.5 million at market prices.
The Bode Museum, located on the German capital's UNESCO-listed Museum Island, houses one of the world's biggest coin collections. The holding includes 102,000 coins from ancient Greece and about 50,000 Roman coins. 
Spokesman Stefen Petersen said thieves apparently entered through a window about 3:30 a.m. Monday, broke into a cabinet where the "Big Maple Leaf" coin was kept, and escaped with it before police arrived.

Dave Chappelle Red Pills, Rockefeller's End, What Really Happened This Week

WeAreChange: News that happened this week in a recap video of all the important information that we believe you should know. From the end of David Rockefeller to Dave Chapell red pilling people to the latest iPhone WikiLeaks scandal and of course foreign policy meltdowns.

Timarion Learned That Intellectual Life Is Better In Byzantine Hell

: Vomiting and diarrhea gripped Timarion. Completely drained and unable to produce any publishable articles, he attempted to sleep. Two spirits came to conduct away his soul. One said to the other:

Here is the man who lost the fourth of this constituent elements by vomiting up all his bile. He cannot be allowed to go on living on the strength of his remaining three. Aesculapius and Hippocrates have said as much in the decree they wrote down and posted in Hades whereby no man, even if his body be in good shape, shall go on living if he has been deprived of one of his four elements. [1]
Which of the two types of bile Timarion lost isn’t worth a bitter argument. Timarion was dead according to the decree of leading medical authorities. The spirits thus pulled his soul out of his body through his nose and mouth, as through a yawn, and conducted it to the abode of the dead. Yet Timarion wasn’t actually dead. Moreover, public reason in Byzantine Hell was good enough to restore life wrongly taken from a corpse.
In Byzantine Hell, Timarion brought suit against the officials who had conducted his soul to Hades. Called before a judicial panel to defend their actions, those spirits testified:

MGTOW And IBMOR Let's Promote Peace Among Men

MAYOR of MGTOWN: MGTOW [Men Going Their Own Way] and IBMOR [Introspective Black Men Of Reform] let's promote peace among men.
THE MAYOR OF MGTOWN discusses the topic of men getting into physical confrontations over women and for no reason. An amaizing video of a fight being broken up.

Elmo Gets Fired

This is a parody educational video.

"Candles In The Dark"

Larken Rose: Here is a brief description of a two-day event I will be putting on in various locations, designed to teach voluntaryists/anarchists how to be far more effective in talking to their statist friends, co-workers, family members, etc., using techniques that, by taking into account the quirks and complexities of human psychology, give a far better chance of getting others to understand and accept the concepts of self-ownership, non-aggression, and a stateless society.

Someone (Probably A Feminist) Was Triggered By This Licence Plate

Won't someone please think of the feminists!
Their feelings might be hurt!

Responding To A Vegan's Psychotic Rantings + Catching Up With Vegan

Vegan Gains is insane - I have no doubt ... and this is the longest video I've ever made by FAR. Regards, Bearing.

Konstantinos Akropolites Burning The Book Of Neo-Pagan Timarion

: The Byzantine Emperor promoted Konstantinos Akropolites to grand logothete in Constantinople about 1294. Akropolites thus became the administrative head of the Byzantine bureaucracy. As the son of Giorgos Akropolites, an eminent bureaucrat and historian who lived from 1217 to 1282, Konstantinos Akropolites undoubtedly had extensive knowledge of bureaucracy in action.[1] Such experience encourages indirect expression and a wry sense of humor. In a letter to a friend, Akropolites harshly disparaged the outrageously impious and amusing Byzantine literary work the Timarion. Akropolites’s letter should be read as sophisticated rhetoric testing intellectual broad-mindedness.
Like the ninth-century Arabic rhetorician al-Jahiz writing on misers, Konstantinos Akropolites engaged in subtle irony in disparaging the Timarion. Akropolites blandly praised the Timarion’s account of the festival of Saint Demetrius of Thessalonike:

I cannot imagine what motivated him to attack the Christian faith. It is all the more strange since, by starting with the festival of the famous martyr St. Demetrius, he did make a good and appropriately solemn start before degenerating into his quite unsuitable tale. [2]

