31 Mar 2017

New York City Bars Two Jews From Sucking On The Bleeding Penises Of Baby Boys They Just Genitally Mutilated

...after six more baby boys contracted genital herpes!
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: An appalling report. Excerpts:
The city has banned two men from performing a controversial ultra-Orthodox circumcision practice [‘controversial’ seems to me a woefully inadequate adjective for the practise of sucking on the bleeding mutilated penises of eight-day-old baby boys] after babies were infected with herpes — but won’t release their names and will rely on them to comply on their own.
Health Commissioner Mary Bassett said Wednesday the city has identified two of the six mohels believed to be responsible for giving infants herpes through a ritual where they suck the blood from the infant’s newly circumcised genitals — known as metzitzah b’peh — and ordered them not to practice pending a herpes test.
“We expect them to comply,” she told the City Council. [elsewhere in the article it’s wide clear the city will not be making any checks on whether they comply.]

But Bassett said the names of the blacklisted mohels would not be made public…
The de Blasio administration repealed a requirement that parents sign a consent form before their child undergoes the ritual, imposed by former Mayor Mike Bloomberg.
Since the change, six babies have developed herpes after undergoing the ritual, it was revealed earlier this month…
Asked directly if it was ever appropriate for an adult to suck the penis of an infant, the mayor demurred.
“This is religious tradition and look I’m keenly aware of our Constitution,” he said.
We have to assume the major would object to other Jewish ‘religious traditions’ specified in the Torah, such as stoning adultresses to death, killing homosexuals, killing disobedient children, blasphemers… so why does he not condemn this? Because eight-day-old baby boys have no voice. Shame on him.


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