6 Apr 2017

Female Gambling Still On The Rise

By : Another post today that’s a little out of the ordinary for me. As many regular readers are aware, I took an active role in administering the Privilege Grant, to assist young, white men pursuing college educations. I did this on a 100% voluntary basis, drawing absolutely no salary of any kind. Not a single penny of the grant money went into my pocket.
This post got me thinking in two different ways: I was first reminded of Terrence Popp, a former Green Beret who runs the YouTube channel Redonkulus Popp. In one video (I messaged him on Facebook to see if I can get an exact link, but if not, check out his entire channel and subscribe – Terry is so worth your viewing time!) he tells men who are thinking of getting a divorce to start attending Gamblers Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and then tell the divorce lawyer you gambled most of the money and drank the leftovers. I find that completely hysterical, although god knows, wily women are gonna start using that tactic more regularly now.
And why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t women behave as badly as men? I am always amused by the assertion that women are someone sweeter, kinder, nicer, more peaceful than men. The world would be so peaceful if only women were in charge!
Yeah, no. A world of Queens and Ladies in Charge is gonna be soaked in blood! Men’s blood of course. Lol. Equal cannon fodder is not the equality women are looking for.
The point, of course, is that gambling can become a problem, rather quickly. And that problem can be used to excuse lots of bad behaviour. But gambling is also fun! It produces a high that becomes a problem for some people, but not most. For most people, it’s just a pleasurable experience. Like good Scotch and a fine cigar. Or a glass of outstanding Shiraz and the world’s finest lavender truffle. Most people can enjoy these things without becoming addicted.
Why would gambling be different?
I find it interesting that women predisposed to problems with gambling will develop them earlier and faster than men. I wonder why that would be? I personally do not enjoy gambling. I went to a casino in Los Vegas one time and I was overjoyed to win $100 at BlackJack, which I promptly lost the next round and then I was pissed for the rest of the night.
Winning? Yay!
Losing? Screw this.
So I am not a gambler, but neither am I an adrenaline junkie. I do not like fast, reckless or scary things. My brain does not crave that kind of dopamine rush.
Or so I like to think …..
Online Scrabble rewards me with happy little trophies when I win, and I simply adore winning. What if I could make money playing Scrabble? Ooooooh. The possibilities!
Over the centuries that gambling’s been a part of many cultures –there’s even evidence to suggest that as early as 2300 BC a game of Chance was being played in China.
But there’s no denying that in the past the typical image of a gambler has been that of an older man who may have been playing poker in a dark and unwelcoming room, placing bets on the horses or greyhounds at the bookies’ or hovering round the roulette table in a casino. But times are changing and, in a report by the Gambling Commission, it seems like more and women are starting to enjoy gambling too.
Of course women have indulged in gaming in the past. For many decades the bingo halls all round Britain provided a safe and fun place for them to combine socialising with the chance to win a few pounds at the same time. But the halls found themselves in a steady decline since their heyday in the 1970s. Now it’s been the arrival of online gaming that has started to introduce a whole new generation of women to gambling.
From their earliest days online casinos began to attract women players thanks to their convenience and accessibility but it has only with the increasing sophistication of smartphone technology that the phenomenon of the female gambler has really started to take off.  So today it’s the easiest thing in the world to spend a few minutes’ downtime playing one of the online games that the sites provide.
Naturally, the online casino operators have responded to this new kind of player by focusing on creating many female-friendly apps and games. This has seen not just the return of bingo, which also includes a chat room element to recreate the more social aspects of the old halls, there has also been an explosion in the number of slots developed and designed specifically to attract women players using imagery and themes that range from lucky Irish leprechauns to the rock and roll years of the 1950s all of which are being brought to the forefront of online casino gaming by the biggest brands around such as 888casino whose online slots offering brings the best around for all their users..
More and more women are also starting to try their hand in the more traditional domain of poker. The online casino environment is the perfect place to do this as it’s a far less pressurised and testosterone-fuelled experienced compared with actually gathering round a table and confronting the glares of opponents. There are also opportunities to play in games that are free until the player gains enough confidence to play for real cash.
In addition,it seems like once women have found their feet in the online poker rooms they are starting to have the self-belief to put the skills they have learned to good use in real casinos. A great example of this came from the high number of  successful women players who attended this year’s World Series of Poker and carried off quite substantial prizes
So there’s no doubt that there’s a real momentum that has started to grow and, as the social aspects of online gambling are especially important to women, word of mouth is undoubtedly helping the trend of the female gambler to build. So don’t be too surprised if the online casinos start doing even more to court this exciting new customer base over the years to come.


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