25 Mar 2017

"Women You Created MGTOW!"

Israelite Prepper: MGTOW Men Goint There Own Way. Is a movement where no longer see the benefit of marrying a woman and risk losing there assets or having their kids taken from them or otherwise manipulated. They reject the idea of men being protectors, providers and baby makers. Here are thoughts.

Angelo: You are on the right track, welcome to the red pill club, but 'Greco-Roman' is incorrect. Cultural Marxism is as the name clearly states, Judaic, [not Israelite so don't take it personally] but white Hasidic Judaic, like the white North Atlantic black slave trading Jews. Modern feminism stems from this. Early Suffragist feminism was in many ways even worse, you should see what they have to say about black people. http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/quiz-suffragists-ku-klux-klan-or.html Quite literally worse than the KKK. Importantly as you are critiquing modern life I reiterate, cultural Marxism/modern feminism is Jewish and not Greco-Roman. As a Greek, I take umbrage at being roped in with barbarians. We invented the term to describe people we came across in our ancient conquests like the Jews with their horrific metzitzah b'peh rituals and other such barbarisms.

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