10 Mar 2017

Q&A At SheForHe In Ottawa, Canada

StudioBrule: The Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) hosted an event called SheForHe in Ottawa, Canada, on February 22, 2017 featuring four women who chose to speak out on behalf of men. This is the Q&A after the four women spoke. Janice Fiamengo, Kriss Clément, Maria Al-Masani and Meg Warren.

Janice Fiamengo is a Professor of English at the University of Ottawa, and the author of The Fiamengo File, a series of videos featured on Studio Brulé about academic feminism, free speech, and campus politics.

Kriss Clément is a feminist who has been involved in the struggle for social justice from a young age. Over her life she has been involved in a wide variety of non-profit groups, across a wide demographic spectrum. Most recently, she has concentrated on bringing awareness to issues confronting men and boys.

Maria Al-Masani is an Arab Canadian Woman's Rights Activist and Arab Spring revolutionary, who was distinguished as a CNN Agent of Change. Al-Masani worked at the Parliament of Canada for the NDP and Liberal parties. She was also the first Yemeni at the Miss Universe pageant and now works as a jewelry designer for Al-Masani Royal Jewelry that promotes fashion that empowers women.

Meg Warren is a mother of two and a local CAFE volunteer. While she is particularly empathetic to survivors of domestic violence, something she herself has experienced, she is also passionate about a wide range of issues facing both men and women.

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