26 Mar 2017

“Our Western Values” No Longer Exist

'How can it be that tranny toilet facilities are more important than the West’s ongoing gratuitous
destruction of Muslim countries?'
By Paul Craig Roberts: Let’s be honest. The US attack on Mosul, Iraq, is not an attack on ISIS. It it a repeat of Israel’s operation Cast Lead in Gaza. The purpose is to kill as many Muslims for Israel as possible. Here is the evidence:
Remember, the reason ISIS is in Iraq and Syria is that the US equipped ISIS and sent ISIS to overthrow Assad when the British Parliament and the Russian government blocked Obama’s planned invasion of Syria. ISIS is Washington’s creation, just as is Al Qaeda.
After 16 years and trillions of dollars, the Afghan Taliban still holds sway over “the world’s only superpower”

Blowback In London

'The fact that Britain is still at war after 15 years surely means that some serious rethinking is required about foreign policy.'

By Paul Rogers: This week’s attack was the worst in London for 12 years and has caused shock and horror, especially for the way in which a vehicle was so easily and violently used to killed innocent pedestrians. We will know in the coming days the extent to which this was an individual attack or whether it involved others and, if the latter, why there was apparently no warning.

The immediate reaction is to think of the families and friends of the victims and that is right and proper, but in due course we have to look at why there is still this threat. Britain has now been involved in the “war on terror” for over 15 years, yet the sense of fear and concern over the risk of attacks is as high as it has even been. Why is this so?

One core issue makes for difficult reading and it concerns the “disconnect” in Britain between the terrible event this week and the continuing war in Iraq.

More Calls For The Internet Kill Switch And Suspending The First Amendment

Lionel Nation: “Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us." Said Justice William O. Douglas. It appears that various guides guides to mounting a car terror attack were available on Google and Twitter and this is inspiring calls to shut the Internet down or dust off the prototype kill switch. Holy overkill, Batman!

History Needs David Irvings

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: I learn from the Times of Israel that the LSE (London chool of Economics) is “investigating anti-Semitic comments at (Professor Richard) Falk’s event”.  The LSE will look into “alleged hate speech at an event they hosted on Monday night, when audience member Gilad Atzmon, told students to read the works of notorious Holocaust denier David Irving.”
I look forward to hearing from the LSE ‘investigating team’,  just so I can remind them that recommending human beings to read books is actually what universities are for.
But I will also mention to the LSE investigatory unit, that my views of Irving’s importance are actually identical to those of one of LSE best historians , Professor Donald Cameron Watt who, in 2000, claimed that “History needs David Irvings” and “The truth needs Irving's challenges to keep it alive.”
Sooner or later, the LSE will have to decide whether it is an Athenian institute subscribing to Logos and free intellectual exchange, or whether it prefers to engage in Jerusalemite book-burning. It will have to choose whether it endorses Karl Popper’s vision of the ‘Open Society’ or whether it prefers  to switch sides and become simply the ‘Enemy’  
What follows is Professor D.C. Watt’s article, as published by the London Evening Standard,  April 11, 2000

Eleanor Of Aquitaine And Her ‘Courts Of Love’

By : The following is a fascinating look at the medieval assizes established to adjudicate in love disputes. The ‘Court of Love’ is the historical forerunner to all later models of state interference in private affairs, as we see in today’s family courts and also at university honour courts set up to adjudicate sexual relations between students. The following account by professor Amy Kelly explains how this longstanding Western tradition first began.
BY Amy Kelly (1937)1: ANDREAS CAPELLANUS furnishes in his Tractatus2 the principal source of our notions, which are scanty enough, of the institution known as the ‘courts of love’ in the twelfth century.
In his work we come as near as possible to the original character of the courts before their ideas and practices became a stereotyped element in the chivalric convention, a part of a shaping influence in the social customs and the literary traditions of the Renaissance. The Tractatus (published 1190 AD) is based closely in theme and substance on Ovid’s Ars Amatoria (published 1 BC). In both works the conception of love is that of illicit passion; but there is a significant difference.