20 Mar 2017

What Putin Can Teach Trump?

Nathanael: Trump is The the president, whether you prefer it or not.
Well, the establishment doesn't like him, and unless you like the establishment, Chief executive Trump might take action you'll like. The thing is that, Trump's been waging another type of kind of Things. Not against Russia, but contrary to the corrupt politics establishment that has strangled the probable of Americans.

Putin's got a note that does not have any rival. Like Trump, he would like to make Russia "great again," but with a complete new twist. He's reviving the idea of "Symphony of Chapel and Point out" which makes International Jewry very stressed. "We stay in difficult times, regretfully. Whether it be on the international level or inside our religious and moral lives, there are extensive, many issues that we must defeat."

The Big Secret They Don't Want You to Know

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