10 Mar 2017

The Crisis In Women’s Prisons - Channel 4 News

By Mike Buchanan: For some years I’ve tried to catch Channel 4 News at 7pm every weekday evening, but I’m going to stop watching it. Almost every evening, usually in the second half of the programme, there’s a feminist propaganda piece, often one that would make even BBC programme makers blush with shame.
[Right: Simon Israel Senior Home Affairs Correspondent,
is tagged as the culprit for this piece on C4 web page
This evening’s edition included a particularly woeful example, The crisis in women’s prisons (4:06). It will be available to view for seven days, we’re not going to save it for posterity. Jon Snow, the ultimate mangina newsreader, started the piece with this:

We already know that prisons are in crisis, but for women behind bars, the situation is dire. Last year 12 women took their own lives, a record high.
You could be forgiven for assuming, after watching the piece, that no men committed suicide in British prisons last year.
The last substantive piece we did on prison suicides was last November – here. Some of the piece related to the scandal that is the Howard League for Penal Reform, led by CEO Frances Crook. The organization is clearly far more concerned about the 4,000 female prisoners than the 80,000+ male prisoners. We presented data showing that of the 102 ‘people’ who committed suicide in British prisons between 1 January and 28 November last year, 92 were men.

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  1. Simon Israel 'Senior Home Affairs Correspondent' for C4 is tagged as the culprit for this piece on C4 web page. Is Jon Snow anything more than a puppet/presenter, reporting what he is told to report by the likes of Mr Israel?

    It seems that in this instance women are in fact more than twice as likely to suicide by the above figures 80,000 divided by 4000 = 20 and therefore 12 women would account for 240 dead men divided by 92 approximately 2.6 times.

    The BBC says 80,002 UK prisoners 5.5% of which are women, so that would mean 4400 women 75,602 men and that would bring the figures to approximately male population being 17.18 times the female and therefore 12 women would equate to 206 male suicides so a little over 2.2 times more women killing themselves.

    Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    I wonder if male suicides would go down if male prisoners were also allowed to wear casuals and have other liberties in prison that women usually have and men don't.

    I try to remember not to say "commit" suicide because I find the idea of arresting someone or charging him or her for trying to kill themselves, barbaric.

    The figures should always be more or less irrelevant, the morally correct thing to do, as our good friend Philip Davies would no doubt say would be to forget the gender and deal with the issue of prison suicide [and all issues] from an unbiased gender standpoint.