12 Mar 2017

Male Domestic Violence Special (BBC Radio 5 Live)

Mike Buchanan: Our thanks to E for capturing this excellent piece, first broadcast 11 days ago. Over 15:06 - 26:32 there's a studio discussion with Ian McNicholl, a former victim of extreme domestic violence, and an Honorary Patron and Ambassador of Mankind Initiative http://new.mankind.org.uk. At the 2013 National Conference for Male Victims of Domestic Violence, Ian gave a talk which reduced many in the audience to tears. Our blog piece on the matter is here https://j4mb.org.uk/2013/10/22/ian-mc.... I hope to attend next year's conference.

Mark Brooks is the Chairman of Mankind Initiative, and his interview on the programme is over 26:33 - 29:18. You can make a donation to his charity here http://new.mankind.org.uk/donations/.

It would be something if the BBC had programmes like this on its higher-audience channels, such as Radio 4. We are of the view that the BBC broadcasts pieces like this so that, when challenged about its lack of coverage of female perpetrators and male victims of domestic violence, it can point to such pieces, however vanishingly rare they are compared with pieces on male perpetrators and female victims.

In January 2014 we made our first official complaint to the BBC, in relation to their breach of 50+ editorial guidelines during a lengthy Newsnight piece about domestic violence. Our complaint was contemptuously rejected - in part because the BBC could point to some pieces on male victims - as was our subsequent appeal. Details here https://j4mb.org.uk/2015/04/30/bbc-an....

We have many more pieces on BBC anti-male bias on our Key posts page https://j4mb.org.uk/key-posts/.

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