7 Mar 2017

News: The Struggle Is Real + Can We Fix it? No, It's Fucked!

Turd Flinging Monkey: "The law is there to hook the woman up." Woman lies to man about birth control ... no grounds for either fraud of sexual assault. - Man lies to woman about birth control ... struggle snuggle!

Unwanted baby is no grounds to sue mom for alleged lie about taking the pill

Man Convicted of [Struggle Snuggle] for Taking Condom Off During Sex

Sperm: The 'gift' that keeps on giving

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Responding to Anti-MGTOW Videos:
Can We Fix it? No, It's FUCKED!
If Traditionalists want to save marriage, the family, and by extension their societies, cultures, and races; then the solution isn't to attack MGTOW but to restore male authority and take women's rights away.

If your society is incapable of doing that, then your society deserves to end, and if you're incapable of addressing the actual problem, then you're part of the problem.

See you in the wasteland.

Mauritian Struggle: MGTOW and Traditional Marriage

Super dad sperm donor has 800 children and becomes a father once a week

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